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October 20, 2019



C'mon, Barking Dog. Tell us what the zola.com link said. Pleeeez.

Barking Dog

Quoted direct from link that I screenshot:

"Although your presence is a present enough, if you would like to gift further,please check out the below

We're planning to go to Denmark and Finland, so Deeksha can check more countries off her list and Mike can see a Bernie-style socialist utopia firsthand"

Then went on to list meals, housing accommodations, flights the couple were asking gifted to them.

Politics Schmolitics

Sure call Colson a Republican just Trump,
CaLL Beach a Democrat just like Kenedy, and Call Dunham a Socialist just like Obama.

The shoe fits them all.

Will Robinson

So you're worried Dunham will turn Burlingame into Denmark or Finland? While neither of those are Socialist countries, (both are market economies) they are both nicer than Burlingame currently, so hey.. Sign me up!

WTH, I'll vote for Dunham, I'm starting to like what I hear more and more. (Ed, comment truncated for appropriateness).


Danger, danger.

So you are going to vote for someone who has never made any community contributions in their three years locally before running for City Council.

You justify this decision due to your love for two socialist mono race countries and your obsession for his wife?

Cynthia Cornell became his Treasurer as a result of his promises for more free stuff for renters. At least she is transparent.

Democrats Beach & Dunham Cruise to Victory, Republican Colson Stunned!

I like that Dunham is married to an Asian. Burlingame has largely failed it's minority residents for decades, and like the Socialist Obama (whom everyone on Burlingame Voice admits was the best president since the 1960s), I'm excited Dunham is bringing a fresh viewpoint to this tired, old, conservative town.

Democrats Beach and Dunham will bring vitality and life to Burlingame.

Republican Colson will retire to her pending real estate practice and SamCar overlords.

Bree Olson

Removed in violation of the Terms of Use (editor)


Given the multiple comments claiming Donna Colson is a Republican (and a budding real estate agent!!), I decided to contact her about her party affiliation.

She became a No Party Preference (NPP) also referred to by some as Decline to State (DTS) more than a decade ago. I think Carolyn Staunt, Jian Liu and DBBC can now stop the misguided comments, please.

As for the real estate interests, Colson is endorsed by SAMCAR and the Tri-County Apartment people, but has not taken any donations from either one. Given her vocal opposition to the local rent control measure that got slaughtered at the polls, these endorsements are not a surprise.


Anyone who googles "Colson FPPC form 460" will see that's not true. Five Samcar realtors incl Anne Oliva plus Samcar was Colsons biggest 2016 donor.


So if five Google engineers give a candidate money that means Google gave them money? What an idiot. Since you know where to find the finance statements care to comment on 95%+ of Dunham's money coming from outside of Burlingame? I guess that makes him the Manchurian Candidate by your logic.

Barking Dog

From 1/30/19 - 6/30/19

Colson - 23 Donations. 15 from Burlingame residents, including 2 sitting council members, including the one currently running for State Senator as a Dem. None of donations from out of state.

Dunham - 63 Donations. 3 from Buringame residents. 2 of the 3...Mike Dunham and Cynthia Cornell. Most of his donations came from out come from out of state. His 2 major donors came from out of state.
Leadership for Education Equality
Wildfire Contact


Annie Oliva is the ex president of Samcar, and Republican endorsed Donna Colsons largest donation in 2015 race was from Samcar.

Barking Dog

Sorry,I misread form. Payment was made to Wildfire Contact, as political consultants/mailings/lit. Payment was also made to the Education Equality group, but they also made a $1000 donation.

Only 3 Burlingame residents, one being Mr. Dunham himself and the other Ms Cornell is very telling in my view.

63 total donations from 1/30/19 - 6/30/19

3- Burlingame Residents
29 - Californian's- Non Burligname Residents
31- out of state Donations
1.89% of Donations from Burlingame Residents


With due respect to Joe, as hes merely reporting, this statement is demonstrably false:
"Colson is endorsed by SAMCAR and the Tri-County Apartment people, but has not taken any donations from either one."

