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March 09, 2020


Jennifer Pfaff

Yes, I did read the staff report and also another news article about Palo Alto (I think it was PA) challenging the lawsuit, and so far coming out on the losing end. It's getting ridiculous, another example of State overreach and how little remains in local control. At some point, why would cities even need Councils when the majority of decisions are "guided" by fear of lawsuits. Change? Well change is fine, so is "progress" if it really is, but change for sake of change....not. ' Just a really sad state of affairs.

Just Visiting

So wait: the council isn't in touch with 80% of the voters here? Or you just disagree with the voters? You see how those are different, right? And you understand that we live in a democracy? That is the fundamental underpinning of our nation's governance, starting in 1776 (powers derived from the consent of the governed, and all that).

As to Mrs. Pfaff--that's right, the problem is with the State's legislation, not with the city council, none of whom seem excited about the change, but all of whom recognize it isn't in the city's interest to spend hundreds of thousands--if not millions--of the City's dollars on a lawsuit the city will almost certainly lose. As noted in that news article, this isn't a 50/50 proposition. To date, no city has won such a legal challenge, and those that fought spent millions in the process.


I sort of lost the thread of the 80% figure and who was being discussed. As to the "disconnectedness" of the council, it's an issue by issue matter which to me means they are "disconnected". My post on A Chat With the New Mayor relays no disconnectedness at all. And I agree with JV on the rest of them as well. The issue for me is "mission creep". Did we waste an incredible amount of time and energy on BPD Use of Force? Absolutely. Banning natural gas--total mission creep and expensive when "affordability" is supposedly an issue in town. But I digress a little.

The original questions in the older post (linked above) and in this post are hard to solve (sitting member moving, debates, empty seats...). Outreach to Mullin and Becker seems like the only viable option and likely to be a polite listening session followed by....nada.

The real concern was stated to me by a very alert resident: "today I have five city councilmembers, soon I will only have one". Perhaps a slight exaggeration, but not totally exaggerated.


I wonder if we could increase the council to 7 or 9 with the new ones being at-large? It would be better than where we are headed.


Lempert sitting right on the fence. What a waste of newsprint. https://www.smdailyjournal.com/opinion/columnists/pros-and-cons-of-district-elections/article_ed0c7740-95cb-11eb-8fff-ebf0b256a51c.html#utm_source=smdailyjournal.com&utm_campaign=%2Fnewsletters%2Fheadlines%2F%3F-dc%3D1617631210&utm_medium=email&utm_content=headline

Just Sayin'

If it ain't woke, don't fix it.

Wise words from my Granny.

Jennifer Pfaff

Oh oh, ' not so sure about that idea, Phinancier. Just look at what's going on in PA with their huge Council. Personally, I think it's too many chefs in the kitchen. I cannot imagine what their meetings must be like.


What does "woke" mean?

Psych 201

woke adj. 1) describing a feeling of feeling bad and ascribing it to something someone else did to someone you don't know. 2) having a sense of guilt about a feeling that you think you should have but don't really have. 3) the sense of misplaced anger one feels when 1) and 2) are not shared by people with more sense than you.

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