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April 01, 2020



Unfortunately the impact "Rising Sea Level" will have a dire effect on the City of Burlingame.Sewage System, Housing, all infrastructure.
For years past, natural "High Tides" have caused havoc for our Public Works Dept.
From what I have read, the ENTIRE COB Sewage System will have to be removed and replaced.
Who will pay for that?
That could be a 10 year project.
Homes between ECR, Rollins Road, Trousdale and Peninsula may be flooded out. Loss of taxes, land, and the creation of new infrastructure may bring COB to it's financial knees.
Be Proactive instead of Reactive.
This IS going to happen and should be started ASAP....
In times like this No one cares about your Sushi orders. Ferrari's too.


Didn't the City of Burlingame recreation Director spend @$600,000.00 @ 5 years ago-2015, on a study to build Parks on the Bay Front?
Even though "Todays" information was widely available in 2002?
How does that happen?
Who signs off on that?
Oh Well.
Wash your Hands All!


Whatever the cost for the Bayside inquire, it should have been obvious that no amount of Money could stop the rising waters.

Greta Stunnedbird

We must not worry about sea levels in 60 years because the world is ending in only 12 years. Wait, now its only 11 years. Or is it 10. I forget what I told the U.N.


Unfortunately, people like Greta, as well as her message, are "Forgotten" by "the world" within 16 days.

Fake News

Asked if coastal cities such as San Francisco would be flooding due to sea-level rise caused by alleged man-made global warming, Mörner who has studies this for over 50 years was unequivocal: “Absolutely not.” “There is no rapid sea-level rise going on today, and there will not be,” he said, citing observable data. “On the contrary, if anything happens, the sea will go down a little.” The widely respected scientist, who has been tracking sea levels in various parts of the globe for some 50 years, blasted those who use incorrect “correction factors” in their data to make it appear that seas are rising worldwide. That is just wrong, he said.

Greta Stunnedbird


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