Barking Dog

Ms Oliva's name is nowhere on the form for 1/30/19 - 6/30/19.

Barking Dog

2015 is not 2019....2015 is the past...time to move forward SHAMCRA and quit reliving the past


Ex Samcar president Oliva clearly donated to Republican- endorsed Donna Colson on Jul 03 2019, shortly after she received an identical amount from Samcar. Likely a passthrough that should be attributed to original source, but Annie Oliva is just as bad.

Mark Simon said in the daily journal that Oliva received zero Democrat endorsement votes out of 100.

Cathy Baylock

SHAMCAR, you paint people with a very broad stroke. From what you write, you dislike anybody who is a Republican, a realtor or who is supported by a realtor. Who else don't you like? Or, conversely, who DO you like? Obviously, good character and achievement don't factor into your litmus test. Sheesh


In this order:
Republicans > Realtors > Child Molesters> Hitler > SAMCAR Realtors

Hope that clears it up for you, lol
I'm not anti Republican, and my wife is one, just would prefer to vote for Democrats Beach and Dunham when given chance.


Where to start?

Before I waste 20 minutes looking for something that doesn't exist, please provide the source (date and amount from the 460's) where SAMCAR made a donation to Colson.

Before I waste another 20 minutes, please provide the source of your misinformation that the Republican party endorsed her.

You will no doubt enjoy this little reference as well:


There are many corollaries to Godwin's law, some considered more canonical (by being adopted by Godwin himself)[3] than others.[1] For example, there is a tradition in many newsgroups and other Internet discussion forums that, when a Hitler comparison is made, the thread is finished and whoever made the comparison loses whatever debate is in progress.[8] This principle is itself frequently referred to as Godwin's law.[9]

I'm pretty sure we won't be hearing from you again after next Tuesday :-)

Barking Dog

Well Joe, I wasted 20 mins looking this up. This data is from the 1st Pre Election Statement for both Mrs Colson and Mr Dunham. From 7/1/19 to 9/21/19.

Mrs Colson is supported by the San Mateo County Republican Party. It clearly states on the page that this isn't an endorsement, as Ms Colson is not a registered Republican and they only endorse Republican candidates.

Yes, Ms Oliva did contribute to Ms Colson's campaign on 7/3/19. Nowhere is there a contribution to Mrs Colson's campaign from SAMCAR.


117 Total Contributions

93 Burlingame Residents, including 3 ex Burlingame City Council Members(and Mayors), 3 current(as far as I can tell, there might be more and I don't know their names) residents who are members of a city commission(Park & Rec, Library, etc)

23 Californian's - Non Residents

1 Out of State.

Also, according to the statement, Ms Colson does alot of her campaign business(flyers, t shirts, ads, etc) with local Burlingame businesses.

Mr Dunham

12 Total Donations
2 Burlingame Residents
10 Californians Non Residents
0 out of state

Mr Dunham does ZERO business with local Burlingame vendors for his campaign. All done out of state.

Mr Dunham's Totals for 2 Reporting Periods. 1/1/19-9/21/19
75 Total Donations
5 Burlingame Residents(Including Mr Dunham himself and Ms Cornell)
39 Californians Non Residents
31 Out of State

In my view, its pretty clear that Mr Dunham does not have a pulse on the Burlingame Community at all.

Burlingame Voter

Thanks for the research.
Only three BURLINGAME residents contributed to Dunham other than himself and his single issue rent control Treasurer.
Mike has not been in Burlingame very long and has never invested much time and effort in our community before expecting to be elected to City Council.


"Thank Trump & Donna Colson for that!"

Yes. Thank you Donald Trump.


I also want to thank Carolyn. Seeing her views makes me sure that I will be voting for Colson.

Bella Donna per favore

I see six donations from Samcar people to Donna Colson on the , but as a Republican, I'm still voting for her and only her, because these tax and spend liberals like Beach and Dunham just waste our money.

Every year it's another school bond.

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