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July 31, 2020


Fugit All

Hard to say which is worse: reading regurgitated (sorry, Joe! QUOTED) ND threads or the tale of a tech exec decamping to her 4 car garage, Park City abode with access to the ski slopes while maintaining her gig all thanks to this little pandemic most people are suffering through.

It's a bit "qu'ils mangent de la brioche” at this moment.


The good news from my perspective is I'm not trying to satisfy even a minority of the people a minority of the time. If you don't like it, don't read it. IDC. And you can QUOTE me on that :-0

Barking Dog



I like the quote "A more distributed workforce will give us the opportunity to hire people from a wider range of backgrounds and experiences."

Like maybe there are some downsides having everybody on your aposemetic staff cheering on the fall of western civilization?

Barking Dog


Barking Dog


MBGA - fat chance

Moving to Monterey county? How does that fix anything for them? They'll still be stuck under the same leadership. Sadly I see no way this can correct itself because Californians are never going to swing back. The problems of SF will come to Monterey, after they've screwed up Burlingame and the peninsula.

I've been asking former friends if there is a "woke breaking point" and they don't even understand the question.

Barking Dog

Sept 6

11,101 SF apartment rental ads on Craigslist. Another 2500 in shares and sublets.


I've been up to Boise three times in the last year and I like it a lot. But Northern California has been my home my whole life and the situation looks really bad for the future here unless things change radically.

I forget the exact numbers from the 2016 election. I think San Mateo County voted Democrat somewhere in the high 80%. Is there any reason to believe that it will be less this time? If it dropped down to a 50-50, or even 60-40 D/R there might be hope enough to stay put.

In some now rare conversations with former friends I am trying to get a feeling for whether there is a woke breaking point and I am rather discouraged that I don't see that happening. I think they are going to vote for Hillary again. ------ Point number two, (point number 1 is there is no woke breaking point) Point 2: I think Joe Biden won't be the candidate. I actually suspect Hillary will be called back for a do over. Don't ask me how that works. I have no idea what happens to already printed and mailed ballots, but I can't see that guy making it another six weeks. He looks completely gone.


Wandering around town over the last few days I notice there are more "For Lease" signs than I remember seeing in a loooooong time. Looks like the market forces are at work--way more efficient and "fair" than the heavy-handed regulations some socialists in town prefer.


And the empty properties are in prime locations on The Ave.
We’ve had the windows on The Ave boarded up and now the stores are empty.

Can you imagine wanting to build a small business this year or the next? People are getting used to being regulated and not taking responsibility for their own welfare: Socialism.

Time for government to get out of the way.
Time to open up the economy.

Barking Dog

Prop 15 passing = lost more vacancies coming on Ave/Broadway, businesses abandoning leases(trying to sublet) on office space and leaving California all together.


It is a total lie that Prop 15 tax increases will go to public schools.
Just as was the case for past gas tax increases promised to go to road improvements, this is not supported by the facts.
The vast majority of these Prop 15 tax increases will go to support unfunded excessive public pensions.
Our CA politicians are liars.
Also, why is the wasteful High Speed Rail debacle still alive?


Like button.

Barking Dog



The view of the avenue from Park Road.


That large black "FOR LEASE" sign on the former Gap building is a bit depressing. I wouldn't think that's the message businesses on the ave want to be sending at this point.

Barking Dog



San Francisco Rents down almost 50%!
Free Markets work wonderfully.
Cindy and Dumdum's socialst policies have no positive impact and they have no idea how the world really works.
Let's hope that Burlingame can stop the Progressive decay from infiltrating us that has killed San Francisco.



From The Chronicle- SF rents drop 31%.

Trust the invisible hand of the free market.

Rent control? Nope.


Here's more anecdotal evidence from today's WSJ:

Tech companies in smaller cities are starting to see an uptick in applications from candidates living in San Francisco and New York—areas that have long had a grip on tech talent.

Executives at tech startups and companies including Jane LLC in Lehi, Utah; World View Enterprises Inc. in Tucson, Ariz.; Starkey Hearing Technologies in Eden Prairie, Minn., and Zebra in Austin, Texas, say they are seeing an increase in applicants from San Francisco and, in some cases, New York.

Since May, the nonprofit One America Works has launched four virtual fairs for employers based in Indianapolis, Pittsburgh and Columbus, Ohio. Of more than 3,800 job seekers, around 25% were from California and another 9% were from New York.

Podium Corp., an 800-person Utah startup, also in Lehi, has hired six senior-level people from San Francisco-based companies including Lyft Inc. and Microsoft Corp. -owned GitHub Inc. in the past six months, and considered at least 600 Bay Area applicants in that time. That is two to three times the volume of typical years. Not all of Podium’s new hires plan to relocate to Utah.

Growling Tiger

Hey Barking Dog I just heard Cynthia the Socialist has left da building. Yep. Straight outa Burlingame. Maybe straight out of Cali. Wish I could tag you on this site. LMK that you see this.

Paloma Ave

Hey Growling Tiger - That is great news.

Now if we could just get rid of Dumdum and Madeline.

Barking Dog

I wish her the best of health and happiness where ever she ends up. I don't think anyone will miss her verbal diarrhea and written attacks on Burlingame residents, especially homeowners. My guess is she won't go out without a final jab at Burlingame with a letter the to editor/editorial to the SMDJ. Blaming every other buzzword that currently is in the media, but never her fault. Stay classy as always Cynthia.

"Palo Alto weather with the density of Manhattan would probably be the greatest city on Earth. If I were a deca-billionaire, I'd make that my life's work." - Mike Dunham Twitter Dec '20
While I can no longer vote in Burlingame, I hope future Burlingame voters can see that Mike has a very different future in mind for Burlingame than our current. Look how Adrien Fine's tenure on the Palo Alto council went and his parting shot letter to his constituents/fellow council members. Dumdum is more extreme. Buffoon.

Who knows, maybe Madeline becomes the new Cindy. She has all the 'in' buzzwords floating around the rhetoric she spews. Another upstate New Yorker with a 50k per year design school education, who thinks Twitter is news media. Buffoonette.

Growling Tiger

Oh my. Dunham has had some stupid quotes before but this one is epic. If we built out Palo Alto like Manhattan there might be some "climate change". Is he still unemployed and hopnig to pick up EDD checks off the ground?


And the numbers are coming in on the exodus:

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve heard the narrative of a mass exodus from big cities as many offices went remote, and people sought out more space and affordable housing.

But new data from the U.S. Census Bureau gives us a closer estimate of how many people left than ever before, and San Francisco and San Mateo County are near the top of the list with the biggest decreases in population in counties with 100,000 or more residents.

From July 2020 to July 2021, San Francisco’s population decreased by an estimated 6.3%, losing nearly 55,000 people in that time frame. San Mateo County was fourth, with its population decreasing 3.2% and a loss of nearly 25,000 people.


Only Manhattan lost a larger percentage

And there is more to come with a Execu-dus.
The WSJ reports:

As more companies begin their return to the office, Facebook parent Meta Platforms Inc. is becoming more remote than ever before.

The company’s management team, including Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg, is scattering to locations far from its Silicon Valley headquarters in an extreme test of the limits of remote work.

Having this many top executives spread across so many different time zones is a concern considering that the company’s most recent quarterly results seemed to call for more of an all-hands-on-deck situation, said David Heger, an analyst at Edward Jones.

“Considering the juncture that the company’s at right at the moment, it may not be the ideal time to be experimenting with your top managers working remotely,” he said.

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