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October 09, 2019



Until a Huge West Coast Earthquake happens-we all know it will, investing in Bay Area Business' is a No Go.
Facebook coming here is good for Facebook. That's all.

I am hoping some Major Employment Oversight representing The State of California will be in effect to review the People being hired.

I am ALL IN for DICK-O-NOMICS too.
Where do we VOTE for MOREDICKS.

Fugit All

Getting back to the original topic of "Renters (getting) screwed," I can remember a year in which my rent increased more than 20% because I asked for a light switch change in the same month my smoke detectors were switched out. Actually, the request was made by an apartment sitter of mine and not myself because I know better than to request more than a single change in the fall months of the year when my annual rent increase letter is due to be slid under my door.

Some years it's as low as 2%. One year it was especially painful and was $250/year; or around 20%. The point is, I never know how much it will be. I'm currently living with a broken stove and a leaking hot water faucet in the bathroom. I dare not ask for either to be repaired because I've already had the busted window blind repaired this summer and too much at once results in astronomical housing expense increases.

So, I shut off the hot water in the bathroom at the valve beneath the sink. And I use an air fryer instead of the oven even though I love to cook and prepare my own meals as a way to save money. I'm completely ignoring the death knells my fridge is making. Last fall the building's washer/dryer was replaced and now it costs 25% more in quarters to do laundry even though it's twice as hard to get quarters for the task (my credit union has contracted).

It's a pretty mundane list of grievances, yeah? Compound that list every year you've lived in your residence. Imagine being afraid to ask that both your sink AND your stove get fixed because both at once is surely too much, too greedy. Now imagine that stress every year when new things arise that need fixing. Sometime you ask for them to be addressed and you are punished. Sometimes you pretend they can be ignored and still you are punished.

Rent control means a person can ask to have their stove, sink, and heat fixed in the same season and not be forced out of their home from punitive rent increases.


When I lived in SF in the 1980's rent control was a great thing, especially considering the age of the "market."
Part of the rent control covers internal repairs.
-If the Owner/Corporation does not make repairs in a reasonable time(3 weeks)the tenant can pay a contractor-or themselves to do the work and deduct the cost from the Rent Bill. I understand the need to raise rents. SF has a cap. So no one is surprised, or kicked out.
Rent Control is just good business. Moral too.

Barking Dog


Here's what rent control and "affordable" housing developers did for these renters.

Barking Dog

Nail on head



....and this didn't take long:

Assembly Bill 1482 was signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom last week and starting Jan. 1, it will prevent landlords from raising rents by more than 5% a year plus the regional consumer price index. The bill had a retroactive clause that caused all rents to freeze to the level they were on March 15, 2019, so any increase now would have to go back to that level come Jan. 1 when the law takes effect. So, for the next two-plus months, landlords can raise rent by any amount in Redwood City and tenants could be displaced if they cannot afford the increase — what’s often referred to as an economic eviction.

On Monday, Assemblyman David Chiu, D-San Francisco, who authored AB 1482, urged the Redwood City Council to pass an urgency ordinance to protect renters from economic evictions before his bill takes effect.


Barking Dog

You are in the loop Joe, you think that RWC council has the votes and will pass the urgency notice quickly, as LA seems to be doing today?

Wonder how many more available came off the market today...??


Zero will come off the Market you Greedy Landload, yeah that's right, Landload.

Paloma Ave

Holyroller - Can I send you a new set of "D" cells? If yes, what address?


What does that mean?

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