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September 23, 2020


Barking Dog

Received the below from the athletic/golf club I am a member of. In the 45yrs I been a member, this is a 1st for a political statement from management that I have seen.

Dear Members,

The xxxxxxx doesn’t generally make it a practice to offer opinions on political matters. We have members from all walks of life, and a diverse community at the xxxxxxx. We do, however, have an obligation to inform members when a voting matter will directly impact the xxxxxxx.

This election year, Californians will consider Proposition 15 on the general election ballot. Prop 15 is a “split roll” property tax initiative that would partially repeal a 1978 amendment to the California Constitution (Prop 13). The current amendment caps the annual property tax increase at 2%. Under Prop 15, the Club’s property taxes would be reassessed under a new base level for “market value.” If passed, this would significantly increase the Club’s property taxes.

These added expenses would ultimately be paid by the members, primarily through higher dues. Based on our estimates, individual member dues would increase by hundreds of dollars per year, at a minimum.

The California State Club Association (CSCA), the statewide private club association of which the xxxxxxx is a member, is joining others across the state in communicating this potential reality to its membership. Because Prop 15, if passed, would have a significant impact on the xxxxxxx, we encourage all members to inform themselves and clearly understand the potential net impact before voting on the issue.

Gavinius Caesar

I, Gavinius Caesar, declare that you SHALL render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's. I am designing new money with my image that can be used to pay for golf. No mulligans unless paid for with Caesar coinage of the realm.
And yachting. And bread and roses.


As usual, you need to read the national Wall Street Journal to get California news. From today's edition:

Unions say their initiative will only hit wealthy corporations, but not even the Democratic-friendly NAACP believes that whopper, which is why it and minority business groups are campaigning against the initiative. Anyone who owns a couple of fast food franchises would get walloped. Ditto small dairies, wineries, orchards and manufacturers, though Democrats in the Legislature have charitably proposed to exempt solar farms.

Small businesses that rent space note that landlords would pass on the tax hike in lease agreements. Less affected will be tech titans that recently purchased properties or are planning to down-size office space as they allow more employees to work remotely. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is Prop. 15’s second biggest donor.

Perhaps he’s trying to atone for his wealth, but as the NAACP and minority business groups explained in a letter to him in August: “Unlike Facebook, restaurants, dry cleaners, nail salons and other small businesses can’t operate right now and many may never open again. The last thing they need is a billionaire pushing higher taxes on them under the false flag of social justice.”
Did you know the NAACP is opposed to Prop. 15? Me neither.

Paloma Ave

Great special about Prop 13 is airing on PBS.

It is called "The Last Angry Man" - Check it out.


"Great special about Prop 13 is airing on PBS.

It is called "The Last Angry Man" - Check it out."

Before wasting even a minute watching anything on that laughable propaganda site, can you tell us what it's about.


We are getting down to the wire. From today's WSJ there has been an 8 point swing in the polls:

A poll released Monday by the Institute of Governmental Studies at the University of California, Berkeley found that 49% of likely voters support Proposition 15 and 42% oppose it, with 9% undecided. Support is the same as in a poll conducted in September, while opposition has grown by 8 percentage points, and the percentage undecided has fallen by the same amount.

Supporters of Proposition 15 have raised more than $64 million as of Monday, much of it from labor unions and wealthy donors such as the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, a foundation established by Facebook Inc. Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan.

The Tax Foundation, a conservative-leaning think tank, ranks California 49th on its 2021 state business-tax-climate index, citing its corporate, sales and individual taxes.
New Jersey is last and New York is just ahead of us. We will move to the bottom if 15 passes.


Gavinius Caesar

I, Gavinius Caesar, do hereby declare my Empire shall take the L designation from the Germanic tribes of New Jersey.


If this passes, it will be the final nail in the coffin of small business. If I hear one more teacher tell me it's for their communties, I'm going to scream. It's going in the GENERAL SLUSH FUND, not the education fund. Many businesses will be forced to close and those communities you think you will be helping, won't be there. Brilliant idea to raise more taxes on businesses that have been shuttered for MONTHS!


The people who are doing or prolonging the hurting aren’t themselves hurting: government, unions.

Mayor Breed is keeping SF from advancing to a more open status because Halloween activity might bring a spike of Covid-19 cases.

Now we’re dealing with “maybes, couldbes, shouldbes” as reasons for lockdowns. The lockdowns would be open if Mayor Breed’s daily income were in play?

Imagine Biden drifting into this hazy mess.


It looks like Prop. 15 will fail:

Proposition 15 was still narrowly trailing Wednesday morning — with 51.7% of state voters rejecting the measure — and with more than 10 million ballots counted. An undetermined number is yet to be tallied. The measure required a simple majority to pass.

Real estate experts said rents would rise for office and retail tenants through property tax pass-throughs.

“This burden’s mostly going to fall on small businesses,” said Chuck Reed, a real estate attorney at Hopkins & Carley and former mayor of San Jose. “Landlords don’t want to have these surprises, so they want the tenants to have the surprises.

“It’ll be another reason not to do business in California.”



The Sec of State site appears to say Prop. 15 has lost by 3.6% with 100% reporting. Look at the map of yes/no. Any questions on which dimension we should divide the state into two?


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