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March 17, 2020



That was Fast!


It was my intention even from last week when this accelerated, but your request was the catalyst.

Bruce Dickinson

Folks, Bruce Dickinson has a few choices of places to self-quarantine, which at my age, is a genuine concern. While I was thinking of leaving for my Anderson Valley property, instead, due to the proximity of the hospital and other medical services, should I become ill, I decided instead to stay at my Burlingame Park residence.

One of the benefits of Burlingame, in addition to having better access to my Ferraris stored on the Peninsula, is access to some dynamite dining options! What I did was subscribe to DoorDash food delivery service and can enjoy all my local favorite places at the click of a button with my iPhone. The food usually comes pretty quickly, it keeps our local restaurants in business, and sure beats eating pasta and rice every night!

Now I just need to figure out a better toilet paper delivery service! *wink*


Who wants some stranger touching or ejecting saliva forcibly onto my food? A more dangerous proposition in my most humble opinion.

The delivery personnel have funny stories they tell about delivering to the rich suburbs many which gross me out.

Bruce Dickinson

Oh, tell us the ways of the "real world" that us naive, rich people don't know about. C'mon, we didn't get to this echelon by being stupid and taking dumb risks.

First of all the food is sealed and packed by the restaurant and packed in individual containers. Yes, there is always the possibility of something happening with some really creative tampering, but just inspect the food closely if you still don't trust it. The restaurant has a huge incentive for repeat business, especially in the local Burlingame area where the purveyors really care about their customers and the community.

Secondly, who is the real naive one, as people should know the Coronavirus is NOT spread through food.


So you tell me, what is safer? Walking into a Safeway packed like a sardines where you are exposed to airborne droplets and surfaces KNOWN to transmit the virus or ordering food from a restaurant with zero risk of coronavirus transmission!?

Little did we know that Bruce Dickinson would be giving risk management lessons in this post!


Here's the report out from my walkabout at 7:30 PM to pick up dinner:

Safeway: pretty quiet, no waiting. Not much fresh produce (which is kinda funny). Tons of vitamins--anything you want. Pretty good amount of meat still on the shelves.....

Parc & Howard and Rasa: Closed :-(

Narin Thai: Open, full menu, absolutely as delicious as ever--probably the best kept secret in B'game. Next to the Vinyl Room (closed) and across from the Old Post Office.


Does anyone have any information regarding Public Services?
Parks, Library, City Hall, Recreation Center, Police/Fire, BHS and other City of Burlingame Schools, and all Public Works?
Where is this information?
Thank you for any response.


I can only speak to Parks as I have walked through a couple in the neighborhood. They are open with a sign posted indicating that the equipment (i.e. play structures) has not been sanitized.

Safeway at 1:30 today was quite sane. Not super busy and more inventory than the last few days although the meat/seafood counter is closed due to mechanical problems.


Does anyone know how to opt out of the irritating telemarketing calls from someone named Jackie Speier?


My good friend who takes her dog out daily in Foster City told me the parks are closed to all.
I am beginning to believe "We-COB Citizens, are Immune from all the BS in the Bay Area.

I have yet to see the City of Burlingame recognize the severity of a World Wide Illness.
Whatever PR Firm you have working for you, Fire Them!
City Manager, elected Elders, and ALL COB Public Heads are keeping "Their Collective" Heads in the Sand.

J. Mir

ABC 7 is reporting tonight 3 new cases at Atria Burlingame, which is now sealed off to families and visitors.


Thanks, J. Mir. I did not see that and it is very concerning.

Also concerning (in a much less serious way)--my trip over to Sapore Italiano for take-out dinner, which was excellent, showed that we are not yet stepping up to keep our local restaurants very busy. Rise, Rasoi and Sapore were pretty thinly patronized take-out wise. Come'on Team B'game. If the restaurants are bothering to staff up, take in supplies and stay open then we should be ordering. Chow time.


For the all-things-Burlingame file, from the Chronicle yesterday:

John Parkin, owner of Coyote Point Armory in Burlingame, said the city shut down his shop Tuesday morning. But a half hour later, after discussing the situation with Burlingame police, Parkin said he was allowed to open.

“We are essential for providing tools for the safety in your home,” Parkin said. “In times like this, people need security in their homes.”

He said Burlingame police were going to check with San Mateo County officials for guidance.

