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October 03, 2019


You suck

oh please. You resist every change unless it’s immediately evident how it will benefit you. Buzz off, Scrooge.

Bruce Dickinson

Well, Joe, look at the bright side: At least someone telling you that "you suck" is better than "you're dumb".

In that vein let me oblige by responding to the comment above:

Hey You Suck, guess what? You're dumb!

Just Visiting

It wasn't Speier or Cornell who inserted the Health Care District into the housing business--it was the Health Care District, when it decided to use public land to, wait for it...build housing.

Once the Health Care District made that decision, it was sure to attract the attention of housing advocates, and elected officials who are looking for ways to address the housing shortage.

Cornell is a one-trick pony and agitator--though give her credit for how hard she works at it, even if you don't agree with her.

And, if PHCD is going to use public land to build housing, it's hardly revolutionary to expect a benefit to members of the public not served by market-rate housing (who, presumably, don't need any public help--that's why it's "market rate"). Stated another way, the "market" doesn't need PHCD to supplement housing stock, but if housing is an appropriate use of PHCD's land--and PHCD seems to think it is--then it's reasonable to expect public benefit in the form of below-market housing.

Paloma Ave

It appears that Cornell wants something that others will subsidize. I for one am not in favor of subsidizing her or anyone else.

If you cannot afford to live in Burlingame then go elsewhere.

Burlingame has never been affordable and will never be affordable.

Can't she get that through her thick skull?

Barking Dog

Nail on head Paloma Ave

In my retirement years, and being able to maintain my minimalist lifestyle, I can't afford to live here anymore starting in 2021, so I am moving.

Last thing I would ever vote for is to subsidize housing for tech employees who make over 100k a year.

Paloma Ave

Barking Dog - Why would you want to subsidize housing for anyone?

Barking Dog

The only people/persons I would CONSIDER SOME form of subsidize housing for is Police/Fire personal and elementary public school teachers(not SMUHSD) and ONLY in the city that they are employed in. And only for the duration of their employment for these agencies. Once retirement or pursue new career, they would lose that right. I feel they would have a better pulse on the neighborhoods/residents if they were fully vested in the community. Most aren't now. Back in the day in Burlingame, many of the police/fire/teachers lived and had children in Burlingame. They felt the pulse of the community and their needs/concerns.

Techies, Seniors, other administration workers for the city, etc, NEVER would I consider voting to subsidize. Just my opinion. Sorry Cornell if this makes me 'selfish'

It don't come easy

less housing, more parks.


Thank you for posting "your feelings."
I believe you are an incredible Mean Human being.
Though you have unlimited sources of income, no matter what you try to "Fix Yourself" nothing ever works, and it is ALWAYS someone else's Fault.
All your pseudo friends/co workers dislike you.
Anyway, just an observation.
PS less housing, more parks.


What is Wrong With People?

professor awesome

Self-aggrandizing??? That doesn't even make sense. Do you really think Ms. Cornell receives any material benefit from her tireless advocacy? If you're going to launch ridiculous ad hominems, at least try to come up with something halfway plausible.

And I question your grip on reality when you state that the "general public" would benefit from market-rate housing but not affordable housing. I know plenty of teachers, seniors, and low-income families in Burlingame that would qualify for affordable housing. Are those people NOT members of the general public in your view?

I agree that the PHCD should not be in the housing business. So does Ms. Cornell, from what I can tell. It sounds like you actually agree with "Her Highness" on that point. Except she is actually doing something about it.

I certainly think someone's up on a high horse, but it ain't Ms. Cornell.


First Responders:
Police, Fire, EMTs all have GREAT Benefits, plus make @ $200,000.00 a year.
If anyone out there lives next to a "First Responder" in the entire San Francisco Bay Area- New Cars,Boats Private Schools, Nice House.. this myth of the Poor First Responders living Pay Check to Pay Check is ridiculous.
Walk into any Fire House in Burlingame, and you will see incredible appliances, $2-3 Thousand Dollar Personal Chairs, "Architectural Digest" fixtures and more.
Educators, on the other hand could use some help.
Please set up a Tour of any COB Firehouse. See for yourself.

Fugit All

Less housing, more parks!

The parks will make great campsites for those people who can't find affordable housing here.

Just wait until the Facebook campus opens. You folks will really bust a nut when young techies looking to stash their cash or who just don't want to pay Burlingame rents start parking their RVs all over town.


More Parks.
Less Housing.
Military Style Barracks for all at Facebook.
Start your voting now!


It's probably a good time to start a towing company! Call it "Burlingame Streets For All".

Joe, you can put this page in the "Truth Hurts" file. Thanks for standing up for reality and real principles. Professor Awful confuses tireless advocacy with the idea that the bit that starts with There is no possible excuse ... reflects more than a tiny minority's twisted reality.


Well said Joe


Who precisely is responsible for the Burlingame destruction in just the last 4-6 years? The intimate little town offers noise, crime, average schools, massive government spending, traffic/parking issues,some of the countries highest taxes all while they turned the town into a renters town with people screaming for free handouts. My sweet Jesus. The little town who once was is gone for good.


I think they should set up affordable housing in Hillsborough too. I mean who doesn't want to live in a nice area on "someone" else's dime? That make makes complete sense to me.

Paloma Ave

Ron "The Human Hedgehog" Jeremy?

Barking Dog

YouTube Norm Macdonald telling a story about The Hedgehog and Rodney Dangerfield on Howard Stern

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