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January 24, 2021



It will be OK if our children are forced(out of Classroom Settings) to learn at home for a few years.
I truly believe the "studies" done regarding our children's inability to learn at home, are done by "Greedy Narcissist's Brainiac's" who do not have the time or desire to raise a "normal human."

Paloma Ave

Things change as time goes by. I also have no horse in the race, but I am wondering what is being taught.

Are reading, writing and arithmetic still being taught, along with English, history and other basics?

Or does it seem as if children are being indoctrinated into becoming activists or advocates (two terms I despise).

Okay, I am daring to say this, "Maybe it is time to abolish public education. This way parents can decide what their children need to learn, in order to be successful in life.


How many Burlingame Residents under the age of 35 can check the oil, remove and replace a Flat tire?
I say less than 1%. What do you think?


You asked about silver linings a couple of weeks ago. One silver lining is I can stand off to the side of my kid's computer and listen in on what is being taught. Paloma is right to be worried. I may run for the board if things don't improve.


When we were at BSD recently, the subjects taught were still pretty much the same ones I had in the 70s and 80s (though I lived in a different state). From what I can tell from current students and teachers (in multiple districts), the main differences from my schooling are an increased focus on evidence-based arguments and critical thinking, understanding there are multiple ways to solve math problems, and a general update of examples and topics to make subjects more relevant, accessible, and engaging to today’s students). Also, while using evidence and critical thinking can certainly increase one’s effectiveness as an advocate or activist, those aren’t the goals of the curricula.


Wow Paloma Avenue, you sound like you live in Texas. We don't "indoctrinate" kids in Burlingame, we teach them the 3 R's and so much more. Anyone is free to yank their kids out of public school that your property taxes pay for an do home schooling or pay for private school. I think those latter two options are not as good as public school, but then I am a public school teacher. Did you see the mess that the ridiculous "Secretary of Education" made the last four years? Unbelievable that clowns like that who have never been to a public school or taught in one or sent their kids to one could be in the highest post for education in the country. Stupid is what we would call that. Go ahead and yank your kids, they are probably the ones angry mom was talking about, that waste my time disciplining them only to have "restorative justice" do nothing at all. That's why you see swastikas at BHS and all the related. You people need to demand more from the leadership. Joe, thanks for keeping it real, I don't know everything, but I do know something about education and this town, been doing it for a bit. So tired of the BS indoctrination trope. "So Called" administrators and leaders are the problem, not the teachers. Thanks for reading.


Guido, judging by the poor grammar in your post, please tell us you don't teach English.

Gavinius Caesar

I, Gavinius Caesar, declare open private schools to be the best for....my kids. You Empire subjects must figure the rest out yourselves.

Paloma Ave

Guido - https://bellagiovillas.com/villa-del-balbianello/


In the news today:

A newly released study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows COVID-19 spread in schools appears to be low, suggesting in-person learning might be safe if proper procedures are in place.

The study, released Tuesday, was made among 17 rural Wisconsin schools, grades K-12, from Aug. 31-Nov. 29.

During the survey period, teachers reported more than 92% of students wore masks, groups of students were limited to 11-20, staff kept a distance of at least 6 feet when possible, and staff and students quarantined after exposure.

During the 13 weeks, only 7 school-attributed COVID cases of the 4,876 students – and none of the 654 staff – were attributed to COVID.

Science-Safe(?)-Is the HVAC even working?

“The question is really "What are the trade-offs?" Are the risks (well known and real) of not reopening worse than the risk of doing so? Answering that question is what school board elections are all about, but we have to agree this was completely unexpected and not discussed as there were no debates the last time around."

Joe posted the question (above) but it has been on the table with no answer.

The SMUHSD Board members and the Administration HAVE been asked the structure and safety questions during multiple meetings and the response is always silence.

The science in the equation means that the schools HAVE the PPE and HVAC systems to properly operate and re-open.

Do the BSD and SMUHSD schools have the proper PPE and HVAC systems to open?

In the SMUHSD, the answer is and always has been, NO.

What is the maximum number of students a school can have on the campus at one time?

Can BHS have more than 300 at once? (yes only 300 at once)

So why the misleading statements and lies from the top?

After the cancellation of real grades for hardworking students last spring, the SMUHSD administration enabled significant conflict and disruption among parents in the community as parent groups went to war over opening the school. These conflicts became extremely contentious and one group of parents has had to remain undercover because of threats from others.

The district officials knew all along that it was impossible to open the schools and the parents fighting against one another would deflect guilt from the district.

The SMUHSD administration presented extremely flawed data as facts (Board members ripped into the administration regarding its inability to produce a minimally productive survey question) and continued to gaslight the public and the Board regarding its ability to open the schools.

The SMUHSD administration not only failed to produce a re-opening plan (the administration did not have a plan to present to the board and coopted one from a group of SMHS teachers and parents. The administration then presented the plan as their own) but they knew the facilities were not functional to open. It has been one big lie.

