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July 10, 2020


J. Mir

We already know what CTA is. It is a union. The union cares about one thing only: the protection of their members. I do not want to hear another teacher or advocate say "but... the children!" Can kids join the union? No. Can parents? No. And why not? Because the union DOES NOT represent their interests. This we know.

As painful as it is, we learned in Spring that distance learning at the SMUSHD level isn't working and won't work. And we've been told that no matter what "phase" we end up in next Spring, Juniors and Seniors are pretty well hosed. They are not going back, ever. They are being forced into "synchronous" learning at BHS, i.e. 4+ hours a day of Zoom. Just imagine doing that when you were 17.

We figured if our student cannot return to campus, and must be online, might as well do it at the community college. They have been doing it far longer than the high schools, and probably are a little better at it. So our student opted to take CSM route instead. And - get this - the district gets to pay for that. Free college credits, reduced schedule, more time to work a job... WIN. Buh-bye CTA, BHS and SMUHSD. It's been, uh, special.


That is ingenious. How does the paying part work?

Barking Dog

Well thought out J Mir. My compliments to you. Even better that the SMUHSD is paying for it.

Days of Mangini, Teshera, Harrison, Devenchenzi, long gone at BHS. Even more recently BHS grads Wolfgramm and Campana left as well. I lost all ethical faith in the SMUSHD Trustees/Anmin long ago.

CTA wants more of your hard earned money in Nov. NO ON 15


A union’s job is to protect the union.

Sen. McCarthy- I know fraud when I create it.

The comment above about the Administration and Teachers should have gotten together long ago to get the kids on campus the right response.

The question you should ask is why didn't these meetings happen in the SMUHSD or the BSD?

These issues were reported on local blogs, yet there was no action.

Don't get distracted by the sideshow. If you are going to throw a rock at the problem you are going to want to hit it.

The Unions are easy to blame but they don't have and jurisdiction in these issues.

The new BSD Superintendent did not address the parents until he had been in office for over a month... with no meetings about re-opening.

The SMUHSD not only failed to come up with a plan to open the schools but failed to put a Plan B in place. I guess you can run to the drug store to get Plan B when you make a big mistake.

The parent outrage should be expected. There was no communication, no participation, and no real choices. There were promises made about learning options to parents and then rescinded.

One group created during the debacle has over 3000 signature on a petition. That may be enough votes to win the election.

All the yelling and screaming at the teachers union might make you fell good, but the Board and Administration (who make the decisions) don't seem to care. That's because the people took the bait.

If your not feeling the heat, then there is no reason to act.

The CSM option for seniors is one of the best. Get the college credit now and be ready to move on when this thing is over.

A correction, at a previous Board meeting it was stated that the SMUHSD does not pay anything to send students up the hill. In fact, the SMUHSD saves money since the student will not be using local resources. There are many parent groups coming together to voice their anger over what has transpired.

The upcoming Board election is a good place to direct that anger and those questions to the candidates who want the seats.

Trustee Land is the only incumbent and will need to truthfully explain what took place.

The new candidates can throw all the stones they want as there is plenty of garbage to hit.

It election season, time to press the flesh (well Zoom) and get some new ideas.

Make BHS Great Again (?)

Too many AOC's and not enough RRR's

Sen. McCarthy-  Hiding the $$$$-Follow the Money

Deep Throat: Follow the Money-

Why did the SMUHSD hide the salaries of its highest paid employees from the public?

These are to be printed in the agenda and published for the review of the public.

During the public meeting on August 6, 2020 meeting, the Board approved the contracts and salaries of the district administration. These are public tax dollars and the citizens have a right to comments.

Instead of publishing these individuals an salaries, Board President Friedman read them aloud to the public.

How does this meet the disclosure or ethics standards?

The district refused to publish the names of the individuals and salaries in its agenda for public disclosure prior to the meeting as is standard practice.

Will the district simply continue to hide from the public the items that it does not want them to know about? (that is one long list!)

During the meeting, there was a comment from a Board member regarding an (undefined) fund that could be used. The comment shows that the funds are not known to the public, but are held for selective use.

We now hid salaries and have a slush fund?

The SMUHSD doesn't have money to pay for UC Scout for students who want to go to college but they do have money for a slush fund?

At 2:36:15 President Friedman refers to an undefined amount of money known to the Board but not to the public.

"we got alot of one-time money, I'm not going to say how much, but the Board knows, so if you need any help..."


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