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August 11, 2020


Peter Garrison

Come the revolution, the educated, educators and clergy are shot first.

Then, agrarian reform! Wheeee!

TitleIX-Sexual Assault-DoNothingAdministration-Superintendent Gary Chalmers

Title IX, Cyberbullying, and Sexual Assault.

Why have our children been pushed to have to take these actions?

Four female teens had enough of the "Do-nothing BS" and came to the Board to lecture the Administration on the damage of its negligence.

Teens --"We are deeply disappointed and disturbed... by a lack of action"

Teens-- "This is not our job and its not our responsibility..."

The four teens from Mills, Aragon, and Burlingame artfully coordinated their (3 minute time limit) message into a 12 minute lecture to the adults on the legal and ethical violations taking place on the SMUHSD sites.

The teens cited violations of law and policy that are continually being ignored by the District Administration.

This isn't new.

These reports have been made over the past years against both students and teachers. The SMUHSD continues to do nothing.

These "kids" are bettor organized than the adults running the organization but they are also the one's suffering.

When the administration does nothing, these teens will also become the targets of retaliation.

The Board continues to wait for the Administration to "do something...anything" yet there is no change in the district's response.

To the SMUHSD Board- Its time to start letting Admin know to "get their resumes in order."

Enough is enough. It's time to bring in outside independent counsel to investigate and review this continual pattern of negligence by adults that is damaging our children.

Teens presentation:
Starts at to 7:10 on the video.

Go to 13:30 to see the teen "put the charges in the face of the Administration." (Pretty Bold)


The Title IX Officer has a legal obligation to do more than sit there and do nothing.

Titile IX Violations
"Conduct too often dismissed as
just “boys being boys” or “mean girls,” when severe, persistent, or pervasive,
can actually be prohibited harassment.



San Mateo Union High School District Title IX Coordinator:
Kirk Black, Deputy Superintendent of Human Resources & Student Services

BHS - lies damn lies and statistics-KRN

When your student lies to the teacher, the student gets in trouble.

What happens when the teacher(s) lies?
What happens when the principal lies?
(and then runs off to Las Vegas!)

What happens when those lies costs the SMUHSD over $200,000 in legal and investigation fees? (cover up expenses)

Why was information key withheld from the Superintendent and the Board?

Why is the SMUHSD refusing to process Public Record requests for documents and expenses?

Board members need to ask HARD questions and expect answers. If you won't ask the HARD questions, then we need to get someone who will.

More Hard Questions are coming...

"The wheels of justice turn slowly, but grind exceedingly fine."

Asking for a Friend

SMUHSD.Board-Fiscal Responsibility and Experience-KRN

Neal Kaufman has the academic and business experience to properly manage the district's financial future and ask the hard questions of the Leadership.

Three candidates running for two seats.



The SMUHSD's "Dirty Little Secret"-KRN-Taxpayer and Citizen

Disability Rights Advocate Ligia Andrade Zuniga states her top three concerns of the SMUHSD- see clip

Disability Right is the SMUHSD's "Dirty Little Secret" for years. Many Burlingame Parents have feared (known) retaliation if they spoke up for their children.

I know... I'm the one they attacked. When I was being "thrown out" of BHS, the local parents who came together to protest the action advanced a "BHS Teacher Conspiracy" to the new Dr. Skelly, while he rejected the idea, those parents were 100% on target and the current Board holds the evidence to support it.

If Ligia is elected, there should be a "house-cleaning" of a small group of teachers at BHS who have been abusing disability rights for years.

The current "head in the sand" mentality has been extremely ignorant and expensive (lawsuits)-the cover up of the negligence has also come at an extreme cost.



Thanks for linking the videos of Ligia.
I watched several and would not vote for her to be a dog walker.
She seems very strange with very poor communication skills and not focused on the most important education issues and challenges.
Thank you for helping to inform my vote.

Threats-Free Speech-Elections-KRN

At a meeting with the SMUHSD Superintendent and his legal counsel last year, I was being issued my third employment reprimand for non-employment actions.

The district does not like Free Speech on issues they do not want in the public.

I calmly raised the question of running for the Board to engage the public in the some of the REAL issues of the district.

Our Board elections are infrequent as there are only enough candidates for the open seats, so there is no real public discourse of the issues.

Teachers (employees) cannot hold a Board seat in that district, but they can run for election.

I stated that if I won the seat, I would resign and allow the next highest vote recipient to be seated. Candidates across the country run in elections to raise issues and awareness all the time.

The response I received was a threat that if I did file for the election, run, and win, I would be required to resign my position as a teacher in the SMUHSD.

