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October 17, 2020



Here's a pointed letter to the SF Chron editors in today's paper:

Let’s vet the vetters

Here’s my recommendation for the SFUSD renaming process: Start with the committee members’ biographies.

Let’s hear about their backgrounds and qualifications. Have them disclose their schools, universities and grades, and how they fared in American history. Have them write a 500-word essay on why they think they are qualified to rename Washington and Lincoln high schools. Have educators from UC and Stanford rate them on the standard A-F scale. If they don’t get at least a C, fire them.

Here’s my other recommendation. Let’s come up with some names we can all agree we like: Joe Montana, Steph Curry, Willie Mays, Mickey Mouse.

And one for the committee: Goofy High.

Bob Bowen, Mill Valley

Now we're talking! Wanna bet half of the renaming committee can't even pass the citizenship test? I'll take that bet.

Paloma Ave

Idiots have long been associated with San Francisco politics and apparently they are breeding like crazy.

Or is it the indoctrination occuring in public education?

Barking Dog

1st Burlingame SJW's....Brownrigg and Beach and more verbal diarrhea out of them.

Jennifer Pfaff

T'was just a matter of time. The "renaming" presents problems, too, Joe, because I doubt anyone under consideration (likely including the list of athletes in the aforementioned letter) has a completely pristine reputation- so we'd be doing this every few years, whenever something is unearthed.

I've heard it suggested that nobody living should be considered for this honor; that's probably wise. However, it doesn't seem quite fair if nobody is around to defend the reputations of those long gone, should any blemishes be uncovered. So, what to do....?

As some may know, our two earliest two extant elementary schools started out as Oak Grove Elementary (later renamed McKinley Elementary) and Howard Avenue School (later renamed Washington School), so at least those could "revert" to their original names.


You have uncovered the next 6 inches of the iceberg. Before we rename something for a street name we MUST check out for whom that street was named and all of his/her/they sins. What if Howard was a hunter at the Country Club and therefore mean to animals? Oak Grove is likely OK but not those evil eucalyptus fire hazards.


Common man, Mickey Mouse was a racist with that blackface act.
No way we're going to name high schools after that guy.

Barking Dog

Well according to Dumdum's colleague(comrade) at Peninsula for Everyone, Burlingame wont make the cut of names not controversial....because Anson Burlingame was an 'Old White Dude'


Everything's Jake

"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet"


Here is the opening paragraph from the SF Comicle editorial on school name changes:

"Wherever a monument to the Confederacy meets a deserved demise, its defenders can be counted on to warn that this is the top of a slippery slope toward a wholesale cleansing of every trace of our history based on the sensitivities of 21st-century leftists. It’s a specious, disingenuous argument, but the San Francisco school board is doing its best to prove it right."

These clowns cannot even self-edit to take out their own hypocrisy. They're literally blind to their own hypocrisy. It's "specious" and "disingenuous".....oh, and it's true.

Shelly  Knides

does anyone know the latest with the Burlingame Public Elementary schools?

My neighbor recently told me that there is no plan for reopening the doors and welcoming the children back.

The Teachers are stating that the School District does not have a plan to present?

Sounds like a mess.

Peter Garrison

Charter schools.
Went on a walking tour of Pacific Heights yesterday and the Catholic schools are open with children learning, playing and having a great time in the sun.

Joe Biden

"By the way all you teachers out there, not that many of you are going to die so don't worry about it".


Last night Joe Biden said "By the way all you teachers out there, not that many of you are going to die so don't worry about it".

OK, BSD and SMUSHD. Let's get to it.

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