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December 03, 2019


Barking Dog

Will senior citizen property owners be exempt from either of these taxes?

Old Guy

That's a really good question.

Bruce Dickinson

It gets tricky when you consider that real estate in good school districts is worth 40%-50% more than in bad school districts. Is it the school quality that drives up real estate value or is it the high real estate value that causes the schools to be better (because can raise parcel taxes)?

Bruce Dickinson would argue that if people can afford it (of course there should be exemptions based on income, relief for fixed income individuals), as a community, you are much better off voting for the parcel taxes and insuring that you will maximize the value of the real estate. It's a "cheap option" as it were to maintain those high values during a recession and in the event you pass, give your heirs the maximum obtainable value.

Also, most senior citizens who are long time homeowners are governed by Prop 13 capped values, so the incremental cost is tiny compared to a newer home worth $4 million dollars which faces a $40k annual property tax bill.

Bruce Dickinson is pro-school related Parcel Taxes...it's much better bang for the buck compared to that idiotic sales tax increase, which when you think about it, is a lot more regressive especially on lower income and rental population and for homeowners really offers nothing to enhance your property value.


I think you are "on the money" regarding the efficacy of local taxes and especially school taxes to help local homeowners maintain their value. I would have to note that Weiner's SB50 targets good school systems for more inflicted pain, but that is a risk I think we have to take especially since Bgame will be targeted for multiple reasons within SB50 (Chronicle noted today that our least favorite fascist is bringing it back again this year).

Having said that, I still wonder how the voters will respond to a $100 million+ price tag? And I am quite sure competing school taxes won't look good. That aspect was not in the phone survey.......


$100 million. You said $100 million, right?


Look at the bond measures you are currently paying for now.
About $1300 to $2000 a year already!

Account Deleted

Just for broader context, for what it's worth, here is a 3 page excerpt from a recent Burlingame School District bond prospectus. It summarizes BSD's current debt structure and details prior voter-approved bond issues. The last page of the document also shows their current annual debt service.


Barking Dog

Yep, exactly Cassandra!!


Also, this tax is based on “assessed value” of a home and 50% of Burlingame residents are renters... so half the voters get to make the other half pay their school taxes.

PS- a “bond” is a tax.


You left out the part that most (all?) of the renters will likely pay for their landlord's increased parcel tax through increased rents.

Old Guy

It appears that they are looking to almost double the debt accumulated since 1993 all at once. $136M accumulated over the years and hoping to raise $97 to $125M. What is going on?


The new State Rent Control law specifically allows additional rent increases to cover property tax cost increases?

No, it does not.


Barking Dog

What formula is the SMUHSD want to use to determine there bond measure?

If SMUHSD uses the same formula as BSD is considering: 1.5M assessed @ 30/100k = approx $900 per yer.

But these guys have a 'fantastic opportunity' for the city....but want to pay ZERO taxes and the COB has NO seat(s) on the board.


Barking Dog

Cost above is approx for both bond measures yearly(to start)@1.5m assessed.

 Christopher Cooke

Why are we being asked to pay more parcel taxes? Is the rise in student population due to more students who live in Burlingame or is part of the increase due to students who live outside of Burlingame being permitted to go to school here? I know of several students who don’t live here but who have been permitted to go to our schools. I don’t think we should be paying more in taxes so they can attend school in Burlingame.


Amen. Come on, BSD, get with it.


A parcel tax needs 2/3 approval. This bond would need only 55 percent approval to pass...

Seniors can opt out of the parcel taxes, not the bonds.

Barking Dog

RWC residents just voted NO on a school bond.
IMO, property owners are fed up with a new bond every 3-5yrs. It's never ending in my view.


Local watchdog Andrew Peceimer is stepping into the bond measure issue:

Burlingame resident Peceimer, in a San Mateo County Superior Court filing, asked county Chief Elections Officer Mark Church be prohibited from printing the ballot as now prepared for the March 3 election.

The language provided Church does not give a date when the tax for the bond ends — and language referring to “legal interest rates” of the bond is too vague to meet state law, according to Peceimer.

The attorney for the school district advised that the language meets state law, MacIsaac said in her letter this month to Peceimer.

“Specific market conditions as well as the timing of any bond sales under a successful election can only be estimated at this time,” MacIsaac stated of financial details.

Working within the 75-word limit for the ballot language of the bond, Burlingame school district officials “have sought to be as transparent as possible,” she said.



The ruling is in...and in favor of BSD's verbiage:

San Mateo County Superior Court Judge George Miram said the ballot question for the Burlingame Elementary School District bond is not perfect but substantially complies with state election law.

Miram denied the writ sought by Burlingame resident Andrew Peceimer, who contended the 75-word ballot statement omitted key details — including the interest rate — for the bond.

“In many ways this is a close case,” Miram said.


There was no further details on what made it a "close case" in the judge's mind.


All the details except the one stating how much this will cost?

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