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April 16, 2020


Bruce Dickinson

Joe, yes it's pretty good that nearly 40% of people can still do their jobs from home. Could you imagine if such a pandemic had hit our economy 20 or 30 years ago? Would have grinded to a halt. We can thank the gig economy for high speed internet connections, Zoom, Google Hangouts, etc which area ll being used to not only enable people to work but to educate our children. Had this technology not been in place, most likely kids would have universally have been held back one grade level! Imagine the economic impact of that.

While yes, our service based economy will take a big hit, especially for anyone doing in-person customer facing work, but Bruce Dickinson is a "glass half full" kinda guy. Not only will the tech economy soften the blow, but will ensure a much more rapid recovery, not to mention the usage of cellphones for contact/travel tracing can yield real results to prevent the spread of COVID as well as lay the groundwork for the next pandemic response. When that happens, the result is going to be much better, that I can assure you!


That is another reason for a Living Wage...
A Californian Living Wage.

Peter Garrison

Burlingame Avenue this noon was busy with folks, lining up for take out, chatting and smiling through their masks, getting groceries and doing essential errands. Cars lined about 80% of the curbs.

Good vibes beginning to be felt, even in the chilly wind.


22 new cases yesterday, but the total went up by 30 to 797.


26 new cases yesterday, but the total went up by 41 to 838 because the Thursday count went up to 31.

I watched a neighbor struggle with an old-fashioned push spindle lawn mower yesterday. I used one as a kid for the parts of our lawn that were hard to get to or had rocks and such. But they don't work for 6"+ high grass; as my neighbor found out. There was a funny protest sign from Michigan described in the paper today: "Let My People Mow".


Why isn't the city mowing the lawns in our parks? That does't seem at all dangerous to anyone unless some kid trips over the tall grass. I'm feeling like someone is taking advantage of this disaster.


Think of the potholes and storm drains that could be fixed now that the roads are less crowded...

City staff all being retained and paid?

Sally meakin

San Mateo county has had 28 virus deaths divided by our county’s population of 769,000 people =.00003%.


...according to https://covid-19.direct/US


Dear Mom, if your Child trips over tall green Park Grass, you have bigger problems than you believe.
Dear Cassandra, repairing pot holes and storm drains requires many people-more than one, working close together for long periods of time, Face to Face contact and communication with the Public too.

Just Looking

About half the people at the farmer's market have masks on today. It might be time for no shirt, no shoes, no mask, no service. The police car is there as usual but no manpower in site. It's nice of Pottery Barn to board up there windows as if it was the tenderloin.


There is no update to the numbers today (Sunday), but here is a piece from the Comicle to Cassandra's point:

At a time when coronavirus concerns have led to the shutdown of all but essential construction in the Bay Area, Caltrans will start work on its $35 million rebuild of the Alemany Boulevard overpass at Highway 101 this week — three months ahead of schedule.

The 18-day project to replace 800 feet of bridge deck roadway on 101 near Interstate 280 in San Francisco, which will require 80 to 100 on-site workers, is to begin Saturday.

“We were going to do it in July, but it made sense to do it now, when everyone is staying home and traffic is so light,” Caltrans project spokesman Bart Ney said.

He said workers will be briefed daily at morning tailgate meetings on safe distancing and other precautions that need to be taken. They will be required to wear face masks and gloves, because the work requires them to come closer than 6 feet to one another.


Maybe when they are done with the overpass they can do ECR??


Cassandra was the prophetess who was cursed to not be believed.

So- next up.

Thing 1. Imagine the virtue-signaling when the thousands of homeless being housed in hotels due to the virus are asked to leave.
Homeless advocates, ACLU, marches, small arson fires.

Thing 2. What an opportunity to offer the homeless an empty office-park or hotel and require them to attend in-house substance abuse treatment, job training, or, for the non-compliant, go to jail and hard labor.

Maybe even filling potholes and cleaning storm drains?


It would be nice to hear "anything" regarding Burlingame's position on maintenance needs of the community.
Water and Sewage Dept. must be doing work.


Two day update: +35 on Saturday, +36 on Sunday for a total of 920 cases in the County. That means 12 more were added from before Friday as well. 61 people are currently hospitalized.


