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December 10, 2020


Barking Dog



Oh boy, this one's gonna hurt. Unlike Tesla, Oracle actually has earnings to tax.


I had forgotten about a couple of other biggies:

Oracle joins numerous Bay Area companies that have moved their headquarters to Texas in recent years or months, including Charles Schwab, McKesson and Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Other companies, including Apple and Dropbox, are keeping their Silicon Valley headquarters, but expanding their presence in Texas.



Dear Joe,
Do you know what the COB Mayor and Elders are doing to support our Community, and create a Safe and Legal work environment for COB Employees?
Do the COB Elders and COB Dept. "Heads" "subscribe" and adhere to State of California Governor's Official Mandates?
In times like this, the opportunity to take advantage of "Labor" from Cops to Water Dept.
Joe Knows...
Joe Knows.


The COB employees have the safest jobs around. No furloughs. No layoffs. No pay cuts. No cut hours. WTF. I wish half of them would quit so I could get their job.

Everything's Jake

These were good paying professional jobs (18,000 employees). Cisco and Intel will be next. Meanwhile, Newsom continues to preen and posture for the liberal loving media.
Please sign the "recall Gavin" petition if you are presented with one. It's the only way the pols in this one party state will learn that their misplaced policies have consequences.


(Bloomberg) -- Oracle Corp. co-founder Larry Ellison said he has moved his primary residence to Hawaii, becoming the latest Silicon Valley executive to depart the state where they built their fortunes.

Ellison, the world’s 11th-wealthiest person, notified his staff Monday of the move. Recode first reported the executive’s decision, which followed Oracle’s announcement Friday that it had shifted the company’s headquarters to Austin, Texas, from Redwood City, California.


Those inclined probably are aware of VDH, but maybe some of you may not know of Victor Davis Hanson. Rather than posting a link I'll suggest looking this up yourself (liberals, don't bother wasting your time):

Wealth, Poverty, and Flight: The Same Old State of California

It's a two year old article but reading it again I'd say things are even worse than what he was saying back then.


California's General Fund relies on the top 0.5 percent: In his latest analysis, California Policy Center contributor Edward Ring discusses just how much of California's budget relies on the wealthy: "There were 89,000 Californians in 2018 who reported taxable income of over $1 million . . . one-half of one percent of the total filers." This top 0.5 percent pay 40 percent of all personal income taxes that California collects. It takes only a couple thousand of these seven-figure earners leaving the state to put a big dent in total tax revenues.


If only the high earners paid their "fair share"?
Right Dunham, Cynthia and the other fact deniers?


Another one. "As we continue to make strategic investments to best position Digital Realty for long-term growth, we are confident our expansion in Texas will help us meet the needs of our more than 4,000 global customers, while continuing to deliver value for our stakeholders, employees and the communities we serve around the world," Stein said in a statement.


Salesforce cancels 325,000 square foot lease in the Transbay district.

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