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October 22, 2020



Park away!

The Burlingame City Council unanimously agreed Tuesday, Feb. 16, that long-term parking should be allowed throughout the new garage under construction behind Howard Avenue, between Highland and Lorton avenues.

The decision solves a lingering question over whether officials should allow stays as long as 10 hours throughout the entire garage, or reserve the upper levels for long-term parking while allowing short-term stays in the lower levels.

Short-term stays will be allowed in the lot, but the meters can run for as long as 10 hours. The hybrid option would have capped the allowable stay on the lower two levels at two hours, while permitting longer stays on the top three floors.

For his part, Vice Mayor Ricardo Ortiz supported the split approach as a means of granting patrons of downtown businesses a greater opportunity to stay for only short stints.

To address that interest, officials agreed to look into converting long-term spaces on surrounding streets and surface lots into short-term spaces.



A letter to the editor of the DJ:


Burlingame has a parking problem. It is not unusual for customers and workers to complain that there’s not sufficient parking in a busy downtown business district. But now our problem is getting worse.

Burlingame approved a plan to build lower income housing on one of our parking lots. To make up for the loss, another lot was taken away to build a multistory parking structure. This plan has had wide support and will be great for the city.

Burlingame later approved a plan to redevelop the former Post Office. Paired with this will be a new city town square, a park that will take over yet another parking lot, Lot E.

When approving the plan for this new project, I asked one question, will the parking structure be open before the city closes Lot E? I was told yes. (Council meeting minutes from Feb.1, 2021, page 17.)

Now we are told that Lot E will close on Sept. 7, and still no date yet to open Parking Structure N. I think it is imperative that the city keep their word and delay closing Lot E until Lot N opens.

Our business is already impacted by lack of parking. In addition to the two closed parking lots, many street parking spaces are closed as dining parklets. As a business, we are regularly getting calls from clients saying that they can’t find parking. I am sure the salons and other shops are in the same position. We cannot have three parking lots closed at the same time.

Burlingame, please reconsider and please keep your original word. Do not close parking lot E until you open Parking Structure N.

David Mendell

San Mateo

The letter writer owns Kerns Fine Jewelry in Burlingame.


Mr. Mendell's letter may have spurred a quick response via the city's e-newsletter...or not. Here is the update on downtown parking:

More Parking Spaces are Coming to Downtown Burlingame!

This month, the City will add 64 new parking spaces and remove 38 parking spaces for a net gain of 26 new parking spaces.

What is going away?

Lot E, located next to the former post office at 220 Park Road between Park Road and Lorton Avenue, currently consists of 71 parking spaces: 38 spaces in the parcel facing Park Road and 33 spaces in the parcel facing Lorton Avenue. See the map below.

On the Lot E parcel facing Park Road:
•22 spaces will be removed on Tuesday, September 7, 2021

•The remaining 16 spaces will be removed on Wednesday, September 22, 2021

On the Lot E parcel facing Lorton Avenue:
•All 33 spaces will be removed in February 2022.

What is being added?

•64 new parking spaces will be made available at the new City parking structure currently under construction at 161 Highland Avenue on Thursday, September 9, 2021.


Free Parking!!!! From the e-newsletter:

Good news Burlingame! 64 parking spaces are now available for pubic use at the new City parking structure currently under construction at 161 Highland Avenue. Because this is a "soft opening" of the 368-space garage, which will fully open on September 22, please note:

•The Highland Avenue vehicle and pedestrian entrances are open.
•The Lorton Avenue vehicle entrance is closed.
•There is a 10-hour parking limit (signs will be posted), and the Police Department will enforce this requirement.
•Parking is not permitted between the hours of 12:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. (signs will be posted).
•The electric vehicle charging stalls are available; payment can be made via the downloadable Powerflex app.
•Parking fees are being waived through September 21.

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