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October 09, 2019



Until a Huge West Coast Earthquake happens-we all know it will, investing in Bay Area Business' is a No Go.
Facebook coming here is good for Facebook. That's all.

I am hoping some Major Employment Oversight representing The State of California will be in effect to review the People being hired.

I am ALL IN for DICK-O-NOMICS too.
Where do we VOTE for MOREDICKS.

Fugit All

Getting back to the original topic of "Renters (getting) screwed," I can remember a year in which my rent increased more than 20% because I asked for a light switch change in the same month my smoke detectors were switched out. Actually, the request was made by an apartment sitter of mine and not myself because I know better than to request more than a single change in the fall months of the year when my annual rent increase letter is due to be slid under my door.

Some years it's as low as 2%. One year it was especially painful and was $250/year; or around 20%. The point is, I never know how much it will be. I'm currently living with a broken stove and a leaking hot water faucet in the bathroom. I dare not ask for either to be repaired because I've already had the busted window blind repaired this summer and too much at once results in astronomical housing expense increases.

So, I shut off the hot water in the bathroom at the valve beneath the sink. And I use an air fryer instead of the oven even though I love to cook and prepare my own meals as a way to save money. I'm completely ignoring the death knells my fridge is making. Last fall the building's washer/dryer was replaced and now it costs 25% more in quarters to do laundry even though it's twice as hard to get quarters for the task (my credit union has contracted).

It's a pretty mundane list of grievances, yeah? Compound that list every year you've lived in your residence. Imagine being afraid to ask that both your sink AND your stove get fixed because both at once is surely too much, too greedy. Now imagine that stress every year when new things arise that need fixing. Sometime you ask for them to be addressed and you are punished. Sometimes you pretend they can be ignored and still you are punished.

Rent control means a person can ask to have their stove, sink, and heat fixed in the same season and not be forced out of their home from punitive rent increases.


When I lived in SF in the 1980's rent control was a great thing, especially considering the age of the "market."
Part of the rent control covers internal repairs.
-If the Owner/Corporation does not make repairs in a reasonable time(3 weeks)the tenant can pay a contractor-or themselves to do the work and deduct the cost from the Rent Bill. I understand the need to raise rents. SF has a cap. So no one is surprised, or kicked out.
Rent Control is just good business. Moral too.

Barking Dog


Here's what rent control and "affordable" housing developers did for these renters.

Barking Dog

Nail on head



....and this didn't take long:

Assembly Bill 1482 was signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom last week and starting Jan. 1, it will prevent landlords from raising rents by more than 5% a year plus the regional consumer price index. The bill had a retroactive clause that caused all rents to freeze to the level they were on March 15, 2019, so any increase now would have to go back to that level come Jan. 1 when the law takes effect. So, for the next two-plus months, landlords can raise rent by any amount in Redwood City and tenants could be displaced if they cannot afford the increase — what’s often referred to as an economic eviction.

On Monday, Assemblyman David Chiu, D-San Francisco, who authored AB 1482, urged the Redwood City Council to pass an urgency ordinance to protect renters from economic evictions before his bill takes effect.


Barking Dog

You are in the loop Joe, you think that RWC council has the votes and will pass the urgency notice quickly, as LA seems to be doing today?

Wonder how many more available came off the market today...??


Zero will come off the Market you Greedy Landload, yeah that's right, Landload.

Paloma Ave

Holyroller - Can I send you a new set of "D" cells? If yes, what address?


What does that mean?


Well, here we go:

The Burlingame City Council voted 4-1, with Councilwoman Ann Keighran opposing, to enter a joint powers authority interested in purchasing a local apartment building with between 100 and 150 units.

Should the authority operated by the California Community Housing Agency, or CalCHA, acquire the unspecified building, which is slated to go to market early next week, rents of the units would be reserved for those making between 60% to 120% of the area median income.


For the mathematically challenged, 120% of area median income is above the area median income..................

Barking Dog

What is the initial investment of the City? Will this count towards the COB goal in the general plan for additional housing/affordable housing?

