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January 09, 2020



So what's wrong with that?

Bruce Dickinson

Point being it's the hypocrisy. Now CA democrats are stealing ideas from DJT? Funny!


It would be a better idea to cut all state public pension payments by 20% and use that money for the homeless. Then holyroller would feel what its like to have his own ox gored.


California will lose a Congressional seat at the next reset next year for the first time ever in the history of the state.

California’s population has grown slower than the rest of the country for the first time over the last decade.

This is just the beginning.

We are already the state with the greatest disparity in wealth (over twice the % of welfare recipients compared to overall population % of the country) and this will only get worse as the remaining middle class continues to move out.


I'm not getting whatever your point is. Do you mean that screwing people who are buying homes with more than $750,000 mortgagees meaning almost everyone is a bad thing? Trying to fix wealth disparity through taxation is a losing proposition. That's been proven over and over and over and over.


Dear Concerned, you can check this out for a deeper look at why we are losing the middle class and a congress seat here in California


Chiu doesn't care since this all works in his favor.


Dear Hillsider, How do you financially support yourself and family?
Is it:
Social security
Reverse mortgage
Government Pension
Private Business Pension ie Dupont, etc.
Last but not least Prop 13. Do you own multiple Properties......
I thought so.
Shame you Greedy Bass
Go Niners.


So let us know.
Or are you afraid of the truth?

Barking Dog

So being retired, getting Social Security(contributed into it for 46yrs), a pension plan(contributed to for 40yrs) and owning a home for 49+ yrs that is Prop 13, plus some personal savings, makes me(and others) a "Greedy Bass"??? Wow...

Buzz off Holly. Sounds like you should have done more for yourself to be comfortable later in life instead of hoping others will take care of you.


Believe me BD. I am very happy with my life, my family-Not so much. (Whose is?)
Nevertheless, I am Financially sound enough to contribute to multiple Charities, afford my cable bill too.
Prop 13 was never to last this long.
It is the Number One reason Newsome has to capitulate to special interests. Mexicans, Insurance Companies, Trump, and Facebook. Who would have ever thought that Facebook would be the representative of Lies'?
Money is the Root of all Evil..Especially for a DB who created a Web Site to get friends. Loser.
NO MONEY. NO MONEY. NO MONEY. Prop Thirteen is the only thing standing in the way of California

Peter Garrison

The love of money is the root of all evil.
Money is fine.


Hollymolyroller, you left off one choice that is my answer. A job.



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