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November 06, 2020


What comes after swastikas?-Taking back BHS

It's not the things you hear about that should worry you.

It's the things you DON'T hear about. The Grand Jury interviewed school principals. What Principal wants to admit that they had major issues at the school? (Think chain of command and getting fired)

According to the students, now posting at the instagram site, they STOPPED reporting because no action was taken or they became the targets of retaliation.


The Grand Jury does not just show up. While the issues they select may not be glamorous, the ARE picking up issues BECAUSE the agencies or Boards in charge are NOT doing anything to address the problem.

In 2007 it was the SM Grand Jury that broke open the SMUHSD Fiscal Fiasco that cost the taxpayers $80 million.

"The grand jury report also alleges that the Board of Trustees and Superintendent Samuel Johnson Jr. continued to issue rosy revenue projections even as the district's reserves were rapidly decreasing? due to reductions in local property tax appropriations that fund the district.

The district also had deficit spending budgets in four out the last five years, according to the civil grand jury."


If an independent external agency conducted the investigation, what do you think they would find?

The Grand Jury came to the SMUHSD because of the comments by the students.

The students want their school back.

Its the Cover Up the Grand Jury is After-Not the Hate-Taking Back BHS

It's like the Fram oil filter commercial, “you can pay me now, or you can pay me later.”

It’s the things you don’t hear about that should scare you…

Well over 300 high school students had their AP scores cancelled because SMUHSD administrators lied.-Read Judge Armstrong’s Ruling-Link attached.

Remember when the Mills High School AP Scores were invalidated and the parents and the SMUHSD Board lawyered up and went after the College Board… and lost because the College Board put the SMUHSD administrators under depositions and showed up in federal court with the facts.

The SMUHSD buried that one quickly before the public found out the truth.

The judge found the SMUHSD adults negligent in the case, but this story was never released to the public.

The College Board was willing to reinstate the student scores upon an offer of the SMUHSD’s Cynthia Clark

“The College Board expressed a willingness to consider her proposal if she could provide information regarding the seating arrangements that were more detailed than those previously provided.”

After making the offer, the SMUHSD failed (forgot?) to present the evidence and the College Board trashed the student’s scores.
“On July 19, 2013, representatives from the College Board and Cynthia Clark, Director of Curriculum and Standardized Assessment for the School District, participated in a telephone conference call During the call, Ms. Clark admitted that there were testing irregularities at MHS, but asked whether the score cancellations could be limited to only the particular students impacted by the violations of test protocols. The College Board expressed a willingness to consider her proposal if she could provide information regarding the seating arrangements that were more detailed than those previously provided by Principal Belzer and Ms. Arbizu.”
“Although Ms. Clark stated that she had additional seating charts that she could provide, none were presented to the College Board.”

SMUHSD and AP Students and Viking Parents Group v. ETS-College Board


Crack Pot

"Will the movement against hate be the same or just more propaganda?"

Just more propaganda

BHS -SMDJ- Very Liberal Teachers

BHS student perspective SMDJ--

The real things students learn at school.

My very liberal teachers... using the classroom to preach and attack.

Not just liberal teachers... very liberal teachers.

"I will see my very liberal teachers move from being on the offensive to the defensive, and my conservative peers do the opposite."

Since The Associated Press officially called Biden president-elect on the morning of Nov. 7, it is beyond difficult to acknowledge the elephant, or donkey, rather, in the room. The political field will likely look overwhelmingly different with Biden in politics. For the last four years, I will see my very liberal teachers move from being on the offensive to the defensive, and my conservative peers do the opposite. Politics has been at the forefront of the news since Trump has been involved, but I am skeptical as to whether the dust will truly settle with a less-controversial figure in office.


Cooking the Books

Did anyone bother to read all of the Grand Jury report? One student body starts a taunting chant at a lopsided basketball game and the other one answers with a taunting chant. This gets the staff involved and eventually the Grand Jury. They do interviews and write reports and hope to fix it. It all goes in the book as a hate crime.

