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May 01, 2020



Here is the full comment from Paloma Av.:

Please post a new thread about "Censorship at Access Burlingame".

Here is the thread:

1399 Broadway Burlingame

We have run into this street creature periodically around town. She can be remarkably obnoxious, asking for money or asking passers-by to purchase alcohol for her (apparently she is not welcomed in many of the stores around Burlingame). She has great command of vulgarity. We've been yelled at. A neighbor mentioned she was exposing herself in front of a neighborhood restaurant the other day. Clearly she needs help, but the citizenry should not be subjected to her abusive behavior. Is there a reason the police tend to "look the other way" ???

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accessBurlingame (Verified Official)
accessBurlingame assigned this issue to City Manager
04/29/2020 · Flag

City Manager (Verified Official)
City Manager assigned this issue to Police Chief
04/29/2020 · Flag

neighbor (Registered User)
She has been arrested more times in Burlingame than any other person. Sometimes twice in one week.
04/29/2020 · Flag

Steve (Registered User)
Your high taxes and genius politics hard at work. There was a time when these street zombies would be placed in a mental institution. Now, they’re celebrated and cultivated like exotic flowers. Who exactly is benefiting from allowing this to happen? Soon, you’ll be dodging human feces and needles on your way to the Apple store, which of course will have been broken into the night before. Good job California!
04/29/2020 · Flag

CLOSED Police Chief (Verified Official)
We are closing this item because it contains inappropriate language. Our Police Department works hard to ensure a safe community for all and to help all homeless individuals access the services they need.
about 6 hours ago · Flag

REOPENED Brainlife (Registered User)
I am still searching, but where is the language you speak of? Did we miss something?
about 5 hours ago · Flag

Brainlife (Registered User)
Oh n by the way she is in front of Supercuts on Broadway harassing a woman as we speak.
about 4 hours ago · Flag

neighbor (Registered User)
Yes, I also want to know what language was inappropriate?
about 3 hours ago · Flag

Brainlife (Registered User)
It probably was before someone had their morning coffee.
about 2 hours ago · Flag

Steve (Registered User)
“Inappropriate language” is a perfect excuse to avoid the issue. You’re not allowed to criticize the “poor” homeless population who are given free reign of our public spaces and even private property without consequence. Theft, vandalism and environmental harm are all permitted so Lang as you don’t have property or any assets. Common sense law and order no longer exist in California as it’s been replaced by “hug-a-thug” policing and virtue signaling claptrap like letting these poor lost souls waste away on our streets. Burlingame is ripe for homeless encampments and I’m surprised they aren’t popping up more often. It’s only a matter of time before there are tents lining the train tracks and mountains trash scattered all over this beautiful town.
about 2 hours ago · Flag

neighbor (Registered User)
Common sense was left behind along time ago. The current motto seems to be "Take the path of least resistance" and be re-active instead of pro-active.
about 1 hour ago · Flag

Barking Dog

Thanks for posting
Concerning to say the least


I believe all the City of Burlingame has to do is request a restraining order against Shirley. What's the Big Deal?
I thought she got help about Ten Years ago and was doing OK. The Burlingame Broadway Boutique owner, I think, helped get Shirley into some program.
Nevertheless, she needs to go.


7am Saturday Shirley is coughing her brains out and panhandling in front of Peets on Burlingame.


Nextdoor is chatting up a storm about Shirley. It has definitely been going on for years.


without naming names there is a different woman who for the last few months or more seems to get arrested weekly for public intoxication, just an observation from the police crime log


I'm just wondering Cory where do you find the names (not asking for hers, just where to find it). I get the daily log but it doesn't have names.


Burlingame crimegraphics

on the left click on arrests


Thank you. This will provide at least 10 minutes a day of shelter distraction.


This will prove to be very useful. Thank you Cory

Paloma Ave

It looks like she was arrested, yet again, on May 1st.


Oh, it is the same person, interesting they list the first name as Shir, I didn't put the two together.


I had heard rumblings that the post about Shirley (which had grown to very large proportions as people weighed in) was removed. I think I just read a post from the guy who originated it saying he had been censored by NextDoor. He's closing his account........

Barking Dog

Wow and Wow

Paloma Ave

And yet again!

05/18/2020 at 1800



Inc #2005180165

Case #20-1378
459.5(a) PC: Shoplifting - Misd

Age (Computed): 61
Sex: Female
Race: White
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 170
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green

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