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March 09, 2020


Bruce Dickinson

Joe, Bruce Dickinson was about to comment on this, but lo and behold, I look back at the old article, and I saw a comment which I today, cannot say it better myself, because, I said it myself two and a half years ago in a quite cogent, if not poetic way:

Interesting idea, but as others have pointed out, Bruce Dickinson is not sure that in a practical sense, having districted seats of 29k population city such as Burlingame would result in drastically different decisions or outcomes in comparison to what we have today (which DJT would say, are 'Bad', 'Very Bad', and 'Sad'!)

Districting is used in larger cities to make up for socio economic disparities between neighborhoods, and one way to spot this is through the school system. Burlingame's elementary schools are very homogenous. The feedback that I get from parents as well as the Burlingame School Fundraising organization is that the kids, no matter what neighborhood they live in, are basically going to one school. Also the intermediate school is very high performing. So, while there is a large rental population, that population seems to be well dispersed in each of the different neighborhoods which each have their own school. One can say that maybe the school off of Trousdale (Franklin I believe) and the new Hoover may have more single family home representation, but otherwise the test scores, teacher quality, and access to resources are the same.

The only gerry-mandering that probably have some impact is to include only those places that have big multifamily populations (ECR corridor, parts near the hospital, and downtowns Broadway and Burlingame Ave, and off of Carolan), but that would result in the funniest looking district, but in reality all these apartments are sitting right next to multi million dollar homes where everyone is using the same schools, neighborhood businesses, etc.

Also, Bruce Dickinson's biggest beef with the current City council is the lack of independence (from real estate and business interests) and critical thinking skills, which may be due to the many hours of volunteer work for limited pay (that tend to favor easy, non-controversial decisions). Gerrymandered districts are probably not going to change that aspect much (maybe by one vote, but won't break any ties), as this is a problem with many Bay Area local govt's.

Lastly, the civic engagement problem is a big one in the world of record employment and Dow 22,000 - people are worried about many other things in life and you see also this in that there are so few contenders for City Council seats, because the opportunity cost for most occupations is significantly higher and honestly, the best human capital tends to gravitate to the most lucrative endeavors (there are exceptions, of course as many people who serve in office do so as a public service).

This is too bad, as each individual bad decision, on its own, probably has a minimal impact on vast majority of people, but you continue to make bad decisions for 4-8 years before people realize it's too late, and frankly, may have at least partially adjusted to the new (but patently inferior) "normal".

Gerald Weisl

Burlingame is not a "big city." Would residents here prefer to have 5 council members being accountable and receptive to their concerns or just one?

Has this been a problem over the past decades?

If it ain't broke, please don't fix it.

John Ward

I am unable to attend the City Council meeting this evening at which time you will be discussing formation of districts for purpose of electing City Council members. For the public record, please know that a group of us in the community will be reviewing options for restoring the right to vote for all members of the Council. We will keep you informed of any steps we may be taking in that regard. Thank you.


There has been an Obvious Lack of Corona Virus Talk/Information.
Lord knows we get it from all media outlets.
-Recreation Center
-City Hall
-Park Department & Parks, Organized Sports
-Sam Trans
What is open?
What is Closed?
Why the Obvious Lack of Information?
In my opinion, the "Official" City of Burlingame Web Site is Horrible.
Wash your hands Everyone.

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