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January 18, 2020


Eat the rich

So, we should leave a massively regressive tax hand out to the richest earners in place because it would be complicated to stop? Do you even listen to yourself?

Said the snowflake

Said the snowflake whose only mortgage was on the Monopoly board.


There is NOTHING POSITIVE about Prop 13. Prop 13 had it's day. I do not believe Prop 13 was meant to last this long, and created only to "Right Wrongs" of CA. gone wild. Prop 13 is now a "Loophole" that takes Monies away from Schools, Health Care for the Poor. The only People who benefit from Prop 13 are the wealthy property owners. How can people be so selfish?
Then go to Church every Sunday?
Go Niner's!


The main driver for Prop 13 was to help control the unlimited growth of property taxes.
CA needs restrictions on never ending increases to taxes today more than ever.
Thank you for the info on Josh. Sounds like just another unlimited tax and spend progressive undeterred by the lack of success from this approach to date.
CA is growing slower than the rest of the country and will lose a congressional seat for the first time ever as the middle class is leaving. All while creating the state with the largest wealth gap and fastest growing druggie and homeless population.
More of the same policies is not the answer.


There is no shortage of limousine liberals in the Bay Area. Did anyone check his voting record? I'll bet he never even bothered to vote until he decided to throw his wallet in the ring.

What people like the cannibal above don't get is that for a lot of middle class people who have been paying the cost of living and taxes to live in the state for decades their house is their 401K or pension. So Eat should really call himself Eat the Middle Class.

Barking Dog

Did Mr Becker give his thoughts on SB50?


Good question. He was asked that by someone else and he wandered around a bit "admiring the problem". So I when I tried to pin him down - yes or no - and he went with no because "with the modifications that have been made, it replicates the planning process most cities have in place today". He had no insight one couldn't get from reading the local letters to the editor and did not appear to want to be pinned down. And the "replicates current processes" is not true. Another think to be very wary of.

Barking Dog

Thanks Joe


Always love when this discussion comes up about doing away with prop 13 on commercial properties. Taxing the rich property owner as they can pay it or afford it! Well, the property owner in 99% of the leases in the Bay and throughout California, do not pay the property tax. Your employer does as part of their Community Area Maintenance costs. That fee is always passed on to the tenant. By doing away with prop 13, that increases that businesses cost of doing business, tremendously! Think you will get that raise or bonus or new employee if that tax increase goes to your employer? Think not. May even put small business which employes many in our State, out of business!

Barking Dog

Bingo Laura! CAM fees always passed on to business/tenant. But of course the politicians don't or won't recognize this as they have never owned or operated a business. California is already the most unfriendly business state in the nation, split roll will only make it tougher for small businesses to start or continue in state. Chui, Weiner, etc all never ever been in the private sector and have no clue how the real world works...The exodus from continue from California...businesses and residential. Prop 13 going byb bye will only add to the 700k that left the state in 2019.

I love how people like Eat the Rich and Holly think that since your house is Prop 13, you are rich and a rich earner....I am far from either. Progressive taxation and cost of living(gas, electricity, food, insurance, etc) is why I'm joining the 700k leaving California. I will then have the freedom to give my earned money to groups who I feel need it, not whom the State tells me needs it. Leaving puts 14% right away into my pocket and not Gavin's to give to a homeless fentanyl addict or a techie who makes 130k a yr and needs the state to subsidize their housing.


The opposition research factory for some candidate is working overtime. The Daily Post headline Tuesday about Brownriggs mom putting 460K into a committee is followed by today's healine about Oliva losing part of her real estate license. This should get interesting depending on who has the snoops running the show. At this rate we should know who it is by the end of next week since there will only be one candidate without their own headline.

I also liked the thought that we should worry less about the millionaire who spends his money to get elected and more about the pauper who leaves office as a millinaire.

Barking Dog

My guess is Socialist Shelly Mauser.


You know what we need, RIGHT NOW?

F Prop 13

Barking Dog

.....Says the guy collecting his social security check but never wrote a mortgage or property tax bill check...comical




With the news that Josh Becker now has Jerry Hill's endorsement to go with the Gavinor's endorsement, he is looking like the frontrunner. It should be interesting to see how much those matter verses having been a grassroots politician in the County for long periods of time.

Barking Dog

Kind of shocked today to see the SMDJ give Mr Brownrigg their endorsement as I was totally expecting them to endorse Mrs. Mauser.

Jennifer Pfaff

I wasn't surprised. Jon Mays is very perceptive and discerning.

Paloma Ave

Hey Holyroller, you said "There is NOTHING POSITIVE about Prop 13." YOU ARE WRONG.
DemocRAT politicians have NEVER met a tax increase they were opposed to! Why is that? Prop 13 saved many from having to move due to the insatiable appetite of DemocRats to take our many and fund their pet programs.

Barking Dog

That is a nice endorsement for Mr. Brownrigg. Going to be a hot contested race.
With downtown RWC looking like Soviet Bloc housing and her support of SB50, Mauser is an easy NO for me. Neighborhood destroyer



Anyone but Mauser.

SB50 and socialism is not what we want.

Barking Dog

I see Mr. Browrigg for another endorsement from the Daily Post. Have the 2 local independent free newspapers are nice endorsements for Mr. Brownrigg



Here is my meatball analysis of the State Senate race now that we know a Republican no one ever heard of and who the Post says raised about a nickel is up against Josh Becker--who has the D behind his name and Newsom and Jerry Hill's endorsements. Lessons learned:

1) For Republicans--you need to avoid knee-jerk votes for candidates who will never win. Voting for Glew is the same as voting for Mayor Pete or Amy Klobuchar two weeks before election day. It's a waste.

2) For local Dem candidates--when there are FIVE of you in a "jungle" election (top two of any party move on) you should think about the WHOLE electorate--not just the D's but the NPPs and R's.

3) For local City Council candidates-- it's a big district. About a million people and your name recognition in Millbrae or Burlingame of RWC does not translate without a concerted campaign to garner support elsewhere. Unless Newsom or Hill endorse you, you should think about an intermediate step like County Supe.

4) Feel free to ignore meatball analysis.


It's no wonder Talbot's closed

Don't "toy stores" have it hard enough already? Perhaps no sector of the economy has suffered more from globalization, online shopping, and onerous labor regulations than neighborhood toy stores. Even the name "toy store" seems quaint, harkening back to a simpler time. California legislators seem intent to sacrifice those few remaining at the altar of gender politics with a new bill that would fine retailers that have separate "girls" and "boys" toy sections. Madness!

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