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August 27, 2019


Ted Yun

Thanks for the summary Joe, and big congrats to the 9 plaintiffs who prevailed. That is a great victory, and if anyone purchased their house before 1940, they should be notified that they can start claiming up to $10,000/yr as long as the airport noise remains as loud as it is.

I am wondering however, how the judge ignored the exception in the statute that said if there is an increase in nighttime operations, we are allowed to collect damages. Data from the SFO website clearly shows an increase in nighttime take offs. If you apply a simple student's t-test, it meets the statistical definition of "significant" difference between 2017 and 2018. Thus, any way I read that statute, we should be eligible for damages. I have not yet compiled the 2019 data, but just perusing the past month's reports, it looks like there is a clear upward trend for the first 6 months.

Did the judge elaborate why she ignored this exception?


I think it is incumbent on us, in Round 2, to highlight what we think she missed and to do it with data as you suggest, Ted. There are a number of such areas where we need to dig deeper including how much late night maintenance testing/run-ups are happening. The 2 am whine has been bad this week.

Sleepless Dogs

I have to admit the let sleepless dogs lie is pretty damn funny. A lot of people just think we live next to an airport so deal with it, but you all have paved the way for things to improve. Thanks. I think.


bad weather or FAA rerouting flights = flight noise. I've lived here for 40 + years and there has always been plane noise, train noise, and dogs barking. Has it gone worse? Of course! That's because there are MORE people living on the Peninsula. The next complaint will be about the traffic and banning cars.


It's a good think the judge disagrees with you :-0

Barking Dog

As I've stated before here, I seem to fall with PEOPLEBITCH on this topic.

You must be 1 of the 9 plaintiffs to receive judgement Resident. If so congrats...good luck collecting. IMO, that is a bigger up hill battle than fighting and getting a favorable judgment. SFO just isnt going to writh the favorable judgements recipients a check.

For the other 32 plaintiffs, good luck if you continue your fight. I guess if you have the motivation, time, resources, money and patience is going to get you a favorable judgment, keep up the fight. To me it seems like pissing into the wind.

Sally Meakin

For those interested in accurate information on this topic, please visit sforunwaynoise.com. The runway back blast began about 3 1/2 years ago. The many implausible “explanations” that are lightly doled out can be ruled out. The city of San Francisco is responsible for the airport noise; we want the city to investigate and remediate the cause.


What's more entertaining than people bitching about other people's bitching, PEOPLEBITCH?

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