John Q ByTheBay, A Concerned Neighbor

As we near Thanksgiving, and the Holidays, the following words/ideas come to mind, especially as I catch up on the comments across a number of articles:

"So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets."

"Never be cruel, never be cowardly;
Remember, hate is always foolish, and love is always wise;
Always try to be nice and never fail to be kind."

If you are wondering if these words are in response to your particular posted comments, then they probably are.

Now I shall reflect in the mirror on my own hypocrisy.


Try to "lighten up" on the "Shrooms" As well as never look in a "Mirror" when "Tripping."
If you find that you are unable to avoid a "Mirror," there are Pills for that.
Have a Great Thanksgiving "Dude."


Dear Crackpot, I am Honored you have found an appropriate "handle" to share your comments based upon one of my Posts..
However, Nobody Cares.

Adult Bad Behavior-Time to take out the trash

Cooking the Books
The Grand Jury Report was a summary analysis of the ongoing issues at BHS and the SMUHSD. The chanting incident had BHS students openly and in unison, using asian racial slurs against Mills High School during a basketball game. Even Justice Rehnquist does not approve of this action.

Why would the students believe that racial chants and swastikas are “normal” behavior?

This one is not about being politically correct but is instead the outcome of a group of “leaders” who are out of control.

The issues at BHS and the SMUHSD run deeper than most know as a toxic and dysfunctional culture has infected the adult environment constructing the “holier than thou” attitude. The adults forget that the students may not be listening to the lessons, but they are watching everything the teachers do and say outside of academics.

If teachers and administrators can get away with bad behavior, then why not the kids?

Look back at the past 5-10 years at BHS and what do you see?

During the Board meeting last week, the district hired the National Equity Project to advise on how to proceed with these issues and then reported that it was going to sweep the Grand Jury issue under the rug, claiming they accept the findings, but there is no problem.

The problem lies in the adults who are responsible to take action but bury the facts from the Board. This Board likes to believe they are informed, but they are just fooling themselves.

The good doctor will tell you that the organization will not heal until the cancer is cut out.

To the good people of Burlingame, the "educators" that need to be shone the door, are the one’s that created this issue and allowed a once great high school to fall.

The Grand Jury sent a message informing the district it needed to clean up its dirty laundry. If the SMUHSD ignores the nudge, things will most likely very expensive.

It's time to take out the trash.

Disrupting Force-BHS Scandal

Trustee Land- Let the Disrupting begin!

An attempt to Bury the Grand Jury Report.

The November 19 Board meeting saw the SMUHSD administration's initial attempts to deflect the Grand Jury Investigation and brush it off as an “inconvenience.”

The Burlingame community specifically should pay attention to these proceedings.

"We have a number of Voice posts over the last several years about alleged misconduct by BHS school staff and District staff."

This is a real fear among the district leadership that “everything” is going to come out in the open which is going to cause both extreme embarrassment of individuals and anger by the Burlingame community.

Negligence of leadership is to blame for the current position of BHS. The administration returned Di Yim to Burlingame knowing that she was “damaged goods.” BHS Parents Group spent 2 years arguing with the Board and administrative leadership to remove her from the site. District leaders knowingly lied and misled Board members while withholding information that was damaging the students.

The SMUHSD could not entice anyone to take the Principals job at BHS . The two finalists for the job fled once they saw what was happening at BHS. Belzer was transferred from Mills to BHS.

Burlingame High School was a top performing high school in the United States. Its campus, faculty, students, and community were second to none. In past era’s school leaders were fighting over the opportunity to lead BHS. The district leadership pushed the school into its current state of disrepair. A pattern to “save” failed school leaders at the cost of the campus and the students has become apparent in the district. The leader is silently removed after significant collateral damage.

Let face it, during a transition, when a district leader with weak credentials is making almost $300k per, he is going to do what he needs to do to keep his job.

Principal Yim ran off to Las Vegas in a post marital affair, leaving BHS in rubble. A fitting destination given her dance skills.

