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December 01, 2020



Has the city done any layoffs yet? I just saw Caltrain is FINALLY doing some.


What’s happening in the library all this time?


It's been radio silence on B'game layoffs, furloughs, reduced hours, etc. Here is the DJ on the Caltrain furloughs:

Caltrain plans to furlough around 40 positions starting in January to meet costs for its recently approved operating and capital budgets for 2021, according to officials from the transit agency that is suffering from dropped ridership and decreased revenue.

Caltrain originally had plans to furlough around 90 people, around 20% of its workforce, Bouchard said. Caltrain instituted a hiring freeze over the past few months to decrease the proposed furlough numbers. Caltrain said retirements and workers leaving also reduced the number of people it will need to furlough. Caltrain has more than 450 workers who provide operations and maintenance services. Some of the positions expected to be furloughed are vacant.


Closing open positions isn't a "furlough" in the private sector. Been there, done it.


Don't hold your breath for layoffs. You will pass out.


Here's some updates on the budget.

The Burlingame City Council reviewed a midyear budget report during a study session Wednesday, March 10, that showed the city’s finances are bent but not broken.

The report showcased how the city’s main tax income sources fared over the last fiscal year with a special focus on the hard times that have hit the previously booming travel industry.

“This is just devastating. The decrease in [transient occupancy tax] and our overall revenue is just very, very difficult,” said Vice Mayor Ricardo Ortiz.

General fund revenue decreased precipitously, according to a report showing the city anticipating that Burlingame will receive $56.9 million in the 2020-21 fiscal year. That figure is a far cry from the $85.5 million reeled in during the 2018-19 fiscal year.

There are a couple other good data points here: https://www.smdailyjournal.com/news/local/burlingame-budget-remaining-healthy-through-pandemic/article_fef95da0-8537-11eb-a97d-bb689f326825.html#utm_source=smdailyjournal.com&utm_campaign=%2Fnewsletters%2Fheadlines%2F%3F-dc%3D1615816806&utm_medium=email&utm_content=headline


The chickens have gone elsewhere to roost:

The Burlingame City Council discussed a handful of new tax measures Monday evening, signaling approval for taxes on gross receipts business licenses and cannabis businesses, and exploring a potential office space tax or special tax district along the Bayshore to fund infrastructure addressing rising sea levels.

The council will gather more information before making any final decisions, and all tax measures would first require voter approval. Discussion comes as the city’s general fund revenue has taken a massive hit during the pandemic, with about $48.6 million flowing in for the 2020-21 fiscal year compared with $72.4 million in 2018-19. Burlingame gets a good percentage of its revenue from its hotels, which faced high vacancy rates because of the pandemic.


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