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August 25, 2019



I read that guy's letter and he made a very important point about the so-called YIMBYs. He made it clear that whatever they think is their backyard is also everyone else's backyard since we are all crammed into the Bay Area together. It's just a marketing ploy to call yourself a YIMBY since blowing out your backyard blows out everyone else's also.

Isabella Chu

On the contrary. YIMBYs believe people should be able to do as they like with their plot assuming it doesn’t hurt anyone. By that I mean munitions plant or tannery. Not a building my neighbor doesn’t love. The fascism (if we are going to use that word) comes from NIMBYs who want to dictate every aspect of what others can build on their *own* land.

Just Visiting

A lot of black and white thinking here...always productive when solving real world problems.

Primary is in March, yes? Then top two go to the general in November 2020. Question is whether two of the five Dems will qualify for November, or whether the likely one Republican on the ticket is #2 in total votes (as often happens; the math is unsurprising: five candidates split 75% of the vote, one candidate takes the other 25%). If the Republican takes the #2 spot, whomever wins the Democratic primary is a virtual certainty in November.

The bigger question is if you don't believe in more housing, presumably you don't believe in more jobs, i.e. economic growth? That's a stunning position for anyone to take. And does that also mean down-zoning all commercial property on the Peninsula to preclude new commercial buildings, taking away private property owners' economic bundle of rights?

Or is this problem more complicated than new building or no new building?


YIMBY \yim-bee\ n (ca. 2015) 1. A virtue-signaller who proclaims to want development in his own backyard but has no backyard. 2. An advocate for socialist housing policies that diminish actual housing availability and values.


The Post is reporting that Scott Weiner has endorsed Shelly Masur. The article also notes that while Masur has been on the RWC (8 years), the city council has approved 4,000 units of housing. Having been down in downtown RWC multiple times over the last few months, I can tell you that it looks like Soviet block housing.......

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