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April 30, 2020



It looks like we had a bit of a bump over the weekend with 47 new cases on Saturday and 9 on Sunday. The new total of 1,671 is +69, so an additional 13 cases arose from last week sometime. Hospitalizations rose by 10.


18 new cases yesterday and the Sunday count went up 1 to 10. But the total is 1,687 so two cases from prior days somehow went missing.

The big news from yesterday was Newsom saying that hair cuts may resume in the next couple of weeks.


Another light day yesterday with 9 new cases and one from a previous day taking the County to 1,697 total cases. 60 are currently hospitalized.

Napa County will lead the way in reopening as dine-in restaurants are now cleared to open and schools are expected to reopen on June 1.


I'm switching to an update every 2nd or 3rd day. Wednesday added 49 and yesterday added 45 cases for a new total of 1,783.

The pace of re-openings is picking up with a variety of new protocols to limit numbers of patrons. The weather forecast for Memorial Day weekend is warm then hot which should put to the test some of the protocols. Be safe out there.


Here are the updates after the Memorial Day weekend hiatus in reporting. In the four days since last Thursday we saw 47, 36, 28 and 6 new cases for a total of 117. The total went up by 121 to 1,904 so they found 4 cases from last week that had not been counted.

The Chronicle is supposedly providing city-by-city counts at https://projects.sfchronicle.com/ under the Corona Tracker tile. Scroll down and select San Mateo County and it reports 57 cases in B'game. The count hasn't changed in days so I'm not sure how current it is.

Current hospitalizations in the County are 52 which has been very stable for weeks.

Bruce Dickinson

Joe, you're doing a lot of work re-regurgitating information that is publicly available. Don't rely on the Chronicle, just go right to the horse's mouth and this will save everyone time:


It's really sad as almost all the deaths are elderly, the vast majority of them in nursing homes.

Don't let my skill with technology and information sources fool you, Bruce Dickinson is of advanced age, and despite being fit-as-a-fiddle, I'm taking no chances and I'm still sheltering in place in my Burlingame residence and have not traveled to my other homes.

Recommend all senior citizens continue to do the same, given the sobering data above.


BD, It's not that much work and long after the SM County page is gone, the Voice will still be here with a record of the "curve" that didn't really bend upward; at least through Memorial Day. Regardless of whether you use the Chron site or the city-by-city part of the SMC site, the number of 57 in B'game hasn't changed, but if you are curious about your other homes in the Bay Area you can use the Chron site to check far-flung counties and towns :-)


BD, one other observation about County technology between us with some tech skills--go back to the County site and notice that the total cases at the top of the page have been updated today as I noted, but the city-by-city section still has the totals from last Friday. It's all a work in progress down in RWC. Learning how Microsoft BI feeds to the whole page is an example.


Checking back with the County after three days yields an increase of 157 cases for a total of 2061. Quite a few of the 157 came from last week per the daily count, but hospitalizations also declined to 41. The count in Burlingame was finally updated--it's now 64 (up 7 from last week) and a lower number per 100,000 residents than Millbrae and San Mateo.

The Chronicle is reporting on a tightening of the mask requirements:

People in San Francisco must wear a face covering outside in most circumstances under a major new health order announced Thursday, as the city paves a path toward reopening.

Under the new mandate, which is scheduled to take effect at 11:59 p.m. Friday, face coverings are now generally required — with a few exceptions — when someone is exercising within 30 feet of another person, walking past someone else on a sidewalk or preparing food or other items for people who are not part of their household.
We shall see if this arrives for San Mateo County as well. The rate of mask-wearing on the Avenue yesterday was about 50-60% even as the Farmer's Market started to open up and the pedestrian density went up.


In the last four days since I checked the number of cases, the COVID virus has been pushed off the front page. Yet we have to be sure not to take our eyes off the ball. Total cases in San Mateo County are 2188 as of yesterday; an increase of 127 in four days.

56 people are in the hospital due to COVID. Almost 36,000 people have been tested and the positivity rate is 6.1%


142 new cases in the last four days for a new total of 2,330. 53 people currently hospitalized and the positivity rate dropped slightly to 5.9%. Next week will be an important indicator since we had two big demonstrations with little social distancing and outdoor dining.

According to the DJ piece today, officials are worried about the same things. They also note "A county health and safety protest guideline recommends protesters monitor their symptoms at least 14 days after the public gathering". I doubt that will happen for more than a very few people.



Who is going to be the "First Parent" to take their Child/Children to Any City of Burlingame Public School?

J. Mir

holy I can tell you this: 80% of students AND parents are ready to return to some form of in-person learning at SMUHSD this fall. That was confirmed in a survey and tonight's school board meeting presented plenty of parents that are ready to send their kids back to school IMMEDIATELY (including a number of health workers). Want to know why? I'll tell you why. DISTANCE LEARNING STINKS. It's horrible. It is not learning for high-schoolers at any level. Tonight's shameful action by the school board featured them completely caving to the teacher's union, who does not want to return to campus, like, ever. Like never. They really feel they are solid in their position too, and its easy to understand why as the CTA is the most powerful union in the state and gets their way pretty much all the time, to the chagrin of teachers and the suffering of students and their parents who have to put up with their continual BS. So, holy, to answer your question, if you're looking for volunteers, there's a line already queueing at the door. To all the teachers: put your dang masks on and get back into the classroom, like NOW.


Thank you, J. Mir. I felt like this might be the case but appreciate hearing it is.


That is Crazy. Especially since CV 19 cases are rising by the hour.

Without a Doubt, parents are putting their children's long term health at risk.
For the Parents own ego.
Get a Clue all. CV 19 is going to be around for years.


CDC Estimates
There is accurate data about flu deaths in children because states are required to report this information to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). For adult flu-related deaths, there is a yearly estimate based on validated methods of population health.2

However, some public health organizations use estimates that include pneumonia or flu-related complications, while some do not include these in the numbers of flu deaths.

According to the CDC, flu-related deaths between the years of 1986 and 2007 ranged from 3,000 to 49,000.3 Since 2010, the flu-related death rate has been between 12,000 and 61,000 annually, with the highest season being 2017–2018 and the lowest being 2011–2012.

Most deaths are caused by complications of the flu, including pneumonia or a secondary bacterial infection of the heart or brain. Younger children, pregnant women, the elderly, and people with compromised immune systems are at greatest risk

(Edited) I dislike Liberals who use Corona as political weapon.

Barking Dog

Holy gets his Covid data from his sisters CTA rep.


I had to edit the last two comments. Hollyroller, if you don't stop with you sign-off slogan your comments will be entirely deleted.


Sorry Joe


So much for the virus "taking a break" for the summer. It will be interesting once schools are in session what will happen when kids show up at school sick. Trusting that parents will check their kids for fever every morning before sending them off to school -- yeah, right, that is going to work. Some will probably give their kids a dose of Tylenol first thing every morning just to make sure they will have no fever at the morning temperature check.


So today we've got news reports of some 45 administrators in the Santa Clara Unified School District having to quarantine because one of their pre-symptomatic fellows decided to get tested a couple of days after a meeting for fall planning because they were feeling under the weather. I guess if they all end up sick, they'll be immune for the fall? Sounds like the college students in Alabama having COVID parties.BTW, the superintendent of Santa Clara Unified was superintendent of the San Bruno district 2017-19.

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