12 new cases from yesterday and another 3 added for last Sunday makes a new total of 935. Hospitalizations dropped by 2 to 59. More troubling are the reports about the financial difficulties and layoffs at hospitals that are idling for coronavirus and thus going broke. Something better change in that regard soon.

Peter Garrison

Start opening up with social distancing and compare the hospital load to a typical bad flu season.

Respond accordingly.


It sounds like the cops are about to jump into the action

The San Mateo County Health Officer order requiring the public and workers at essential businesses to wear face coverings is enforceable beginning at 8 a.m. tomorrow (April 22). The order and frequently asked questions are at https://www.smcgov.org/covid19-face-covering


12 new cases yesterday and 11 new assigned to prior days gets us to a total of 958.

I thought this bit from the SacBee was pertinent:

As a result, the California Academy of Family Physicians is urging state lawmakers “to consider the impact the novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, is having on primary care physicians across the state,” according to a statement from the group.

According to a survey conducted by the group last month, 42 percent of California family physicians are experiencing extreme financial impact as a result of COVID-19.
There’s been a 5 percent decrease in outpatient visits, a 5.5 percent decrease in inpatient visits, a 10.9 percent decrease in emergency room visits and a 7.2 percent decrease in surgeries, according to the group.

“The threat to primary care physician practices is immediate and severe, and the impact of practice closures will be long-lasting and incredibly detrimental to the health and well-being of the communities they serve.

Peter Garrison

But the SF Flower Market will be open in time for Mother’s Day.

Not restaurants or bookstores open, but a massive, mall-like arena for hand-to-hand floral combat.

Time for the restaurant unions to get moving...


10 new cases yesterday, but the total only went up by 8 to 966?


16 new cases yesterday, but the total went up 23 to 989. We will probably crest 1,000 tomorrow.

Another restaurant re-opened for take-out yesterday-- Parc & Howard Bistro.


Full Cassandra Prophecy: How we got where we are, where we are, and where we’re going...

Number one- The current situation is a mess between the science nerds over-thinking that we can control something we can’t control and the public being scared to death by the media of what we’re trying to control. The idea that we could control the virus was set by totalitarian China which clamped down in ways that the United States cannot. Trump was brave in shutting the front door from the Pacific side of United States but missed the back door when the virus came to Italy with devastating effects to its older population and went on to New York with devastating effects because if its crowded population.

Number Two- In our Bay Area, San Mateo County is restricted by an unelected health officer from traveling more than 5 miles from home. What that means is that, for instance, a lone bicycle rider was ticketed while bicycling down the coast on Highway One because he was more than 5 miles from home. Identification is being checked and license plates are being “run” by the police and park rangers at various beaches and trails. Golf courses are closed as are all restaurants etc., but the SF Flower Mart will be open for Mother’s Day and this facility is a giant public mall in downtown San Francisco.

Number Three- Two important factors have not been enabled up to this point: American common sense and free market forces. This will result in two movements in the coming month.

1. Quiet social disobedience and a return to public gatherings using common sense social distancing and hygiene.

2. Various small business will open and the ones that are careful with their customers will thrive.

At first, these two movements will be met with some official resistance and quite a lot of public shaming and virtue-signaling, but once these actions become newsworthy, the fear factor so often reported will be replaced by reporting the excitement around people claiming back their options during a bad flu season.

As far as personal involvement in this crisis, I, as an elderly adult, appreciate all the trouble people have gone to protect me from the virus. I’m also in a position to stay home, but the young people, who are not as likely to suffer from this virus, are the ones most at risk for financial hardship and will be responsible for paying back these huge loans in the future. The young people will be the ones to lead the way out of these regulatory over reactions.


16 new cases yesterday, but the total rose by 30 so 14 new cases from prior days. We crested 1,000 (1,019 to be exact) as expected.

The Chronicle was predicting another couple week extension to the May 3rd supposed partial loosening.

The Chronicle also noted that the number of deaths occurring in nursing homes has not been released except by Santa Clara County where they account for 30% of all deaths. The article says advocates of more data transparency are accusing officials of hiding the threat at nursing homes. Of course, the inverse is also true--if they released the data to show 30% or even 40-50% are there, then everyone else would say "well, the threat out in the real world is only 2/3 or half of what we thought".

Probably no new numbers tomorrow (Sunday).


Thank you Cassandra for a very thoughtful Comment.

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