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October 20, 2019




Liberals who ruined this great state now can’t afford to stay here.
California ranks #1 in poverty, #15 in violent crime and its taxes are among the highest in the nation.As stated by major publications: It’s now undeniable that liberal policies have destroyed the quality of life in one of our most beautiful states. This isn’t hyperbole, it’s an objective assessment by US News and World Report’s “Best States” ranking, which places California dead last in the “Quality of Life” category.

That is what ruined your little choo choo train

So don't act like a "child Trump hater" just because you lost the election.

And for local elections Burlingamers are smart enough to vote for the "most qualified" candidates and I doubt if they need your vitriolic ramblings to make a decision on how to vote.

Peter Garrison

Just back from DC; a city as liberal as our Bay Area; but with a huge difference... Here people allow themselves to be so self-righteous and angry about politics; rude language and behavior, virtue-signaling, purity tests, etc.... In DC you can see MAGA hats and Trump souvenirs at the airport and on the sidewalk with tour buses unloading folks to buy the stuff without any shaming or shouting by the other side. In contrast to this, I’ve been yelled at in my own driveway by a woman who thought my red golf cap was a Trump souvenir.

In his reflections on politics and the will of God, Lincoln noted, “both sides claim God’s favor” and “both could be wrong.”

That, I think, is a balanced and kind intellectual premise from which to start a political discussion or blog entry.



You costed Emily a few votes from our circle. Bet she will be overjoyed with your hate campaign.

Bruce Dickinson

Whoa, talk about the fangs coming out!!! In between the hissing, Bruce Dickinson thinks some dynamite comments were made by PG, (the other) BD, and JV.

This Dunham guy, for someone who hasn't been on the ground trying to solve Burlingame's problems in some small capacity, coming out and telling everyone how things should be run, in a highly opinionated and self-righteous way, gives off a terrible first impression. Mark my words, this is not the way to win hearts & minds and already I see a campaign doomed for failure (he will come in at a very distant 3rd place).

Folks, the issues facing Burlingame are extremely local and specific, that the political parties have almost no bearing on how our Councilmembers operate and vote. Historically, despite having councilmembers that are overwhelmingly affiliated with the Democratic party, some of those same members have fought the hardest against the the loonies running Sacramento! Seriously, talk about a great case to be made for everyone from the same party running things, like the supermajority legislature and the governor with zero checks and balances and we end up the ungovernable cess-pool that is California. And guess what, I'm a registered Democrat but I can admit when the pendulum swings way too far!!

Bruce Dickinson also finds it amusing that DJT, as unlikeable as he is in so many respects, isn't wrong on EVERYTHING. Seriously, do you know how impossible it is to achieve being 100% wrong on every single decision!!!?? Think about it, the value of someone being 100% wrong is just as high as someone being 100% right--yes you can place wagers on both sides of decisions! While we all realize that the 100%-whatever cannot exist, it's very funny to see people treat DJT as if everything he does is 100% wrong, which means that these very same people making this assertion completely unable to view things objectively. And guess what? That is a terrible characteristic to have when tasked with making important decisions!! You want to get to the upper echelons of success, like yours truly?? My advice is try to make decisions based on as many objective facts as possible!

Folks, in contrast to California, the systems of checks and balances at the Federal level is completely working and those who despise DJT have a very good chance of voting him out of office or encouraging impeachment. It's such a great test of the American system!

And even though Bruce Dickinson didn't vote for DJT, the fact of the matter is he is my President as much as he is your President and come November 2020 (or earlier), your new President may also end up being my new President! Ya know what I mean?!?

Carolyn Stupid

Want to watch Carolyn Staunt's head explode? Me too. So here are several links that show Donald Trump was a DEMOCRAT from August 2001 until 2009. That is right in line with when he "gave a lotta money to Democrats".





Politics Schmolitics

Wow. Lots of commenters defending Trump and Colson in the same breath. Dont know what to think of that!

Trump's crimes against immigrant children removed him from contention for my vote.

I guess the local equivalent is Colson's abandonment of seniors who rent and got evicted to the streets.

Barking Dog

I dont think anyone was defending DJT and Mrs Colson in the same breath PS, more defending an individual's right to chose a candidate who has more knowledge, understanding and credentials to represent the residents of Burlingame, no matter the political party an individual is affiliated with.

