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October 03, 2019



Lot of ego invested in this little scam.

Andrew Peceimer


My offer to teach you how to purchase a residential property is still good. Instead of spending a vast amount of time fighting and complaining you could use that time and earn additional additional money for a down payment.

Let me know if you have any interest!

Bruce Dickinson

Once again, Bruce Dickinson must quote myself, namely, Bruce Dickinson for another blurb of Dickinsonean worldly wisdom that I shared in the election thread and dovetails into what the poster Concerned said above:

"Look at the rent control proposals that were resoundingly defeated and represented a wholesale rejection of the externalities that rent control brings to cities such as San Francisco, Berkeley, Santa Cruz and Santa Monica (all rent controlled cities). Again, it was Burlingame residents coming out and saying "we're different, we don't want to be like them". So despite the fact that advocacy groups and candidates try really hard to change it, they get resoundingly defeated, over and over and over again. The reason: they don't really understand the overall pulse of the community."

This Cynthia person may have a local fan club, but let's face it, it's a tiny fan club that seems to hold membership meetings in an echo chamber! She and her minions would be far better off to focus their efforts on moving to a rent control-friendly city such as SF, Santa Cruz, Santa Monica, Berkeley where they would be welcomed with open arms and they would be amongst more like minded individuals. Compare that to "fighting the system" over virtually insurmountable odds by trying to get Burlingame on the rent-control bandwagon. The only thing crazier would be trying it in Hillsborough or Portola Valley!

Maybe they love the challenge, maybe they like to fight to change hearts and minds, maybe they're masochistic, maybe they have issues with boundaries and don't feel self-actualized unless they are pushing these boundaries..who knows...I'll leave that to the local psychiatrists!

What Bruce Dickinson does observe is that they don't really seem to be enjoying themselves very much and are seething with vitriol and anger, lashing out at every opportunity, blaming everyone yet providing little/no evidence (as Joe mentioned, what complaints from citizens?), making unconvincing, illogical arguments and literally putting their worst foot forward when making these proposals and dealing with the community and its leadership. It's totally backfiring, which only seems to get them more angry in an endless (and increasingly pointless) vicious cycle!

They would be a lot happier and will probably lengthen their life expectancies by moving to their utopia rent-controlled cities and enjoy everything they have to offer. Folks, life is way too short to be miserable all the time, do yourself a favor and invest in your happiness and mental well-being!

I know I did, and look where it got Bruce Dickinson! *wink*

Barking Dog

What came out of the Nov 13 study session?

Barking Dog

Did Cynthia really think that Ms Keighran and Ms Colson were going vote for YES on the emergency ordinance in advance of AB1482 becoming law 1/1/20, after months of trashing their names and families in OpEds in the SMDJ and on the HFAB website? For the renters that didn't get this protection they feel they were owed by the City of Burlingame, they can look directly at Ms Cornell and thank her. Keep poking the bear Ms Cornell, it's worked out so well for you and your 'so called' cause to this point...

Bruce Dickinson

At the end of World War II, the Allies had a very serious debate with respect to whether they should attempt to assassinate key people in the German high command. The thinking was that some of the battle decisions, many of which were directed straight from the top, were so bad that it was better to let them make poor military decisions and get whooped in these key battles. In essence that would lead to a quicker end to the war.

As mentioned by both BD's above, this Cornell person may be sealing the fate for rent control for many years to come via tactics that are completely backfiring and only causing extreme annoyance and fatigue. The problem is, that group is so fringe and so small, that I'm not even sure there is someone to pull an Alexander Haig and say "step aside, I'M in control now" and usurp power and really propel the cause forward with any hope of efficacy.

Herein lies the problem with an unpopular idea and one that goes against economic fundamentals and even common sense. Will be an uphill battle. As Bruce Dickinson said, for those who really believe in rent control, they can move to the other cities mentioned and live in their own utopia.

Win-win for everyone involved!


So anyway, has anyone out here gone out to see the City of Burlingame Fire Depts?

Jennifer L Johnson

For the record, Cynthia is at it again. If you have not plugged in to what is going on at Mercy on Adeline, get ready. The sisters are making an honest effort to have a dialogue but Cynthia and Mike Dunham are jumping in with their agenda. It is too early to tell but you might want to get plugged. https://courbanize.com/projects/mercy-campus


Haven't Cynthia and Mike D. yet decided to actually get a job and productively contribute to society?

Acting as an entitled and spoiled person is not very attractive.

Barking Dog

Jesus Christmas
Any insight into there requests? Excuse me, demands. Ms Cornell I see from today's DJ still attacking the Heathcare District.
As soon as AB899 passed last week, Mr Dunham felt a rise in his pants, knew to go on the attack with his mentor Ms Cornell and their blivet.

Barking Dog

Jennifer, good for you bringing to the sisters attention the non neighbors input. Tell the San Bruno councilman to worry about San Bruno's fiscal and housing needs. Jordan Grimes is another chiming in. Hes as delusional as they come.

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