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June 14, 2020



I originally thought Santana was going to break the ice and do a show at Shoreline soon, but the music app I was reading just announced his show for a YEAR and two weeks away. Damn. Was hoping they would just sell every fourth or fifth seat staggered by row. Not a terrible idea actually.


Here we go. As of yesterday:

The county’s new health order, effective immediately after being released Wednesday afternoon, loosens restrictions on multiple businesses including gyms, race tracks, salons, barber shops and hotels for tourism. Family-friendly venues allowed to operate include zoos, museums, theaters, campgrounds and outdoor recreational facilities. Adult venues permitted to operate include wineries, bars, casinos and card rooms.
What isn't included in that list? Church services of more than 100, but not much else.

We are at 2,678 cases and positivity has dropped another .2% to 5.2% as 5,388 more tests have been done since last Sunday (4 days ago).


There is no benefit to go to a church other than a social event.
Lets face the truth of all religion-
It is based on Faith.
Faith is the same as a wish.
Try to get a business loan and tell a Banker your collateral is Faith.


Checking in after the first weekend of a more open activity, we now have 2,285 cases--up 147 in four days of reporting. The positivity dropped another .2% to 5.0%. This should be a very telling week.


Today's count is 3,083, up 798 in five days (+35%). Ouch. Monday tied April 3rd as the highest day ever with 79. Positivity dropped another .1% to 4.9%. I'm betting the County backs-off on some reopening like SF and Marin have done. The question is how? It will be hard to put the dining genie back in the bottle.


The County reporting maybe through for the week because of the Fourth. And it was a big week for new cases, 3,441--up 358 since my last report including the biggest day yet at 86 on Monday. Every day this week was >60 which is a first.

64.5% of cases are people under 50. Several people have noted some lax behavior out there and BPD had to intervene in a mask-no mask altercation at the Farmer's Market this week.


They updated the numbers today--another big day yesterday: +87 and they added 2 to last Monday so it is still the highest day at +88.


Checking in at the end of the week, we find yesterday was a new all time high for new cases by a lot--108. We added 508 this week and it's skewing younger. The racial make-up popped out of the data more so than in the past (at least for me) as half of the the total since day 1 are Latino/Hispanic. That would appear to be double the percentage of the population: https://www.census.gov/quickfacts/sanmateocountycalifornia

SF is backing off of more business reopening that were due for Monday. We'll have to see what the County thinks about this with positivity stable at 4.9% and hospitalizations also pretty stable.

The county reformatted the website so city data is easy to find. B'game has 84 cases so far.

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