The Boards should make a public statement regarding the physical preparedness of the structures and HVAC systems to handle the re-opening of the schools. The science REQUIRES the systems to function, otherwise it isn’t science.

The SF Unified Schools have a Dashboard showing progress to open?

The SF district reports that it has only made 50% progress on the safety of its buildings. At least the families in SF know the buildings are not safe to open.

Before the riots break out again, get the only answer that is needed right now.

Are the schools structurally safe to open (HVAC) and how many students can be on the campus at once.


S-S(?)-Is the HVAC even work?

Dear HVAC Business Owner.
Do you have any children in Public School?
Do you have any children in Private school?
It has been obvious that within the last 50 years, Public Schools have lacked the basic infrastructure maintenance necessary to create a safe learning environment.
Prop 13/Lottery Tickets were supposed to improve Public Schools. WTF Happened?
In my humble opinion, ZERO LEADERSHIP.


From the CA lottery website: "Remember, Lottery funds are meant to supplement public education, not replace state and local funding. ... All Lottery funding is distributed to public education based on the Average Daily Attendance (ADA) information provided by the State Controller’s Office. ... Lottery funds account for less than 1.5% of all education funding. Funds are distributed to K-12 schools, community colleges, the California State University, the University of
California, the Hastings College of the Law, the Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation-Division of Juvenile Justice, the Department of Education-State Special Schools, the Department of Developmental Services, and the Department of State Hospitals."
K-12th Grade 80%
Community Colleges 13.9%
California State University System 3.7%
University of California 2.3%
Other Educational Entities 0.1%

So, if you are so inclined to look at a school district's budget and check the ADA, you'll see what a drop in the bucket that 'lottery windfall' really is.

Luv Kitten

this thread is about The Burlingame School Dist. which is Elementary School through Intermediate School (BIS), not High School or the San Mateo High School District.

Latest news is they may reopen next Thursday 2/4 if and only if San Mateo county remains under 25/100,000 for 5 consecutive day AND The California Department of Public Health approves their Covid Safety Plan.

If the above is successful they will submit a modified waiver to get the remaining grades back in school.

As for the BSD board they are not voted in, there were two recent openings and only two candidates so both got the positions.

I dug inot the boards back grounds and many of them do not have careers. Some seem to have retired in their 30s or 40s, and some have higher levels of education but never were employable in the areas they studied. It seems like some of the board members are doing this for some type of self worth or then need to feel important. Not sure what their agenda is but it doesn't seem to be in the favor of education and students.

There is no diversity in the board they all agree with each other on all topics and the Supe. They want to remain popular and well liked. One board member seems to be using the platform to become a Science Teacher in the District.

Where are the checks a balances?

Most of the crazy Karens that were vocal a few months ago gave up.

As stated in the Bible "You reap what you sow".

No wonder they are in a financial mess.

Account Deleted

Personally, my impression is that the two new board members were handpicked, behind-the-scenes, by the BSD powers-that-be when the former two board members decided to not seek re-election. I realize this is probably par for the course as far as these things go, and please know I have nothing against the two new members, nor the ones they replaced. But frankly, this "process" come across as un-democratic and leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Bottom line, I wish the public would be broadly informed whenever a BSD board member announces his/her intention to step down to the board/Superintendent, so that there's potentially a broader pool of candidates to fill the vacancy, who can then be appropriately vetted by the community they are serving.


Gavin Newsom's school reopening plan looks pretty dead


Account Deleted

Per my earlier post above- this past November was yet another uncontested BSD board election:


A parent

Burlingame parent of 2 elementary school students, here. We should be clear on what's happening. We are failing to educate our kids, on a mass level, with the worst impacts on the kids whose parents have less. Sure, it's complicated to open, but public schools around the Bay have been open, some of them since September. And, no, I don't hate teachers. I don't think teachers should have to die anymore than I think the grocery store workers should have to die in order to sell us a bunch of bananas, but to have that be the end of it is ridiculous. I don't really understand the point of view that any Burlingame resident lives here without a 'horse in the race'. People who can afford to are leaving the Burlingame School District and putting their kids in private schools or moving to other districts that are open. The budget implications of that alone will wreak havoc on the schools for a generation, and it will have real impacts on the entire town of Burlingame, whether you have kids or not.

Bruce Dickinson

Alright folks, this return-to-school issue is quite contentious and underlies a much bigger issue than COVID. So sit back and relax for a Bruce Dickinson-led Masterclass on power politics and when we’re done here, not only will ya’ll be wearing gold plated diapers, but you’ll understand one thing: The California Teachers Association (CTA) has had way too much power, and it may be high-time to bust the union! Full disclosure: my granddaughter is a student in the BSD, and I believe she should be in school.

