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October 12, 2020



This is the kind of pretzel logic it takes the winner to convince themselves they are the oppressed. Wtf.


Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. Really. Deal with it.


Hey Joe -- can you name the Indigenous Peoples that first lived in the area that is now known as San Mateo County? And what methods were used to push them out, kill them, and erase them from history?


Sure. Can you tell me what year Columbus came to San Mateo County? Didn't think so, idiot.

Paloma Ave

wtf - I signed up for Nextdoor after hearing about the tree falling in Washington Park.

It is incredible what younger people are posting there. If children are our future I am afraid we are in deep doo-doo.

For example, one young person posted this bio: "Just wading my way through the field guide of suburban racism that is Burlingame on Nextdoor."

Back to topic. Let me point out that Spanish were here after the Ohlone. Then it was the Mexicans. Then it was the Europeans.

Many seem to want to forget about the first two and blame everything on the Europeans.


Keep in mind if the left wins in a few weeks this Columbus Day in America (never mind SSF) will have been the last one.


My DNA has been in North America about 400 years. Part Wampanoag. Chief had the rather uninspiring name of Old Chicken Warrup.

Martha’s Vineyard was part of our territory. Thinking about asking the Obama family for Hyannisport reparations.


No Wokester

The wokester snowflakes don't handle confrontation very well. If they have a mask and a frozen water bottle they get ballsy. No mask, no real history, no argument.

The SSF racists are a moment in time. Like fake Catholic Nancy "statues don't matter to me" Pelosi. The KKK hated Catholics more than blacks. The old term was papists and they hunted them. We will see it in 2020 this week with the Supreme Court hearings. Things don't change much. The wokesters will grow up and be embarrassed by their woke ignorance.

Sign Me Up

If South SF wanted an Indigenous Day they should declare one that isn't Columbus Day and leave Columbus Day alone. Yelp just added a racist button to their reviews. Maybe we need to review SSF as racist.

4th grade flashbacks

@Paloma Ave.: Was Spain voted out of Europe and I somehow missed it?

Also, just for the record: Europeans didn't move in after the Mexicans (unless you count the small Russian attempt at Ft. Ross from 1812-1841)...but the Americans sure did.


Joe, Columbus sailed west to reach Asia because he knew the Earth was round (which had pretty much been established 2,000 years before and, by the 15th Century, was common knowledge amongst anyone with the means to fund or undertake such a voyage). But don't let facts get in the way of an attempt to be snarky.


BGB, don't worry. I won't >wink<. C'mon, man, that's a really good line and you know it!

Well, there's theory and there is experience. Magellan didn't leave for his circumnavigation until 1519 and didn't get back to tell anyone about it for 3 years.

BTW, Columbus' greatest feat might have been to do the whole trip on OPM (from Spain).

Anyway you look at it, the sad virtue-signallers in SF and SSF are a disgrace.


Actually, I disagree. I have no problem with a jurisdiction not wishing to recognize Columbus Day. It has nothing to do with being anti-Italian or anti-Catholic. It has everything to do with being anti-dude-who-enslaved-thousands-and-opened-door-for-genocide. Recognizing Italian and Catholic contributions to the US is great. Just pick someone else (Philip Mazzei or Bartolome de las Casas, for example).

Paloma Ave

4th grader - Are you unaware of the term "Latinx"?

Apparently they want to be considered different from white Europeans.

No Wokester

It looks like Joe has exposed a wokester or two. They are experts at seeing systemic racism in others but avoid the mirror. They love to tell others how to think and who is and isn't OK to honor. Very wokester-ish


America is the least racist country that has ever existed in the world's history.
That is a fact that is undeniable.
Is it perfect yet, no.
Is it the best ever, yes.
Try being white in Mexico.
Try being non-Chinese in China.
Try attempting to climb the economic and social ladder in France without being a French origin citizen.
The list goes on and on.
Why is America the first priority for the world to seek entry?
The Marxist leftists want to destroy the world's most sought sanctuary.
How sad, but defining of their lack of integrity, honesty and knowledge.


Using the term "Marxist leftist" in this topic shows one or more of the following: (a) you have no idea what it is; (b) you do, but assume other readers on this forum don't; and/or (c) you couldn't care less either way, but you really like the dopamine hit you get when others respond appropriately from getting their right-wing, centrist, or left-wing buttons pushed. The rest of the comment reads like a typical troll-bot rant generator, or an RT/OAN script.

Barking Dog

BGB, so its safe to say your comments read like a CNN, MSNBC, DSA, Mike Dunham/Jordan Grimes/Cindy Cornell/Peninsula for Everyone script, correct?

Fugit All

The quarantine got you feeling ornery, Joe?

What's next: an All Lives Matter post?

Trolling your readers isn't very neighborly.

Barking Dog

All Lives dont matter to you Fugit?
Is it racist trope if it is said?
Your a buffoon.

Fugit All

YOU'RE a buffoon.

Corrected it for ya, BD.

Barking Dog

Thanks for the grammer correction, appreciate it.

YOU'RE a buffoon.


I guess trolling is in the eyes of the fish.

It's Columbus Day, it will always be Columbus Day and the little cancellers will just have to deal with it.

oh well

Well this little blog sure has sunk to a new low. Seems like no one can voice an intelligent thought or viewpoint without quickly resorting to name calling. Hmmm, I wonder who has emboldened that behavior?


Fugit All. But you can't be surprised.

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