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July 01, 2020



Interesting -- I was at a different Sutter Health facility this morning and they took all kinds of precautions. And they had sanitizer stations EVERYWHERE.


This feels like a Do as I Say, Not as I Do moment. Who runs this show? Thank you for notice.

Jennifer Pfaff

'Same comment via a relative who went to Peninsula last week (late night)- they are completely overwhelmed, sick people everywhere, not enough help for crowd control.

Also, I was really disappointed last week at my go-to Safeway on Delaware, the one that is usually very well managed and small enough to get in and out of fast....Nobody cleaning up the carts, Nobody checking for masks on entry and as a result, one customer wandering all over, who should have been given a disposable one if she didn't have her own.

From what I've seen, compliance downtown with the street closure seems to be willy nilly, particularly with the under 40 crowd. Maybe it was just a bad day, but Broadway on a Thursday afternoon appeared to have poor compliance as far as sidewalk setting. I think we need somebody on foot or on bicycle giving out friendly warnings.

very concerned citizen

Has the death rate from this horrible virus gone up in San Mateo county? I was told we were not doing very well at some point but I can't find statistics.


The statistics are upsated daily on weekday mornings at https://www.smchealth.org/san-mateo-county-covid-19-and-other-health-data

You get totals, several cuts of the data and charts. Our death toll as of this morning is 108 in a County of just over three-quarters of a million people. More than half were over 80.

I update this post weekly from the data with some commentary https://www.burlingamevoice.com/2020/06/pandemic-tipping-point.html

This morning's update noted:

The County reporting maybe through for the week because of the Fourth. And it was a big week for new cases, 3,441--up 358 since my last report including the biggest day yet at 86 on Monday. Every day this week was >60 which is a first.

64.5% of cases are people under 50. Several people have noted some lax behavior out there and BPD had to intervene in a mask-no mask altercation at the Farmer's Market this week.

Hope that helps


Thank you Joe for the update. This is terrible. I was told to go to urgent care for non life-threatening issues, less charges from insurance in the long run. Stay healthy everyone and hope we don't have to visit either place.


Thank you, Winne. We knew the same and started at Mills urgent care. They had better protocol in the waiting room, cleaned the laceration, but once the nurse got a look at it (...chainsaw cut) she didn't want to take it on and sent me to the ER. A good call and I appreciate her knowing her limits.

Thank you for the side texts everyone--surgery on Wed. went well (also at Mills outpatient) and I'm on the mend.

No contact from anyone in a position to speak for Peninsula yet................

Peter Garrison

Prayers ascending


Chainsaw accident!!?
Please elaborate Joe. at least so we can learn from your misfortune.


Let's just say, use the chainsaw for large branches that it's designed for (and quite safe) and use the manual lopper for small branches that can slide around and cause the saw to slip. All will be fine in a couple weeks--or so the doc says. No photos tho :-)


I've heard the electric pole saw is the tool of choice for branches.


I was referring to the last step of cutting them into small enough pieces to fit in th green bin.

Sally Meakin

Update on the injury, please, Joe?

Barking Dog

Sorry to hear Joe. Recover quickly!

Had to make an ER visit with my 1 of my grandsons for a broken arm(boys being boys accident) while visiting us in Reno. Precautions being taken at every level in the ER. Felt safe.

Bruce Dickinson

Sorry to hear about the accident, Joe. Hope you have a swift recovery!


I'm doubling back to this post to relay that 3 1/2 weeks have passed and I have no response from Sutter to my request to speak to someone about the virus protocol in the lobby. Having spent 30+ years in market research, this is one major reason people don't fill out feedback forms very often.

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