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March 17, 2020



Sorry about the Grammar and Spelling. I am Pissed Off about the Lack of Information coming from the City of Burlingame Elders.
I lost $270,000.00 in my retirement program today. How is this effecting you guys?
$270,000.00 equals One Ferrari....


The webinar Town Hall from Mayor Emily is tomorrow, Tuesday, at 5:15--it slipped a day, but the link I posted above is still accurate.

hollyroller, there is a way to ask questions on that webpage....have at it!

Just Visiting

Joe, the town hall is on TUESDAY (quoting from https://www.burlingame.org/news_detail_T19_R156.php):
On TUESDAY, March 24 at 5:15 p.m., Mayor Beach will host a virtual Town Hall on Zoom. Zoom is a teleconferencing tool that will enable users to watch and/or call from their computers or mobile devices to hear the Mayor give a live update. This tool is free. Town Hall will give you a chance to ask the Mayor and staff questions about the current shelter in place, COVID-19, the City’s role, and where to find more information.


Did you not read my comment right above--45 minutes before yours?????

Richard Cranium

@JV- Too much hyperlinking you got there, For the info minus the 404's



I am just getting used to asking, well, anything here. It is best for all that I "graduate" from BV before go on to any more "Damage."


See what I mean?
I get nervous.


Just want to echo Jennifer's sentiments. While not an easy time in so many ways, especially for anyone self-employed or working for a small business, it is forcing all of us to slow down a little bit, look out for our neighbors more, have some time to reflect, and breath cleaner air. While I would never choose the situation we find ourselves in, no harm in looking for and appreciating the silver linings.

Just Visiting

Nope--didn't read it (because it wasn't showing up...strange). Thanks for addressing it!

Linda Lees Dwyer

Ordered sushi from Tomagazu on Howard last evening. It was so good and so fresh!
Next on our list is Crepevine! Mangia Burlingame!


I just got an email from OpenTable. You can now make a reservation to go into your grocery store! We need it--the lines at both Mollie's and Safeway were 30+ people long today just before noon. So far none of the B'game stores are on their list, but maybe soon.

The City is keeping the Restaurants-Open-For-Takeout list up to date here: https://www.burlingame.org/residents/covid-19/local_businesses_operating.php


From todays New York Times-Sarah Blesener:
41 Transit workers have died. 6000 Transit workers have tested Positive for CV.
Yet, The City of Burlingame Park Dept. insists on bringing back workers.
Are our Public Works people as expendable as a "broken tool?"
How is the City of Burlingame "City Manager" allowing a Rogue Park Dept. Director force desperate employees through Coercion to "Volunteer" for "Special Projects?" (i.e.. moving furniture, painting.)
There is free will.
Nevertheless, before this Pandemic ends, more than 50% of US Workers in every industry will not have Jobs or Income.
So most employees will become sycophants in order to keep their jobs.


Who is this guy? What a turd. 100s of thousands of people are out of work. 100s of thousands of businesses won't make it. But this little turd is worried about having to paint something for his paycheck???? What a little snowflake. Can you be a turd and a snowflake at the same time? YES


Dude, Ever hear of the term "Cabin Fever?"
What is your definition of "Snowflake?
Love your Energy!

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