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January 04, 2021


Jennifer Pfaff

A very interesting story, who knew? I'm trying to figure out why I don't remember a bombing taking place here, and wonder if anyone else does. That was a pretty big deal, right?


It is really amazing how well the COB Elders have/had an influence in the dissemination of Crime information.
Does anyone remember in the mid 90's a COB employee @ Cabrillo had a suspect "Bomb" in his house?
The "Neighborhood" was evacuated..
After the County Bomb Team disabled the "Bomb" the COB Employee told the Bomb Squad that there may be another "Bomb" at his new home in San Mateo. The "Neighborhood" was evacuated. This time SFO was closed, 101 too. The County Bomb Squad again "disabled" this "Bomb."
There were NO Bombs. No Criminal charges.
I bet he voted for Trump.

Paloma Ave

Holy Roller - Up until the last sentence you appeared normal. But you just can't help yourself, can you?




I ask myself that question about every comment you make. It's a mystery


We are not making "World Policy" here...
This Site is Fun, Informing, Behind the scenes Politics, and many other things to many other people.
To me, it is a connection to the "Mover's and Shaker's of The City of Burlingame....
(that's a joke)

I like reading and participating in the community. I might make a good point someday.

Growling Tiger

The Movers and Shakers know that Joe Buyden is a sad puppet. And he'll be gone in 6 months


6 months? I'd say less than that, although he may want to make it until the 100th anniversary of the CCP in July.

The big question now is who will Harris pick as the VP? Hillary is available.


Dear Growling Tiger. Last night I posted "it's Biden" in response to your Post.

For some reason BV deleted that comment.

I am sorry you do not know how to spell the name of the next US President.
Heck, there is No Way I could spell the name of the Chinese President either.
"it's Biden."


Dude, when the Chinese are OK with 10% for The Big Guy, it's Buyden. Or maybe Buyhim would be closer.


JP, we have to realize we are dealing with very low information people. They don't understand the "The Big Guy" reference. It goes over their heads.


hollyroller, you make my task a lot harder sometimes. Do you even realize what you do when you troll people with the Trump references that, in fact, make no sense? Some unnamed guy from the '90's? Really?

BV didn't delete your comment. It may be in the spam folder and eventually I will go look for it, but that is not the point. You had what was perhaps a worthwhile historical note about the person on Cabrillo, ill-formed as it was, but on point. Then you revealed that you are indeed a "low information" person--maybe the worst kind of troll.

So, what to do? Instead of letting you take a perfectly interesting post about Burlingame history off the rails again, I just may have to start deleting some of your comments. I don't like to do it as it goes again my grain, and is more work but frankly you deserve it. If Twitter and Fakebook can do it today, why not the Voice (rhetorical question)?

STICK TO THE TOPIC and stop the trolling (I hope you know what trolling means). OK?


Now back to the topic of Ogden Dr. Is a plaque commemorating the bombing sufficient? Having biked up to the building to take the picture in the post, I can say it is totally average architecturally. It's been modified with the ramp that I cut out of the photo. But so what? Should it be torn down for more condos with just a bit of bronzed text to remember it? Comments, on topic, please.


When you have the time, please let me know what trolling is in connection to my above comments. It may help me be able to comment more effectively.


I do know the name of the person in the "Bombing of Cabrillo Rd." & Garfield Court, San Mateo, (both incidents happened within hours of each other-same person) but I did not feel posting their name inappropriate.


I meant appropriate. Sorry all.
This event was "all over" the TV and newspapers. You can find some info in the "Micro Film" at the Library. I do not know how to view the TV news reports. It is out there.


Another seemingly done deal:

Plans to redevelop an historic union gathering hall into a 120-unit condominium building near the Millbrae train station received support from officials who put it on a path to final approval by the Burlingame City Council.

The Burlingame Planning Commission unanimously blessed plans to rebuild the old office building and gathering hall at 1868-1870 Ogden Drive into a six-story residential project during a meeting Monday, Feb. 22.



Down at the other end of the block on Ogden, more condos:

A new six-story, 90-unit condominium building has been approved by the Burlingame Planning Commission, which will occupy two lots to be merged at 1814 and 1820 Ogden Drive.

The roughly 83,000-square-foot building will include 20 studio, 15 one-bedroom and 55 two-bedroom units, five of which will be set aside for low-income residents. Currently on the site just north of the Mills-Peninsula Medical Center are two office buildings, one story and three story, which will be demolished. The development will feature a public area in front of the building with greenery and seating as well as a side courtyard for residents.

Though some neighbors voiced concern, mostly regarding parking and traffic, commissioners during Monday’s meeting emphasized the need to build more housing in the area to meet demand, as well as meet state and local regulations.

Dave W. Wilson

Mom had a nice second story apartment at 1815 Ogden….with a great view of the Bay. Probably the oldest building on Ogden. Looks like that view is now going to be completely obliterated by the new development scheduled to go up across the street.
Not a fan of what they’re calling “progress” these days.

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