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January 08, 2021


Trees Ruin Burlingame Beauty

Where are the tree huggers to clean up our city streets covered in Eucalyptus tree garbage. $100,000 minimum damage.


Have the authorities published which trees are included in the 85 they want to get rid of?
All those eucs are tagged with little metal stamped number plates. Can we learn the numbers?


The metal tags represent each tree that has been "evaluated" for Root, Crown, and overall safety related to the "micro environment" the tree grows in.
There should be "Public Record."
City, County, State. Just ask.
Or contact a City of Burlingame Elder.
Just Ask.


I hear the figure of 85 trees is not a firm thing yet. As noted last year there are about 500 EUCs on ECR now which is down quite a bit from their peak. But nothing has really been decided yet.

Jennifer Pfaff

Yes, and Holly is right...it's a tag for inventory, and location.


Thank you Jennifer.


Get to the root of the problem to improve the design and road safety by requesting the State to turn the ECR street over to the communities? It is a local street not a State Highway as I understand it.


No. It's a state highway - CA 82.


State Hwy. I thought it was CA 85.


Like Big Joe Biden says, come on man.
If the tree was a nuisance in your backyard you would want it removed, eh?

Barking Dog

Madeline and company DEMANDING to be heard


Barking Dog


Little Maddy Freshmouth

Demand away, Little Maddy. There has to be some kind of scam buried in there somewhere. Is she trying to get a community grant from the proggies at the county?

Paloma Ave

Was Maddy ever not Mad? Was she mad growing up in Plattsburgh New York? Why has she been continually mad since moving to Burlingame?

Apparently she doesn't have enough guts to put her name down on her new complaining website which refers to "Urban environmentalist".

AND, why doesn't she understand that Burlingame is a suburb? Also, it is a pity, not pitty per your other website.


Here is a reminder:

Caltrans will host two public meetings in July to present its Draft Environmental Impact Report/Environmental Impact Statement (Draft EIR/EIS with Individual 4(f) Evaluation) for the ECR Roadway Renewal project. A virtual meeting will be held on Wednesday July 14 and an in-person meeting on Friday July 16. The in-person meeting will be held outside at the Burlingame High School and public health protocols will be followed. Both events will start at 5:30 pm and end at 7:30 pm. To review the Draft EIR/EIS and learn more about these upcoming meetings, please visit www.ElCaminoRealProject.com.


I believe these trees are a nuisance.
They are dangerous. Even caused Death.
Nevertheless, standing under "them" and watching the winds blow the limbs; Sunny, Rain, Night and Storms how can anyone want to not see-experience an incredible moment?
Are the Apartments that are only "investments" for the very wealthy more important than the heart and soul of Burlingame?
Close ECR. Make it Special.

Handle Bard

Caused death? When was that. I missed it. Saved lives that would have been run over by crazy drivers on El Camino, yes. I've seen that and more for cyclists.


Dear HB.
Look up the Car Accidents caused by the Eucs and the "Head Counts."
There are records that go back more than 50 years.
I personally have first hand knowledge of two deaths caused by Euc Tree Failure.
One was an unborn Baby, the other was a Housekeeper run over by a Sam Trans Bus. There are Many, Many more.(look up COB Monetary Settlements)
Nevertheless, the Trees are Valuable.
These "Heritage Trees" represent The City of Burlingame.
If anyone is concerned about a Dangerous Euc Area in Burlingame, get rid of ALL the Trees on Easton. Under the best of weather conditions, I can not comprehend how people who live there can sleep at night.
Check the Records HB.
It is all Public Information. Free Too.


Anyone who HAS to ride a Bike on ECR has to take responsibility for a very Poor Decision.
Common Sense...
Like COVID Vac. Shots.
If you find that you were run over by UPS, or Crashed due to any Tree Roots. Do not blame anyone but yourself.
You knew better.
Focus your anger on something positive.
Cars, Science and Nature will always Win.

Handle Bard

I hope you took an Uber home. I hope you take an Uber home every night.


Dear Handle Bard..Bard meaning Poet.
Was that comment a Haiku? Weak.


That was OK.
Nailed it!


come on! lets think about the safety first.. The trees could stay but only after Cal Trans build more traffic lights for people to turn to ECR. Now these big trees totally block the sight of checking the incoming traffic. We wish our necks were 1-meter long to twist them more to check on the traffic before we could make a right turn to ECR, let alone of left turn. It is super risky. those big eucalyptus trees are safety hazard now. If you dont agree, try to make a right turn (or even a left turn) to ECR where eucalyptus trees are on the both sides and no traffic light for that intersection (or Y junction)

Handle Bard

I like that people who want to turn onto El Camino have to be very, very, very careful. It is built in "traffic calming" and probably saves lives as much as the shading saves lives. I make right turns onto El Camino from Sanchez almost every day.


I have watched a few SFBA Documentaries.
Parrots, The Bridge, and many more thoughtful Films.
The saga of ECR started @ 100 years ago.
ECR was the "Main Line" that developed the very beautiful/wealthy communities south of San Francisco.
The Presentation of a Ken Burn esq. film is long overdue. Just the Story of the man who installed the Eucs on ECR and why is very Cool.

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