The reality is, the CTA has accumulated massive amounts of power since the passage of, you guessed it, Prop 13! They are HUGE donors to the Democratic party, including Gavin Newsom. Once you understand this, the path that we took with respect to the school re-openings (or non-reopenings) makes total sense. Prop 13, by virtue of limited property tax increases, had the effect of reducing school funding over the next decades, starting in the 1980s. This is exactly when CA schools began to deteriorate. To deal with the funding issues and ensure that they don’t become victims of forever lower pay, the CTA became more effectively organized, charged its members more, and strongly advocated for democratic candidates as the CA demographics began to shift. And why not, with decreased school funding, deteriorating education, wouldn’t it make sense to protect teacher salaries, ensure nice pensions, and make it very difficult for schools facing funding challenges to fire teachers? Did you know that due to the CTA union agreements, a teacher can ask for a one year leave of absence for any reason? That’s why today, behind the scenes in the local chapter CTA/district negotiations, the CTA is saying "look, if you force teachers to go back to school, 20% of the teachers will take their leaves of absence, and you (school district) are screwed!” So basically the districts are held hostage…if 20% of the teachers leave, then parents will really get freaked out.

The CTA over the years has gotten used to amassing so much power underneath everyone’s noses and it never really got noticed, until a real crisis hit and now everyone is questioning where is the leadership? Today, due to fears and mis-information about the virus, the CTA and it’s members are saying that COVID is making it extremely unsafe to return to school (which is really an opinion and not grounded in any basis of fact, which is ironic coming from educators). The CTA aren’t the health experts. The WHO, CDC, San Mateo Health, UCSF/Stanford infectious disease experts, the American Society of Pediatricians, all universally say that the cost of kids not being in school outweighs the very risk to Teachers, they families, and families of students. Yes, some older teachers will have to be protected (and should not be mandated to go back to school), and yes some parents are not comfortable in returning to school, but there are protections in place (including 100% distance learning options) that have pretty much proven that you can get risk down to a level that is LOWER than your typical family gathering. And that’s not theory, that’s what the data shows, overwhelmingly! Folks, CA is basically one of the last few States where kids are not back in school, and that’s including Red states, Blue states, high case-load states, low case load states, not to mention most schools internationally. The data exists for millions of students globally which demonstrably shows that schools are not a significant factor for the spread of COVID.

Now back to our handsome, talented politician-governor-foodie, Newsom. Notice how he is completely tap dancing around the union issue. His thinking is “Ok, so the CTA can play hardball at the local level, I will minimize any sorts of comments urging a return to school and let the CTA deal with school boards, districts and parents etc, and while they do that, I will continue to receive large sums of money for my re-election and potentially presidential aspirations and try to stay out of this controversy as much as possible.” Now you might say Bruce Dickinson, is this what he is really thinking? My answer is absolutely YES. Read/listen to every word he has said and will say going forward, knowing the CTA/large donation/political support nexus, and everything makes sense. Let me leave you with one nugget, where it is so obvious. Reporters (who are by the way asking much tougher questions to Newsom lately), recently asked if once teachers get vaccinated, will he try to get them to return to school (and btw, even with vaccines, the CTA doesn’t want teachers to go back).


The notable quote here is this: "Our approach is not to do it top down and mandate," Newsom said Friday. "It's to have a collaborative framework with real incentives that allow for resource allocation to occur when people are committed to promoting the cause of in-person education.”

Two takeaways: 1) what does that statement even mean!??! 2) if you don’t believe the CTA is in Newsom’s pocket, Bruce Dickinson has a bridge for sale that you might want to buy!


BIG D...
Welcome back!
When I have some time I will read the comments.


"Our approach is not to do it top down and mandate,"

Oh, that's rich. Can we do that on electric cars, wildfires, cap and trade, local zoning, transportation funds AND school reopening?


Might as well take my comment down since you deleted the one of holly's I was responding to.


Done. I really don't want to get into doing this on a regular basis, but I will if I have to.

holly: I'm running out of patience. Just stop the nonsense, please.


New COVID-19 variant is a ‘red flag’ for San Mateo County

A new COVID-19 variant is linked to several large outbreaks in San Mateo County, including one in the Kaiser San Jose Medical Center, according to an announcement from health officials on Jan. 17.

The variant, known as 452R, is different from the rapidly spreading strain in the United Kingdom and has now been observed in 12 counties across California. First detected in Denmark in March and later in Alameda County in May, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has now reported 88 cases of the variant in the United States, 40 of which are in California.


OK Editor.
I would really like to know how "Content" is "discerned" for Broadcast on the BV.
During the 1970's The US was worried about Pornography.
Prior to that, The SCOUS debated Comic Books effect on Children.
US Senate, and possibly SCOUS's response-(I am Paraphrasing) was "I will know it-(Pornography) when I see it."
We all see what we want to based on many Factors.
The Late George Carlin used to talk about "7 Words" Not to be used... What are the BV 7 Words? That would be a Big Help to me.
Happy Black History Month All.

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