C. Staunt brought DJT into the conversation, just based on a political party, not the issues of our small 30k town.

And calling Mrs Colson out for what you think is abandonment of Seniors who rent,and not any other members of the current or past council's, that have been traditionally overwhelmingly Democrat, is just as disturbing as CS voting for Mr Dunham base solely in his political party.

Politics Schmolitics

Actually it was the October 20th post of Resident that brought up the relationship between Colson and the Republican Party

Barking Dog

Yes, correct the Rep Party, not DJT.

And I think resident's point was that Mr. Dunham alienating 46% of his constituents in a non partisan local election.

Politics Schmolitics

Your math is suspect, but most politicians in the Bay Area don't give a rat's patootie about offending Republicans.

That beach and Dunham sought the Democratic endorsement, while Colson Sought the Republic endorsement defies the logic of your assumption.

If all Republicans voted for Donna Colson and only Donna Colson you might be correct


I don't know which Burlingame Voice you are reading Politics Schmolitics but its not this one. My comment at the top doesn't have the word Colson in it--you made that up. I added the County's registration numbers to point out that Dunham has told more than 17% of the town to f&*k off. Apologies editors if that is too much but that is what we are talking about and you started it with the link to Dunham's post.

Carolyn Staut did what you say I did Politics Schmolitics. When I posted it I didn't know what the parties of Colson and Beach were. But now I have looked into it and it looks like Beach was actually a Republican during the last election. She switched since then. How do you like that. Maybe she will switch back if it doesn't work out.

Barking Dog

So, are you saying, that Mr Dunham insulting Burlingame residents, who he hopes to represent, in a non partisan local election, is good politics by Mr Dunham??

Barking Dog

I was adding the 29% chose not todeclare a party affiliation.

Barking Dog

An apology from Tulsi got Mr. Dunham's attention. Maybe an apology from Mr. Dunham will get the attention of some of the voters he is preaching to, instead of "No Comment"



I share the concern a few people have raised here about Mike's lack of prior commitment to Burlingame - both Donna and Emily worked for years behind the scenes volunteering with and leading local community organizations before running for council. Both of them have raised families here and have demonstrated a commitment to our community. Mike seems to be mainly a one-issue candidate, which got him the support of Cynthia and her Rent Control group, but I don't see him really appealing to any other constituency in a serious way.


Perhaps you might be understating Mike Dunham's danger to a large number of long time Burlingame homeowners. They are getting on in years and have paid premium prices for everything for years on the promise that their homes would be their nest egg and their kid's nest eggs. If you diminish the value of a single family home as a rental property when Mom passes you have hurt people who played by the rules. He's a Johnny Come Lately who arrived empty handed and expects a handout.


Thank you everyone. I guess. It's tough to keep up as the comments come fast and in great detail.

I still maintain that one's political party is not relevant to this non-partisan race. So we should just get back to how much housing is enough housing? How will get our money's worth from the new Rec Center (thanks, Lorne!)? Are we blanketing the town with traffic signs that are overkill and confusing (or do we just avoid the roundabout >wink< ? When will grade separation at Broadway happen? etc etc

Barking Dog

Mike couldn't wait to see and have someone else pay for his honeymoon to a "Bernie style socialist Utopia"


Barking  Dog

Well that link got closed by someone real quick. Too funny. At least I got a screenshot


Is this the longest thread ever at BV?

Andrew Peceimer

So we know Coulson and Beach are big spenders. What is Dunham's platform?

Jian Liu

Emily Beach will come in first, Dunham and Colson will fight it out for second spot.

Republican Colson readily admits she voted for Trump but wouldn’t do so again and has always voted with the Realtor Mafia.

Democrat Dunham is young, and has run a threadbare campaign, but he’s a bright kid who does his homework, and could be just what Burlingneeds.Jia

Peter Garrison

Big buzzword in election is “housing.” But what if we build a lot of housing- and there’s no where to go?

Case in point: Rumor is that Lunardi’s Market in Burlingame Plaza will be converted to housing/condos in two years. Shopping on Burlingame’s north end shifts to good old Millbrae.

“Cry havoc, and let slip” the fact-checkers!

Barking Dog

Just as Mr Dunham is self admitted Socialist

Just stop defending Mr Dunhamn, and attacking Ms Colson, just because of there political party. It makes zero sense in a local election for a non partisan position on a community council. It's stupid and petty.

Barking Dog

And if I had to take an educated guess; Mrs Beach ballot had/has a check in the box for Mrs Colson, not Mr Dunham

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