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June 22, 2020



Imagine all the women signing up to go unarmed on”routine” calls when no police call is ever “routine.”

The councilman needs to go on several dozen ride-alongs.

Bruce Dickinson

Joe, you nailed it. The way Bruce Dickinson sees it, Brownrigg, in his quest to rise up the Democratic party ranks, sees fit to pander to the supermajority leadership and tell THEM what they want to hear by coming up with such asinine comments that are so detached from reality. Hopefully Burlingame isn't just a pawn on his political chessboard, because the last thing we need is a council member who will not put Burlingame's interests above that of the State of CA.

Actually, simplifying police reform to a gender based argument is kind of patronizing. Women have these "kind" "motherly" "nurturing" qualities that would make them great police officers!!??! I can see having a more diverse workforce, but c'mon is that the reason!!!??? Because it sure comes across that way!

First of all, we have to answer does Burlingame PD have an excessive/disproportionate force problem? From what Bruce Dickinson can tell, it's a pretty diverse force and there have been no major incidences of racism, excessive force, etc. So is Brownrigg's proposal a solution in search of a problem?

Secondly, it has been pretty much been proven that bad police departments and cops are a function of the leadership of the organization and what gets tolerated vs punished. It's pretty clear that the ex-LAPD chiefs Parker and Gates tried to militarize the PD which led to unnecessary/excessive confrontation with residents in Los Angeles (and the basis for two generations of riots). Burlingame has much more of a local/community policing element that I think would be significantly less susceptible to such militarization (not to mention crimes mostly committed in the misdemeanor/light felony category).

Third, not going on calls with weapons, again implies that Burlingame PD uses its weapons too much, or that its weapons or threat of their utilization causes problems with residents. Show Bruce Dickinson any iota of truth to this??!? To the contrary, the only evidence I see is a closely-knit police department that is an extension of the community and really helps protect Burlingame from outside elements (via transient criminals not living in Burlingame). Anytime you have hotels, businesses near a major metropolitan area or an airport, you have to have the right element of deterrence..and guess what, weapons are a deterrent!

Sounds like Brownrigg has got what appears to me to be in need of a "come to Jesus" talk about what is practical and makes sense!

Paloma Ave

Isn't Brownrigg the guy whose mommy tried to buy him an assembly seat?

He was also in favor of BANNING natural gas for all new single family houses. (A first step towards an eventual ban for all homes.)

Luckily for us not all of our councilmembers believe in limiting choices.

Perhaps Brownrigg and Dumbdumb should both consider moving to S.F. or Berserkly where pandering is accepted with open arms.

Sign me up

Hi HR. Yeah, listen I just had an idea. I'm not thrilled with a couple of guys in my department. So I'm just going to hire women from now on.

Yeah, that's right. Just send me female applicants. I don't even want to see any men's resumes.

What? Let's try it for a couple of years.

OK, thanks. Appreciate it.

click. 45 seconds pass. ring.

Hi, this is the general counsel, I need to see you in my office now.


Sign me up

Hi, this is HR again. Let me explain your COBRA options to you.

Peter Garrison


Barking Dog

Your 1st comment is spot on Bruce.
Banning natural gas, defunding police...next on his list is renaming Washington School

It don't come easy

Can we defund the city council?


I took this opportunity to thank the DJ reporter for his hard work--not just this week, but every week:


I have a big shout-out to Austin Walsh for his reporting in “Burlingame talks about police force policy” (June 19). Reviewing city council recordings can be like watching paint dry, but Austin has delivered a real public service with his effort. Because of his vigilance we now know we have a sitting member of the City Council, Michael Brownrigg, who advocates that the city of Burlingame engage in employment discrimination. The Brownrigg quote, “Basically, every new hire (in the Burlingame Police Department) from now on should be women” is past disconcerting, it’s appalling.

Gender discrimination in hiring practices is illegal and Brownrigg has put the city at risk of very legitimate legal action by qualified male applicants. Oh, and it’s just plain wrong. He should retract his comments, apologize to the citizens of Burlingame and take a good long look in the mirror. He may not like what he sees.

Joseph Baylock

Should I hold my breath for the retraction?


Brownrigg might be playing the long game here: Remember that his other bad suggestion was to send these women unarmed to “routine calls” when in reality no call is routine. If Burlingame were to open the job just to unarmed women no women would apply, nor would men eventually.

