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February 04, 2020


Linda Fairclough

My husband and I have owned our Burlingame home since 1977. The change in flight patterns is ruining our quality of life. It's ruining the quality of life for many Burlingame Residents. We remember when it was quiet here and the only time we heard jets take off was in stormy weather when the flight patterns were changed. Please let us know when and where are the next meetings. I don't see why we should suffer for the pleasure of SFO.


Thanks, Linda. You are far from alone. We have had 60+ residents join the mass claim suits and more express interest as the word gets out. Please go to https://www.sforunwaynoise.com/

and follow the instructions. You will also meet some really nice people!


Our local yokel, hollyroller, wrote this on the wrong thread:

As far as the Airport Noise Abatement. San Bruno, CA. got @ $10,000.00 per home to stop the Noise. Where are the organizers? 10 miles away from Burlingame is the Template to receive Noise Abatement... Come On Now. Get your S... together. Or STOP WHINING.
Sorry, Hollyroller, you really have no idea what the heck you are talking about. There is no distance "template". Distance is not the issue, it's when the 24 hour average noise level known as CNEL (Community Noise Equivalent Level) is above 65db. This is well-documented on a number of previous posts. Please try to keep up with the knowledgeable people....or just keep it shut.


It's getting loud out there right now just like last night. This morning wasn't great either.

Peter Garrison

Booming from 12-1:30 non-stop.
Why not, say, 10-11 and then quiet?


While this strong wind has you reaching for the Kleenex due to the pollen being stirred up, you can also step outside and watch the rare "Reverse Operation" when the big airliners come in low northbound over Hillsborough, bang a tight right turn and land on 1L & R (instead of the usual taking off on 1L & R).

Barking Dog

Played Crystal Springs this morning and was on the 15th hole around 1030a and saw the 1st one coming low....real low. Guys said that is the lowest they have seen. Steady stream of flights taking that path up until we we done.

Jennifer Pfaff

Yes, 'saw that one here on the flats, from a completely different direction --it seemed to be on same path as the helicopters use, and nearly as low :(

Peter Garrison

12:45 Saturday March 28

For the record:
No noise except the refrigerator.
No airplanes, leaf blowers, crows, sirens, backup-warning beepers,
lawn mowers, cars, kids, phone calls, dogs...


Asiana Cargo flight to S. Korea.
Not 6am.
Not 11pm.
Not another plane over the Bay.
3 am


Our Round 2 hearing has been postponed again. The first long postponement took the group to June 26th, but that pales in comparison to the latest postponement - April 4, 2022. I get the whole Covid slowdown, but ten months more? I was reminded of this by this piece in the DJ today:

Three judge positions for the San Mateo County Superior Court are now filled following several retirements, with judges Chinhayi Cadet and Nicole Healy starting work Monday and Alameda County chief assistant district attorney Kevin Dunleavy expected to start soon.

The Court is now fully staffed judge-wise with 28, but there is a forthcoming opening due to another retirement.

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