Yet his business was booming, thanks to coronavirus fears. Parkin estimated business surged 500% in two weeks.

“It’s been absolutely off the charts. I’m completely out of hand guns. I’m just preselling stuff,” he said.



I was wondering if "this" John Parkin is a retired City of Burlingame Police Officer?

Richard Cranium

I'm STILL wondering who's paying for the Burlingame Police Officers to stand guard @ the Apple Store on The Ave even though they've been closed for over a week.

Peter Garrison

Parkin not the same Parkin...
God bless BPD and San Mateo County Sheriff.

Jennifer Pfaff

In case people missed it, this (U-tube) message and other information appeared a week ago from Mayor Beach via the E-news (in English and Spanish!) https://youtu.be/Vyj2U2o4wRs https://youtu.be/J0Nl1RRjgn4


Safeway just started Senior Shopping Hour from 8-9am every day. I guess that is an OK idea, but I would be even more impressed if they were wiping the checkout keypad more often.


After going out for dog walks the last few days and talking briefly with people on the street at a distance, the prevailing sentiment is very, very clear: people are bored. Very bored. There is an opinion piece floating around that projects that boredom will cause the shelter-in-place restrictions to slowly break down. If the activity at my neighborhood park is any indication, we are pretty close to that now. I hope not, but that is my observation.

Linda Lees Dwyer

We walked the trail along Coyote Point to San Mateo today. We have never seen more people out there. Families on bikes and people walking with their dogs. Lots of fresh air and lots of space between people. We plan to replace our once a week dining out with once a week-or maybe more-carry-outs. Got food from Hot Wok last night-very good. We worry about the small business owners.

Jennifer Pfaff

I don't think it's boredom, I think it's almost a state of stupor at the complete forced reconfiguration of social and economic norms. I hope talented writers are gleaning lots of real-life material.

Around the SF Bay Area in general, it's a forced downshift of gears, and not necessarily a bad thing. I haven't seen this many kids and families in general doing things together (mentally and physically) in literally decades.

If you think about it, most of the kids born in the past decade or two, and certainly many families have only known the high gear mode of life, ever. Downtime? What is that?

And now, from one day to the next, no "have-to-dos" or other confines, (except getting toilet paper and enough staples). But there is that very strange awkwardness to keep enough space between us.

One bright spot (in light of the shutdown of most work and activity) may be cleaning up the atmosphere for at least several weeks. I'm guessing the air quality around the world hasn't been this good in years, or?


My trip to Safeway this afternoon yielded some observations:

--Shelves are well-stocked especially produce and meat. The only odd empty section was eggs.

--The checkers are not allowed to bag your groceries for you anymore. I heard Draeger's is not allowing personal bags--just use their paper or plastic ones for free. They will be installing plexiglass shields (like a bank teller) on all of the checkout lanes!!!

--Mollie's is still metering entry rates so there is a line, but not bad overall.

Overall impression: Calm and respectful of space.

p.s. Linda--Hot Wok rocks!!


Has any read or heard the message of hope from the City of Burlingame mayor?


Per the city e-newsletter, the mayor will be doing a webcast tomorrow-- 5:15pm
Mayor Beach Will Host a Virtual Town Hall

On Monday, March 24 at 5:15 p.m., Mayor Beach will host a virtual Town Hall on Zoom.

Zoom is a teleconferencing tool that will enable users to watch and/or call from their computers or mobile devices to hear the Mayor give a live update. This tool is free. This Town Hall will give you a chance to ask the Mayor and staff questions about the current Shelter in Place Order, COVID-19, the City’s role, and where to find more information.

Click here to learn how you can access Zoom and ask questions: http://cms6.revize.com/revize/burlingamecity/departments/city_clerk/virtual_town_hall.php


What will happen to the City of Burlingame do to maintain all "Infrastructure" during the "Shelter in Place" Law?
Water Leaks, Sewage Leaks, Debris box Fires,(Why do we have Firemen? EMT's are Angels. But they do not have the opportunity to workout 2-3 hours a day.) last but not least Apple on Burlingame Ave.?
Protect Apple or Else.
The City M Washington Park is Beautiful. Who will empty the garbage cans, and mow the lawn?
Water Trees? This Pandemic will be with us at least 2-3 years from now. Making plans now will help us all.
When will the COB Elders let us know their Plan?
How are you doing Hillsider?

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