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July 14, 2020


Barking Dog

Excellent questions Joe.
Thanks for the info
Will be watching

Peter Garrison

As well, how does the City and citizens directly support our police and their families physically, emotionally, spiritually?


Give it a Rest All.
If you are afraid to live in Burlingame, CA. you need more Xanax.
Or, email Hillsider. He loves to share Positive Ideas.


Good luck getting them to answer any of your questions. This isn't about Burlingame. It's so the future assembly candidates can prove they are woke.


What does that mean?


I need to go buy a lottery ticket. hollyroller and I agree on something.

Barking Dog

Sat 7/18/2020 Results
Super 16 30 37 49 43 14
13 16 32 58 59 9
Any Luck?


Thanks anyway.


Getting back to JP...
What does that mean?


If you are interested, here is how the Q&A will work tomorrow night:

"We will alternate between the written questions received in advance and the people who want to ask a question live, or message the City Clerk during the meeting.

If someone sends us multiple questions in advance, we will respond to one, then move on to someone else, then rotate back to the original person after all other questions have been asked.

We hope this will give everyone a chance to have at least one question asked and answered. If there are questions that we can’t answer during the meeting or that we can’t get to, we will post answers on the website."

Barking Dog

Beach has fallen off the cliff....


Big big aspirations for higher office. We're just the little people who form the on-ramp.


Just read in the Daily Post that Silicon Valley Clean Energy offers city councils $10,000 to put a ban on natural gas in new homes on the council agenda.


Why is this even being discussed? Once again, lets not fix something that isn't broke.


Terry, if you are talking about cops and not natural gas they are talking about it because future Assembly candidate Emily Beach needs to be on record closely overseeing the police and fighting Systemic Racism


08/24/2020 at 0424

700 Block of AIRPORT BL


Inc #2008240024

Case #20-2393
243 (c) (2) PC Fel: Battery on Peace Officer Felony
243 (d) PC: Battery W/Serious Injury Felony
69(a) PC: Obstruct/Resist Exec Off - Fel
594(b)(1) PC: Vandalism over $400 Felony
241(c) PC: Assault on Police/Fire

Age (Computed): 27
Sex: Male
Race: Hispanic
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 185
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel

Peter Garrison

Keeping our protectors in my prayers every day and night.

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