The students and parents of Burlingame have been deceived while the administration has known the players and the issues all along.

Board members look like they may have found the strength to mandate that the administration "put up or shut up."

Trustee Land states on the record,

"The Board is committed to disrupting what we currently have."

"We have made that apparent to the Superintendent."

It doesn't look or sound like the administration is taking the Board seriously about facts, ethics, or transparency.

The administration believes the Board will not act and allow the negligence to continue.


“alleged misconduct by BHS school and District staff?"

Nothing is alleged anymore. If the Board knows about it, it had better take action or the Board is going to get blamed.

Cooking the Books

Dear Adult Bad Behavior, thank you for the response, but it was not really my point. You focus on one cheer but ignore the other. Are we really to start investigating with Grand Juries every stick-and-stone thing that gets said in the stands? Have you ever been to a Raider game?

Adult Bad Behavior-Time to take out the trash

Cooking the books,

No one invited the Grand Jury, they came because they know this is a bit more than a basketball cheer. They also want to know why the adults adult who are supposed to be in control are doing nothing.

BHS has been falling apart in a variety of ways and the Grand Jury is giving the Burlingame Community a respectful "heads up" that no one is in control.

The question about the Raiders is do you want your child sucked into the Black Hole? It's not what was said, but who is going to eventually pay the price.

The Grand Jury isn't knocking on the door as the PC police, they're letting Burlingame know it time to fire the babysitter because your kids are getting corrupted.

This behavior didn't just start "all of a sudden." It is a response to and or a reflection of the adults who are modeling the behavior.

Know your BHS history, this was not started by the students.

If you clean your house properly, you don't need to worry about the rats.

BHS History and Traditions- Time to Take Back the Campus

In 1981, Burlingame High School was scheduled to be closed by the SMUHSD due to a downturn in district funding and low enrollment at BHS.

The Burlingame community was outraged. Rumor has it that a group of local leaders met with the Superintendent to inform him of the will and support of the community to the district and the connection of this group to his continuing in his job.

It was then announced that Crestmoor High School would be closed.

Burlingame High School went on to become the most sought-after school in the SMUHSD.

So, what happened?

If you’ve put multiple kids through BHS over the years, then you’ve physically felt the changes from one child to the next. The campus lacked spirit and the student’s report a lackluster learning environment.

Some teachers just “phone it in” while others are unprepared to meet the academic needs of Burlingame’s students. Teachers are rule mongers towards students and often not very pleasant towards one another.

There was a time when your kid got their schedule on the first day of school and they had four great teachers. Not just good, but great.

Today they might get one. Maybe.

BHS is one of the most stunning public-school sites around. We all know that it is located in an exceptionally strong area where families (and money) are active in the community.

Growing up in Burlingame, no one transferred out to another school. All of San Bruno transferred into BHS, but no one from Burlingame transferred out.

Today, many Burlingame families have elected to go private, D-Tech, or transfer to another public high school, even SMHS! While some alumni (now parents) have moved into the family home, other families have fought to buy or rent here just to be able to attend BHS only to discover what is going on inside.

BHS parents have learned that if they want their child to succeed at BHS, then it is going to cost an additional $10k to $15k per year in tutors, SAT Prep, and college counseling because the quality of these items is questionable.

The SMUHSD wants Burlingame’s money and support but believes that BHS students’ needs to “lose the advantage” of wealth and family support they have over others.

The past years have shown that the SMUHSD could care less about what the people of Burlingame think about their high school. Burlingame has had three members on the Board, but that hasn’t helped.

If it wasn’t a battle over the gyms and the fields then it was the pool. BHS parents and community were very clear about removing a former principal and it was ignored.

A BHS Parents Group meeting via zoom with local and district administrators was an act of frustration as the leaders bumbled through their responses to parent issues and concerns.

The current Superintendent has an overused mantra that “everything is fine, all is well.”

Talk is cheap and it's the same statement every time.