I was told that the option of stepping aside to allow another candidate to be seated was not an option for a district employee. (Separate treatment for different classes of people)

There are some serious issues the administration does not want to be discussed among the public.

We have an election… it's time to discuss the FACTS.

It's time for an SMUHSD Candidate Forum.

The SMUHSD has paid for and owns the rights to a Zoom Channel with Webinar capabilities which it uses for Board meetings.

The public or its organization should have access to the Zoom Webinar for an open public discussion by the candidates.

This is no different from using our school gyms and auditoriums to hold public debates. The Zoom channel is the property of the public.


Teachers cannot hold a board seat in their own district because that would be a conflict of interest (for example, in negotiating contract with union). As for running and then resigning, it's not up to the board member who resigns to choose who takes his/her place -- it's up to the board whether to appoint someone to the vacant position or to hold a new election, isn't it? (Correct me if I'm wrong, but that's what I've seen happen in other districts where board members have resigned for one reason or another.)


According to Ed100.org: "You may be an employee of the district when you run, but if elected, you will need to resign before being sworn in." So the district was not making a "threat" in this case. I agree that there is a lot of shady stuff going at SMUHSD that needs to be brought to light and discussed but calling this a "threat" is specious.


Where's the League of Women Voters when we need a debate?

Threats-"Super Citizen" - Speech Rights- KRN

Point of clarification:
In this meeting, I was being threatened with termination for non-employment public speech as a private citizen (on a three day weekend) for issues not related to my employment but directly related to my personal life.

Among other orders, I was told I could not talk to my neighbors. -yes, its in writing.

“cease making unprofessional, derogatory, bullying, and hostile posts regarding any of your past or present colleagues employed by the District to students, staff, parents and community members.”

Its not like I was performing some sex charged dance on the BHS field in front of the student body to the song, “Dick in the Box.”

I live in Burlingame. I pay taxes in the district and I was parent at BHS. Parents have rights to participate in the education of their children and comment on the use of their tax dollars.

The Free Speech issues in question were documents collected and produced by the District that they do not in the hands of the public.

I was told that I was a “Special Citizen” whose speech could be limited because "you live in Burlingame and people believe you.”

Threatened for telling the truth?

I was previosly issues a written employment warning for "allegedly sending an email" during class time. The email was a communication to the United States Office of Civil Rights informing them that fraudulent information had been provided in one of their investigations. The email from a non-SMUHSD account, sent via an email scheduler (app) that was pre-programmed by another individual.

Another one stating that as a private citizen, I was banned from sending communications to the members of the Board.

Hence my statement regarding the threat as the election information was on the heals of these employment reprimands.

Back to the Board Election:
"You may be an employee of the district when you run, but if elected, you will need to resign before being sworn in."

I know and understand the rule about employees and sitting on the Board.
I stated that I knew I would need to resign if I took the seat.

Any elected candidate can choose to not be seated.

I clearly stated that I would step aside before being sworn into office, hence being consistent with the rule.

I was told I had to resign my job if I won,(we already clarified the issue of being seated) because I had filed papers and engaged in the election.

This may be because I’m a “Super Citizen” and people believe me.

The only thing that should have been said is, “Great, we look forward to your participation in the election!-Best of Luck!”

Who would run to raise issues?

Ross Perot
Ralph Nadar
Jill Stein

HMB- Did you happen to see me get cut off as a public speaker a few SMUHSD Board meetings back?
The Zoom system worked just fine for 59/60 speakers that evening (actual count!) Somehow it would not function when it was my turn to speak.

Zoom worked for the speakers ahead of me and Zoom worked for the speakers after me.. it just wasn't allowed to work for me. (It worked great for meeting earlier that day and the next morning!)

Funny how these things happen...especially since the meetings are now recorded and posted on YouTube.

So if you miss some really good comments, you can just stream it or re-post it to another site.

I hear there is a clause in the First Amendment that the speech of “Super Citizens” can be limited, because people will believe you…

I could not make this up if I tried.

Its time for a Debate!

Special Citizen-Legal Theory-KRN

Special Citizen-Legal Theory

CTA requested the SMUHSD’s legal counsel (who was present) to present the legal theory that would connect private, off worksite, non-employment related speech to the legitimate control of the employer.

The response was that they had a theory, just not at the moment. They would “send it over later.”

CTA made at least five (5) more requests for the linking Legal Theory to be produced. It was never produced.


Public education in Burlingame, and most of CA, has become more indoctrination than education.

I am very happy that I provided private education to my children and, soon, to my grandchildren.

The CA Teachers Union is the most corrupt, and pathetic, organization in the country. They do not care about the students they allegedly serve. They only care about protecting their salaries and excessive pensions.

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