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March 24, 2020



Perfect. Thank you!

Pat T.

Thanks for doing collecting and promoting solid, useful information.

Peter Garrison

Thanks Joe


As Moe said to the other Stooges: “Spread out.”
Who needs to spread out? Well, of course, we all in general.
But how about in general for national, economic and health security?
How about:
Silicon Valley?
Washington’s Boeing and their Silicon Valley?
New York Stock Exchange?
No more stack and pack housing?
Homeless shelters?

If government wants to save lives most effectively, they would outlaw liquor and tobacco and set a curfew of midnight just for added safety.


This is helpful, thanks. I may watch it but did they talk about any support for small businesses in town besides what might come from a slice from the county?


There was nothing specific beyond the SMC Strong fund mentioned above. There was a question on delaying property taxes which was met with a firm "no" since they need that money to fund everything else. There was also a mention by Michael Brownrigg (we can call him "Michael" again, I think) about continuing to pay housekeepers, caregivers and gardeners thru the shelter order.

On another note, I checked the SMCHealth.org site and we had 165 cases in the county as of this morning. That is a key thing to watch.

769,545 People in the county



30 new cases since yesterday-- from 165 to 195 as of this morning. Thank you, 769,545--I thought the County was a bit larger, but I guess not.


Today's count is shown as "provisional"-- not sure what that means, but it is at 239; up 45 which is 50% higher than yesterday's increase.


I disagree Joe, the meeting was a virtue signalling event with little or no information that I had not gleened already. 'Mayor' calling 'Vice Mayor' to chime in. I went to bed that night disturbed by the sense that they know no more than we ourselves know. No leadership and certainly there was no comforter in chief like Dr Fausi or Dr Brix.

Sally Meakin

Thank you, Joe.


Today's count is 274. Up 35 from yesterday, so a much lower increase than yesterday. It's just one day's data point so nothing to applaud very much.

@Winnie. I do love a contrarian! I suppose it depends on what one's expectations were going into the webcast. I wasn't expecting amazing insights--just some localized version of the wider news. I think we got that, but agree not much more.


This morning's count is 277 - only up 3 cases from yesterday! Still way too soon to relax, but going in the right direction.

I was talking to a friend in Santa Clara county yesterday who was under the impression that they were the Bay Area epicenter. So was I until I went a did the analysis. On a per capita basis, San Mateo county is was just a shade worse hit than Santa Clara county as of yesterday--so stay safe out there.


Today's count is 309.

Up 32 cases from yesterday--so the "curve" is mostly a straight line: +30, +45, +35, +3, +32 over the last five days.


The county site (https://www.smchealth.org/coronavirus) went to a graphical dashboard for reporting, but the number of cases is the same as yesterday--309. I'm not sure what to make of that so we will see what tomorrow brings. You can now see the age distribution of the cases and the deaths.


Interesting change/update from the city newsletter today:

"Most construction—residential and commercial—is prohibited".

I'm guessing too much activity was proceeding under "residential construction" so it is now prohibited.


As I recall, @ three fifths of the housing in Burlingame is Rental. I have been reading about Statewide Rental Strikes as well as a Non Eviction law that will be in place soon, if not already.
This will happen. How do all the Burlingame landlords feel about this?
How will they recoup what is owed?


There must have been some new cases on Monday that did not get into yesterday's count. The County on-line dashboard has a new look and a new total of 388 today. That is up 79 cases in two days so still linear from the trend line of last week.


Good stuff here:

The Burlingame community is raising money, lifting spirits and supporting the local economy with a charitable program buying meals for medical workers fighting on the frontlines to stop the spread of COVID-19.

An online fundraiser started to purchase lunches and dinners from Burlingame restaurants for delivery to emergency workers at Mills-Peninsula Medical Center raised approximately $21,000 overnight through crowdsourcing website GoFundMe.

Burlingame resident Jeff DeMartini said he was initially inspired to launch the fundraiser out of gratitude for those working long hours to protect the community, while exposing themselves to the threat of contracting the potentially lethal coronavirus.



Bless you Mr. Jeff DeMartini.
How about the City of Burlingame throw in a Few Shekel's?
Free Bayside Hotel Rooms for these Angels to Decompress in?


+65 cases today so some acceleration from the trend line.

Account Deleted

Thanks for the heads-up re: Jeff DeMartini’s wonderful initiative- my family just donated. Per the immortal words of my favorite band: “Don’t tell me this town ain’t got no heart.” :)


Only up +33 today to 486--half of yesterday's increase!

Dave Pine is asking the main question:

“When will it end?” Pine said. “The public is really eager to understand.”

He said Wednesday that, “It’s incumbent on the county, particularly with the shelter in place being extended, that we do our best to articulate when shelter-in-place would be scaled back or stopped.”

The requirement is tough on people — and tougher without an idea of when the measure might end, Pine said.



Another pretty quiet day +52 cases. 538 cases in 31 days for a population of 3/4 million people.


In your opinion Mr.Joe, what does that figure represent?

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