No collection of property taxes on the land, nor does the county or local school district. Average about 1.5M a door in Burlingame(100-150 doors being discussed)and both BSD and SMUHSD floating bond measures in 2020....but this Joint Authority/Developer/Business Entity wouldn't have to participate. Wow

In my mind a(any) Joint Powers Authority = License to stick it to Joe Taxpayer.

ZERO seats on a board of a Joint Authority and the COB will have skin in the game?? Wow and Wow.

Thank you Ms Keighran for using common sense with your vote...not being rushed to vote YES on something you know(and what the Burlingame City Manager and the SM County Manager both expressed reservations with the financial impact)isn't in the best interest of the taxpaying residents of Burlingame.

Mr Brownrigg just lost a lot of votes in Burlingame for his State Senate run, IMO. He is going to have no problem, if elected, throwing Burlingame residents to the wolves and shoving a new version of SB50 down our throats next year.

Barking Dog

So after 15 or 30 years the COB has the opportunity to take over the property(I assume by buying out CalCHA holdings in the JPA, in property) and then the COB will become landlords? The COB can't even schedule clean outs of drains in a timely/quarterly/bi annually/annually manner to prevent flooding on city streets during storms, BUT the COB thinks they have the capacity to become landlords now?? Give me a break...


Frightening. My mother used to use the term "a pig in a poke" for stupidity like this.


More and more government intervention of free markets has never led to a better world.
This country was not founded on government leadership of the economy but upon a government that would allow its citizens the freedom to succeed (or fail) on their own.
The great, and very successful to date, American experiment is being threatened by the proven failed policies of more government intervention of free markets.

just visiting

So no antitrust laws, no interstate highway system, no labor laws, no environmental laws, no food safety, no air traffic control,...the list of government intervention in the free market is long and distinguished.

These all made the world worse? That's a stunning argument.

I don't know if the City made the right or the wrong decision on this and--probably like you--haven't studied the issue the way the City staff and council did before voting on it, but the concept that any government intervention is bad is just plain wrong.


Just visiting inadvertently just made Concerned's point even stronger. Everything Just Visiting noted was to benefit everyone in society not some select few except perhaps the labor law part which as we can see is not working out very well for the taxpayers who have to fund crazy public pension costs.


Rent control takes another beat down statewide:

California voters handily rejected a ballot measure Tuesday that would have rolled back state limits on rent control, the second such measure in three years.

Only about four in 10 voters supported Proposition 21, as of the late-night tally. The initiative, which required a simple majority to pass, would have expanded the housing eligible to be covered by local rent regulations, including newer buildings, single-family homes and apartments vacated by their tenants.

The proposition was the sequel to a more sweeping attempt in 2018 to repeal the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act, a 1995 law that restricts how cities can curb rent increases. The 2018 initiative failed by nearly 20 percentage points — a gap that paralleled the 2020 reprise.



Free Markets have recenty led to a significant (over 30% in SF) reduction in rents since last year.
Rent Control, and Marxists Cindy and Dunham, had nothing to do with this market adjustment. Their past efforts, if successful, would have limited this market driven benefit to renters.
The CA population has wisely spoken. Still be aware of the CA Legislature defying their constituents with more lifetime politician stupidity pandering to the uninformed, such as C and D.

Barking Dog

According to Jordan Grimes, Dumdum's comrade @ Peninsula for Everyone they are going to continue pushing rent control.
Keep pissing into the wind guys


Barking Dog



Love this guy:


The Daily Journal front page Feb. 25 had two articles saying we have a housing shortage, yet everywhere I look there are For Rent signs.

Most buildings have multiple vacancies, rents have dropped substantially and many landlords are offering a month or more free with a year lease. This doesn't seem like a housing shortage from what I see. Either our elected official don't get out much or they have been influenced by their donors from the building industry.

Tim Donnelly




The Daily Journal is a joke these days. This article and others are written without checking any facts at all. It's like they are getting paid by certain groups to write articles with misleading information. Anyone walking or driving around can see the "for rent" signs popping up every where. Whose agenda is the SM Daily Journal pushing this week? That's the question to ask.

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