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November 17, 2020


Eucalyptus trees are not your friend

I suspect there are some people with sentimental attachment to those trees but I hate them. They are a disaster waiting to happen and ugly as hell.

Christopher Cooke

Get rid of the eucalyptus. They are invasive nonnative species that drop limbs in storms, risking lives and property damage

Eucs Are My Friends

Oh, Pleeeez. These giants are the signature feature of El Camino in Burlingame. Go find something else to cut down. I am still mourning Tom the Tree. Nagle should be banished for that vote.


I enjoyed my vacation in Australia two years ago.
Holding a koala was fun and watching them eat eucalyptus leaves was a treat.
I still believe non native eucalyptus trees do not belong in California,
They are dangerous (falling branches and fire hazard) and are harmful to the soil. They are far more of a problem than natural gas that the Woke City Council has banned.
They need to be replaced as soon as possible in Burlingame. (Both the trees and the City Council)

Crack Pot

Let's do the math. No cheating. There are 500 eucs on El Camino if your old post is accurate. Sounds about right to someone who drives up and down every day. 250 on each side.

Any tree service you can hire would charge at least 15 grand to take one down and truck it away. Minimum. On a state highway with traffic control, power lines and buses flying by, 20 grand apiece is more like it.

500 x 20,000 = TEN million bucks. Is that the best use of TEN million bucks in town? Add in whatever it costs to replant and water and tend the little darlings that are supposed to replace the Big Boys. Idiots. Even hollyroller is smart enough to know this is stupid.


Dear Libby,
You remind me of a Eucalyptus Tree.
-you do not belong in California
-Remember that time you fell into the BBQ Pit? (Cocaine is a Hell of a Drug.} "Rick James"
Then Ran-while on fire, into our next-door neighbors Child Care Business?
Those Baby Back Ribs were "Tasty."
* This happened during a Parent/Teacher Evening. Caterers brought Baby Back Ribs.

Dear Libby, what the heck does "Woke" mean?
Every time you APPROPREATE the word "Woke, " I am embarrassed for you... just keep to falling into BBQ/fire Pits, and planning for the next ICP/Juggalo concert...
Have you heard the word of the Lord?

Whoop Whoop!

Dearest Crackpot,
I LOVE Stupid People! All Animals too.

Paloma Ave

Hey Holyroller - I hope your premiums are paid up on your LTC policy.


Just a reminder, you have until this Thursday the 17th to make comments on the website noted in the original post.

I cleaned out my Adopt-a-drain yesterday and peered through the grate. Of course, it was packed with leaves that I couldn't reach--and they were NOT eucalyptus leaves. Before we drop $100M+, cut down all the trees and submit to decades of runt trees, maybe a better maintenance plan could be put in place?


From the Dept. of Transportation:

Due to an unexpected, COVID-related delay in the publication of Caltrans’ Notice of Intent (NOI) in the US Federal Register, the El Camino Real Roadway Renewal Project online public forum will remain open for an additional 3 weeks. This extension allows people to send comments and participate in the forum until midnight on January 8, 2021. Please note- our Notice of Intent is available on our ECR Roadway Renewal Alternatives Meeting Microsite.

(The link is in the original post)

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