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June 20, 2019


Sally Meakin

Hi, joe. Nice writing and reporting. When you get the portable monitor, disregard the “a” decibel measurements as those readings diminish jet back blast. Ensure you get “c” measurements. And I’m asking myself, Why are Roundtable laypeople working to find the cause of the dramatic increase in runway noise over 3 years ago when it’s the City and County of San Francisco’s responsibility to investigate and mitigate excessive noise coming from the airport as per FAA regulations? The goal of sforunwaynoise.com is to do just that. The City doesn’t have to comply with any recommendations the Roundtable may make. Having said that, if I’m proven wrong, I’ll eat crow with some fava beans and a nice Chianti.


Here is an update from the SFO Runway Noise team:

SFO has now stated that they will be able to review the low-frequency rumbling noise that their sound monitors have recorded for many years. This is the sound that we care about as it is equivalent with ground-based noise. In the past, this data has not been reported, but it was indeed stored. The plan is to look at: 1) noise levels in the past, 2) just prior to the changes made on runways 1 R and L, and 3) noise heard now.
If we can determine exactly WHEN the noise became so much louder, we can perhaps pinpoint which changes at the airport caused it and therefore what can be done to improve things.

It is a lot of data to examine, and to get the most meaning out of this opportunity, it would be super helpful if any of you can help us pinpoint exactly when you first noted a change. We are hoping that maybe someone had an outdoor event or conference call when working from home or other specific memory that could help us determine which period we should begin examining.

The last meeting of the Ground-Based Noise (GBN) Subcommittee of the Airport Roundtable had to be rescheduled. However, we will be sending out information this week on both the general Round Table Meeting as well as the GBN Subcommittee Meeting that just took place.

Peter Garrison

Thanks, Joe!

Sally Meakin

Good morning, Joe. One night on November 20 - 24, 2015, the sudden and stark runway blast necessitated closing bedroom windows. I’d never heard this powerful sound from the airport before.

Nathan Poole

Hey Joe, I used to work with David Ong in the Air Force. Sure wish I knew how to ge in touch with him. Glad he was polite and helpful!


Nathan, shoot us an email at the [email protected] address and I will pass along Dave's contact info (just not sure about putting it here as you can imagine).

BTW, readers, Round 3 of our legal action on runway noise has been postponed AGAIN - first it was last November, then pushed to late January 2021, now it's in July of this year--maybe.

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