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October 09, 2019


Bruce Dickinson

Well Joe, let's see if they have done a good job. If the front spoiler on any of my Ferraris does not scrape the road on the new section, Bruce Dickinson will declare that as a win!

Paloma Ave

Is there anyone in Burlingame who loves their name more that Bruce Dickinson?

Bruce Dickinson

In a word: No!


I've pretty much scraped the front spoiler of my 3 series BMW out of existence. It's not worth fixing because of all the little parking space demarkers that will just tear it up again. But the car rolled over the new patches of pavement just fine. It's almost as if the City Public Works department had done the work instead of Caltrans. >winkquestion mark<

Barking Dog

More Cowbell Bruce. Love it


Go Caltrans!

Just hope they informed and coordinated with the utility companies. They’re known to come in and dig up newly paved streets. Looking at you PG&E and AT&T.


The news keeps getting better-- I just drove over several really nice patches of new pavement on the northbound side of ECR (right lane only).


Well, well, well-- a new trouble spot to join the three known flooding spots on southbound ECR:

8:01 PM SMC Alert - San Mateo County's Alert System
Southbound El Camino Real at Murchison in Burlingame is closed until further notice due to flooding.

How does Caltrans get away with this year after year after year after year after year?

More to follow as I have been talking to those that are working on it.


I get the "Thought for the Day" from a couple of sources including my hometown newspaper and the DJ. When I read today's item, the Big Project to "fix" El Camino immediately came to mind:

“Any fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius — and a lot of courage — to move in the opposite direction.”

— ALBERT EINSTEIN, German-born American physicist (born this date in 1879, died 1955)


At the very least, something is being done. I do not understand the "Its almost as if the City Public Works Department had done the work instead of Caltrans."
Does that mean Caltrans does better work than Burlingame Public Works Dept. or the opposite?


That question was for you Joe.


It's a tongue in cheek >wink< that it was done quickly and is a great, short-term fix so it probably did not come from the State.


I believe that if the City of Burlingame asked the Public Works Managers to do this type of work as a Regular Part of City of Burlingame Maintenance, they/we could be proactive instead of reactive.
We would not have to suffer through driving on an Unsafe Road.
The "Posted" Speed limit is NOT what we drive... Add 10-20 MPH.
When walking the ECR sidewalk, through Burlingame, you are taking your life in your hands.
Lets spend 60 Million-Plus on making our streets safe.
Not the City of Burlingame Ridiculous Recreation Center.
If we have to remove every tree on ECR, that's OK. Lets get New Trees Planted Now for the next Generation.


It was seemingly done quickly, relatively speaking, and it was indeed a quick short term fix. But the work was in fact done by Caltrans, not by Burlingame. Per Caltrans:

“In regards to the pavement plans, the pavement repairs done in El Camino Real were not part of a plan, but rather a decision due to multiple service requests.”


Well it is good to know that Caltrans and the City of Burlingame can work together....
Sort of.


We should put in "multiple service requests" to clear the damn drains. How hard is this? I bet more people will be injured in Burlingame hydroplaning on El Camino than from the virus.

jennifer Pfaff

Not sure how to post this, so I will ad to the "fix-it" thread:
Caltrans has done a pretty impressive job of creating an "Environmental Scoping" presentation online in keeping with Covid-19 precautions.

There is no particular project plan shown, yet. In a nutshell, this is a very thorough overview of conditions and issues, and they are asking if they've forgotten to include and/or consider. It is a required step of their planning process (CEQA).

If you have something to point out to them, and perhaps didn't attend, nor comment at the well-attended meeting at the rec. center in late January, you should do so, now.

Comments will be taken for 45 days- May 26-July 6, 2020. Just follow the cues they have: www.ECRscoping.com


A Caltrans crew walked down El Camino yesterday filling in small potholes by hand. It's about time.

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