Brownrigg would defund the police by disarming them.


The discrimination issue is important but I am much more concerned about Brownrigg's premise that so many people fear our cops. I never hear that, but I do hear about recurring car break-ins, Ring video of people casing streets at 3am, stores being boarded over and who can blame the owners? Speeders on the streets and the problem on Broadway with the woman harassing people over and over. Drug dealing and who knows what in the nail salons. Brownrigg should worry more about this. They all should,


If more than half of all officers are women it seems like chokeholds should be allowed. They will need something less than shooting the person right?


What about the Cracks in the sidewalks of Burlingame?
That is a serious crime.
I am trying hard to be more Topical Joe.
Happy Fourth!


LOL After dining at Mingalaba last night and dodging more than a couple tweeners on skateboards on the sidewalk (that used to be illegal, no more I guess), I may add a couple big cracks on the Ave. Have pick ax will travel :-0

Gerald Weisl

Here you go, Joe:

13.54.020 Keeping to right and other regulations.

(a) Every person riding or operating a skate on any public street in the city shall keep to the extreme right of the traffic lane.

(b) Two (2) or more skaters shall not travel abreast.

(c) No person shall ride or operate a skate on the sidewalk or street in any of the business districts of the city.

(d) No skate shall be operated on the sidewalk in any of the residential districts when and where the sidewalk is being used by pedestrians.

(e) Only one person shall ride upon a skate.

(f) No person shall ride a skate in or on any public park or city parking lot.

(g) No person shall ride on a skate except in a standing position. (Ord. 1316 § 1, (1986); Ord. 1483 § 1, (1993))


Brownrigg is becoming more and more a sad leftist wing follower.

No concern for rising property crime and no concern for tax paying citizens rights.

He could never survive as a law enforcement officer for even one day.

What a sad person.

Show me

Will Mr. Brownrigg be sharing the research he has on lady cops effectiveness?


I supported Brownrigg in the past. Very disappointed in his comments. Sounds like Brownrigg and Dumbdumb aka Mike Dunham have the same views.


Yes very disappointing. Glad he won't be a state senator although the rest are probably just as bad. It would be nice if they all worried as much about crime!!!!!!!!!!


Austin Walsh at the DJ heard what I heard which he describes as:

“It’s a tough time to be a police officer when everyone is scrutinizing everything you do,” said Councilman Ricardo Ortiz, who added he believed any further policy amendments should be localized to meet the community’s specific needs.

Others were more receptive to the idea of reform, such as Councilman Michael Brownrigg, who earlier this year called for ambitious reviews to department force policy and hiring practices.

He distanced himself from those proposals at the most recent meeting, saying he spoke out of emotion at the previous discussion. But he maintained his position that the city should be interested in evolving the approaches taken by police.

“I won’t back off from asking to make things better,” said Brownrigg.



Hopefully, Brownrigg will soon be done with his life as a "public servant."

Of course, being a servant to the public is the last thing ever on his selfish ambitious political mind.


We don't have a monopoly on city "leaders" who advocate for gender and racial discrimination in hiring:

Previewing some of his thoughts on the subject of Tuesday’s meeting, San Mateo’s Mayor Joe Goethals wants to see the department continue to prioritize diversity.

“We’ve been very fortunate in San Mateo to be able to recruit highly qualified candidates, but I think we need to continue moving in that direction: more women and more diversity that reflects our community,” he said.
And listen to this misguided assessment of the challenges in future officer hiring. How "images of law enforcement" are being portrayed on TV. Not how clueless mayors and governors are demonizing law enforcement--how law enforcement is being portrayed. Goethal's is a disgrace to the name "Joe".

"As for challenges in recruitment, Goethals said the San Mateo Police Department like all departments on the Peninsula must contend with the high cost of living. He also said images of law enforcement on TV might deter the next generation of police officers."

“One of toughest challenges I see moving forward in recruiting the very best police officers is many people who might otherwise be open to a career in law enforcement are being discouraged by images of law enforcement they see on TV,” he said. “We need kids to know that it is a noble profession and we need the very best and brightest to be willing to go into law enforcement.”


Barking Dog

With clueless and ignorant comments as Joe so accurately described above, its very evident why Mr Goethals got his pink slip from the SM County DAs office earlier this year.

SnitchDoor Sam

As if Chief Susan Manheimer didn't hire responsibly for the last 19 years.

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