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September 14, 2020


Paloma Ave

Perhaps some of the city council members are unclear on why they are there.

1) It is NOT your job to ban anything that is legal.

2) It is NOT your job to tell businesses how much they must pay employees.

3) It is NOT your job to tell landlords what they can charge for rent.

Please concentrate your efforts on keeping Burlingame a great place to live.


This is not a true break-even calculation since the city pays the $15K fee and the employers pay the higher wages. The increase is $2/hr for smaller employers and $1/hr for more than 25 employees. Let's say it averages out to $1.50. That's TEN THOUSAND hours of work just to break even on the enforcement costs. Ouch.


Also, regarding Prop 15, it is a lie to say that the proceeds from these proposed higher property taxes will go to public schools.
Nothing in that Proposition requires the funds to go to public schools.
Just as the case with previous gas tax increases being suggested to go to road maintenance, it's total lie.
The funds will likely go to support part of the pension deficit for outrageous public pensions that politicians promised in return for votes.
Vote NO on Prop 15.


Look for the words “bonds,” “taxes,” or “schools,” and vote nope.

Everything's Jake

Thank you Paloma Ave, Libertarian, and Wunderkind for putting it succinctly and truthfully. In governing, sometimes less is more.


Be that as it maybe, are you guys just doing Mathematics. Do you have any suggestions?
Are you all Trumper's?


Suggestions for what?
How to continue to grow a larger and larger ineffective and inefficient government? (Apologies for the obvious redundancy)
Model San Francisco that has spent hundreds of millions a year on homelessness (actually just providing free drugs to street druggies and providing a big income to homeless advocates that have no incentive to solve the problem) that continues to worsen the problem every year?
How about more emphasis on personal responsibility and accountability and a bit more free enterprise?
How about only essential government involvement and less government debt burdening us all?
Trump is not the solution but CA Democrats, and the likes of Dumdum and Cynthia, are even worse.


From The Mercury News: Rents falling: Four Bay Area cities are among the nation's top 10 for declining rents during the coronavirus pandemic, with San Francisco (down 17.8%) at No. 1. Many landlords are offering discounts to fill vacant units.

Trust free markets and small government.

Vote no on new taxes, bonds, and bureaucracies.


The CBO weighs in with a forecast that is obvious:

Raising the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2025 could deliver raises for 27 million workers and lift 900,000 Americans above the poverty threshold—but the policy would cost 1.4 million Americans their jobs over the next four years, according to a study released by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office Monday.

While many Americans would see raises, the analysis showed a minimum-wage increase would cause prices to rise, the federal budget deficit to widen and overall economic output to slightly decrease over the next decade.

“Employers would consequently produce fewer goods and services, and as a result, they would tend to reduce their employment of workers at all wage levels,” the report said. “Young, less educated people would account for a disproportionate share of those reductions in employment.”


In the "What did she just say?" file is this from October:

California Rep. Barbara Lee thinks U.S. minimum-wage workers should earn a six-figure income, a proposal made Sunday evening during a Democratic Senate candidate forum as she sought to draw a contrast with her opponents in a tightly bunched field.

Ms. Lee, who’s running against fellow Democratic Reps. Adam B. Schiff and Katie Porter for the seat of the late Sen. Dianne Feinstein, said the federal minimum wage should be $50 per hour — or $104,000 per year.
What an idiot. Another clown who probably has never signed the front of a paycheck in her entire life. What a sad field we have for US Senate.

Remember: "The real minimum wage is zero".


Too many people like Barbara Lee don't see this as satire:


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