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October 26, 2020



I came to the same place in five minutes.


5 ICU beds in the county are caring for Covid-19 sufferers.

In the county.

Curve flat enough yet?

Update-Grand Jury Hearing -One school- One issue-KRN

On November 19, 2020 the SMUHSD Board will host a meeting to respond to the SM County Grand Jury Investigation HATE @ Schools.

A read of report shows that the Grand Jury chose to investigate this topic BECAUSE of the incidents at Burlingame High School. Its investigation produced NO Other such events at other district or county schools.

A truthful and public response is mandated by the SM Superior Court.

So, the Grand Jury Investigation is only about BHS with the following focus:

Grand Jury ISSUE:
How are high school district staff and principals in San Mateo County responding to hate incidents or hate crimes occurring on campus?

Translation: How has BHS and the SMUHSD administration failed to properly identify and address and the misconduct by BHS school staff and District staff.

It looks like the district administration is already trying to "spin" and deflect this issue...

This will be a Zoom Broadcast for public participation and comments.

The S%$T is sure to hit the fan.

More to come

SM Grand Jury Report

Barking Dog

Kaufmann easy chouce on my last California ballot.
Personally, it was the only check mark on my ballot for SMUHSD.


No brainer. I'm thinking bullet vote like Barking Dog.


Here's the plan du jour:

Burlingame Elementary School District officials will also use the recommendations as part of the plan to bring students back next month. Students between transitional kindergarten and second grade as well as middle schoolers are slated to begin hybrid learning Monday, Nov. 30. Third, fourth and fifth graders are planned to remain in distance learning until a return of all students Monday, Jan. 4, according to a district report.

BHS holds 45% of discrimination claims in district-

46/102 incidents are from BHS.

Problems at BHS.
The Instagram account SMUHSD.Awareness collects student reports of discrimination, racism, etc as students do not feel safe reporting these issues to teachers or administrators.

However you feel about these reports, BHS has 45% of all reports yet the district administration continues to state that "All is well."



The voters have spoken......

Land 38.20%

Andrade Zuniga 36.49%
Kaufman 25.32%


If Watergate has taught us anything, it's to “follow the money.” Neal Kaufman was not elected and Trustee Friedman is leaving the Board. The SMUHSD Finance wizard Liz McManus is leaving at the end of December. Mid-year?) McManus is the individual who saved the district from its $80 million embarrassment in 2007. There is no established financial leadership in a time when it is needed the most.

The SMUHSD is under investigation by the SM Grand Jury for the disasters at Burlingame High School. The district administration and Board are attempting to sweep all of this aside, promoting a "feel good" tone in place of reality.

The district received $5 million in federal Coronavirus funds and will spend an additional $1 Billion over the next four years.

If you can’t see the internal conflicts and flaws in the leadership team, then you’re not looking. The district operates to serve the students and the public, not the salaries or retirement accounts of district office administrators.

Are these leaders transparent, honest, and ethical?

Just read the headlines- This is all riding on the integrity of the Board.

After watching the Board for the past few years, there are no hard questions and there are no hard lines in the sand.

The strong reputation of the SMUHSD is being surpassed by surrounding districts as the SMUHSD looks in the mirror remembering how great it once was.

Follow the money.
Follow the ethics.
Mandate Transparency



Priorities, priorities.

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