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October 28, 2019


Linda Petereson

Anyone notice the irony in the photo? The two people in the audience that are in the photo are busy on their phones... Burlingmae will never draw quality musicians nor consumers as the average Burlingamer doesn't appreciate music at the level it would take to have a small music scene.

Peter Garrison

It’s post-modern thing- this not listening to music.

We’ve been trained not to listen; constant music in elevators, sports events, hallways, shopping centers, even outside Burlingame restaurants blasted outside to the sidewalk area.

At the symphony or opera, people chat, check their phones, clap at the wrong times, wander around...

Key for me to this revelation is at mass, when our world-class organist is playing a prelude and people chat until.... until the music ends and then they get quiet thinking something important is going to happen! The important just happened; and they missed the chance to be still and center themselves. Our busy, noisy culture has trained them to distrust music as a joy and treat music as so much background noise.


The phone droids are at it again. Geez people get off your phones and enjoy life while you still can!!

Or maybe you can't?


I'm not sure what is going on in town, but I like it. I just saw an ad in the Daily Journal for music tonight at Steelhead Brewing. A great local duo is playing at Il Piccolo as well and the Vinyl Room has been a Friday venue stalwart. Kudos to Steelhead for actually advertising their entertainment--that is the next phase of turning Boringame back into Burlingame!


I am really happy for Steel Head.
However, that place gets so loud nobody will ever know there is a Music Event going on.


Funny how those idiots in the image can't resist to feed their smartphone endorphins. I am here but really I am not here. Is it just a shadow on the wall?


Here's the latest city effort to spruce up B'way and keep the momentum going:

As part of an effort to enhance the vibrancy of the Broadway shopping district, the City of Burlingame recently launched the Broadway Facade Improvement Pilot Program to help business and property owners renovate their storefronts and exterior facades.

Eligible improvements include signs, awnings, exterior painting, and exterior lighting. To be eligible for funding, applicants must receive written consent from the property owner.

There is $50,000 available in the program, with up to $10,000 available for an individual business. Applications will be reviewed at the monthly Economic Development Subcommittee meetings on a first-come, first-served basis.

The pilot program will run through March 15, 2020. If you are interested in learning more about the program, please contact Economic Development Specialist Joseph Sanfilippo at 650-558-7264, or email [email protected].


Why are the only two old people staring at their smartphones during the show? Geriatric maybe.


The DJ has a nice write-up about Il Piccolo that includes some hope that music might return:

Prior to the pandemic, the cafe hosted live music during weekend evenings. Polat said he hopes to get back to that as things return to normal, but for now he is struggling to find staff to expand his hours and is still recovering economically from the pandemic.


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