Do BHS parents want their children to return to the same school they left when BHS was shut down?

While Burlingame cannot break from the district and form its own campus, the BHS parents’ group can demand changes be implemented.

The San Mateo Grand Jury has focused on BHS because of the numerous and ongoing failures of the SMUHSD to intervene in the downfall of BHS.

While Burlingame High School in its history has lacked racial diversity, it has not lacked a strong history and tradition that can be inclusive of all students.

Successful public schools thrive because of the support of its community. Right now, Burlingame families continue to leave the public school system and take their personal and financial support them.

In the long run, this will not just impact BHS, but other local schools as well.

The Burlingame Community and Parents Group is not to blame. These groups have stepped up time and time again with money and support. The revival of BHS is going to take a commitment by the Board and administration to actually listen to the community, parents, and students to make the changes needed to revive the school’s history, traditions, spirit, and academic excellence. These are the values that will bring together a campus and unite the students.

BHS has a long and positive history of tradition and community. The presence of chanting racial epithets or the placing and painting swastikas as emblems of hate are the products of a loss of what made BHS a great school and community.

The Burlingame Community and Parents Group should use this opportunity to take back the school and campus and mandate that the history and traditions of the campus once again guide its missions and purpose.



There are parents who want the Grand Jury involved in the BHS incidents. This is not about politically correctness.

The SMUHSD has already shown that it does not have the capacity to handle these incidents. If you read the student complaints, many of these are about the adults!

If it were not for the Grand Jury, all of this would just be ignored.

The SMUHSD leadership is trying to ignore the Grand Jury as it does not want an outside agent looking inside the walls.

There is a statement among the parents at Burlingame High School explaining why parents are fearful to speak out against their children’s teachers.

If parents speak out, your child will be singled out and made to pay a price. It might be grades. It might be sports. It might be college. They will make your child pay the price.

Principal Di Yim's departure was about more than shaking her money makers with the senior boys.


The Grand Jury is on to something the district administration does not want anyone to know about.

The Board needs to implement some serious standards rather than just fold.... again.

Bay Area Legal

Fix it by getting the parents and other instigators out of it like Kevin Nelson. All they do is fan the flame.


You are being sarcastic I hope. The parents and Mr. Nelson are the responsible parties here (my legal term :)

Shoot the Messenger- Issues are known and buried

Stop shooting the messengers for the message.

School administrators jobs are dependent upon keeping the Board and the public ignorant of the facts.

A few weeks ago, there was a post about BSD “losing massive amount of money” and no one in the community believed it. I recall a post stating, "I'm in BCE and WE don't know about this claim!"

Joe later confirmed that BSD is projected to be “$4 million in deficit spending” over the next four years.

Any idea how much of our taxes are being WASTED on just plain negligence?

Don’t fall for the old “Okey Doke.” It’s not the chants in the streets that should worry you, it's the people in charge who don’t want you to know much they have failed. (the dollar value)

The high school district has already put out significant financial payments for investigation and legal fees (these are required by law) and then the legal settlements for these civil rights violations. (these items are all in closed session of the Board meetings so you don’t see them.)

The parents and Board of Palo Alto School District bought the same bill of goods that was being sold (by the school officials) “nothing to see here” and now they are paying out millions in legal expenditures fees on a yearly basis. The Public Record access alone is $2.5 million.

The school officials don’t care. Nothing is coming out of “their” pockets and no one is getting fired, so why would they care?

As long as the public believes that everything is OK in the schools, the district leaders don’t get fired. If you are making almost $300,000k per year plus retirement, that is what you want to protect! and nothing else.


And the public WANTS to believe that everything is OK with the schools.

Barking Dog

Something besides the greensheet that's worth reading in the Chronicle.


Running for Cover -Will Hunting

Bay Area Legal...

"How do you like them apples."

Don't let the national disaster deflect from the local scandals.

The lies run deep in the local cover-up.

School administrators and elected officials are already running for cover.


Pretty obscure. Give us a little more?

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