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December 22, 2019



Dec 26-27:

How about that airport booming all night long and throughout the morning. Noon now and still at it.

The third time my spouse woke up and got out of bed to glare at the airport: “I’m going to invite Jackie to a sleepover.”


Dec 30: 1 am.... WOW.

Peter Garrison

8:50 front door rattling w low-frequency booms.


I think you meant Dec 31st 1am (last night). It was RIDICULOUS. This has to stop.


1:20 AM 1 booming, house-shaking back blast.
How about that one departure leave before 11?
How hard can that be?
Speier? Ortiz? Yankel?


Based on SFO's flight tracking tool (https://webtrak.emsbk.com/sfo13), it was Cathay Pacific 873. It was supposed to leave at 10:50p, but got delayed a couple of hours.


Thanks. The wind was pretty high last night and they probably couldn’t use another runway – the aircraft must’ve been really heavy to get that many people that distance around the world...


They used one of the 28s. If they'd used one of the 1s, it likely would have been much, much louder. The wind likely also contributed to the increased noise to the south as wind tends to push sound down towards the ground. It'd be interesting to see how wind patterns have evolved in the last 20 years or so...that could have a significant contribution to the changes in Bgame airport-related noise.


Well: at it again: booming 3 times 1-1:30. Regular roar and whine starting at daybreak.


You guys. Please move out of Burlingame. All we need to do is listen to you old farts who have nothing else to do but sit around and listen for airport noise coming from (that's right) an airport International in scope located within one mile of your cheaply made home. We will buy you some wireless headsets if you let us. Why not climb on top of your house and sit up there and watch the planes as they take off. Just be with it.

Paloma Ave

BrightHighDensity - You MOVE out of Burlingame you P.O.S. There, I said it.


Just trying to make our town a better place in which to live... Going to court, writing letters, working with airport and citizen groups and congress- not lot of time to spend on the roof.

Maybe we could put high density housing as a sound barrier next to the runways- you could be our human shield- take one for the team?

Peter Garrison

1-2 am.

Echo the Oread

@BringHighDensity Next thing you know they will be complaining about the noise of bay water crashing on the rocks. Read up guys: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/noises/201701/new-research-sound-sensitivity


Thanks, BringHighDensity. I'll take a half dozen of your magic wireless headsets that can cancel out sub-250 Hz sound. Let me know when you have them ready and I'll meet you at Il Piccolo to get them.

I did mention to Judge Mazzei that when I get my steady stream of damages awards from SF (as we continue to file and file) that I might start a kickstarter campaign to design such a headset, but it doesn't exist now. Buffoon.

OK, Snowflake


Peter Garrison

Next target is gas-powered leaf blowers: 16 million of them in California.

"A top-selling leaf blower, for example, operating for an hour matches the emissions of a Toyota Camry for over 1,100 miles," said Novato Mayor Pat Eklund.

I’ll trade one Cathay Pacific 1am departure for banning gas-powered leaf blowers in Burlingame...

Peter (one blowing right now during lunch) Garrison

Barking Dog

Aren't there already rules/laws in Burlingame that leaf blowers can only be used on certain days/certain hrs during the week? Pretty sure that's why my gardener switched days of the week he provided service to my house a few yrs back...


You guys can revive the leaf blower discussion here:


I saw the same article Pete saw and thought the same thing.

Bruce Dickinson

NotVeryBrightandVeryDense 's comments seem to wreak of insecurity and jealousy. Just because you never got to live in Burlingame doesn't mean you need to take it out on people trying to make their community better! And don't older people have LESS sensitivity to noise!??! (kidding guys!).

Based on the voracious reading that Bruce Dickinson does, it seems like a lot of cities have taken noise abatement problem seriously, and proactively reduced it by working with their communities, but no, SFO instead of getting better, seems to have gone in the opposite direction! Wait, I thought we were the progressive anti-pollution (noise and otherwise) green city? THAT's the anomaly here.

Just another side-bar comment: I for one am glad that our elected Congressional representatives are working on stuff that actually matters, like airport noise externalities instead of that preposterous "Impeachment" of DJT which should be more aptly named "Gigantic waste of Time with Zero Chance of Success". Believe me, I am no fan of DJT, his enablers, and did not vote for him, but is this really what the House is focused on 10 months away from the election!!!??! And what about these Iran situation?!?.. Bruce Dickinson sees no one in the world, including our own enemies, defending Iran and that General, except for our congressional Democrats! Looks like the Trump Derangement Syndrome is clouding all rational thought. Get a grip people, and focus on stuff that you can actually influence the outcome of right now, like airport noise!

Folks, just wait until election time!!!

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