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April 26, 2019



I went on Jerry Hill’s website and there is nothing written to I ndicate his position on SB50. I sent an email to his office saying please vote NO but I would like to know where he stands.

Bruce Dickinson

Yes, Joe, agree, Ms. Colson needs to choose her words a little more wisely in Bruce Dickinson's opinion. Litigation is not a "waste" of money if it's for the right cause and if it's winnable. Great to see some cities have talent that are properly and intellectually articulating the issues, so much as to cite cases back to the Supreme Court.

California is in such its own bubble/ echo-chamber and is so completely divorced from reality, that I'd like to see some of this over-reaching and excessive legislation get past the 9th Circuit and get tested in front of the SCOTUS. I bet SB50 would get blown up so fast, it would make your head spin!

Steve K

I just went to the Jerry Hill (I do not respect that man) web site and asked that he state his opinion on the site. And I expressed my opinion against SB50.

And taking this to the federal supreme court would be worth every penny. A much better use of funds than a new rec center.


all your comments are awesome.
Nevertheless, is there anything POSITIVE happening in 'Our Fair City?"
-light bulbs
-pot hole repair
-traffic control @ BHS
-nice people
-infrastructure repair and replacement
-The City of Trees

 It Don't Come Easy

Maybe a reserve fund can be set up similar to stopping high speed rail?

Cathy Baylock

Here is a Northern California group who is working to opposed SB 50: https://www.livablecalifornia.org/donate/


I think the new traffic circle is working well (for something positive).

I think Jerry Hill is likely to be a supporter of SB 50 because (1) it is backed by tech companies and real estate developers and (2) my guess is he has aspirations for another office (Congress when Jackie retires) and wants their support.


Come on all.
Lets take week off of "Official" City of Burlingame "Infrastructure" debates.
Lets get back to Rumors, Insults, and Passive Aggressive Responses.
Political POV's
Poor Business Decisions
Food Critique
Last but not least,
Be Shameless.
Share your Wealth,


I have been in Malta visiting Family the last two weeks.
While listening to "Sirius/XM- Hair Nation Channel" I heard a GREAT song of yours...
"Tattooed Millionaire."

Or just a Rich Fu ker having a Good Life?
Do you have a WEb Site?
More Cow Bell!


Well, the Big Wiener of "housing" bills has been moved to the back burner for a couple of months:

SACRAMENTO — State lawmakers dealt a sharp setback Thursday to a San Francisco senator’s efforts to spur denser housing around public transit and in residential neighborhoods, shelving until 2020 a high-profile bill that would curtail local governments’ ability to block certain apartment and condominium projects.

State Sen. Scott Wiener promised to press on with his bill, SB50, after the Senate Appropriations Committee declared it would hold the measure for the rest of the year. The delay could give the Democrat more time to build support or make further changes to the deeply divisive legislation.

“It was the time to take a breath. We took a breath,” said state Sen. Anthony Portantino, a Democrat from La Cañada Flintridge (Los Angeles County), who chairs the committee. “It doesn’t mean we’re not going to focus on solving the housing crisis in California. It just means that this isn’t the right fix at this time to do that.”

That does NOT mean the wiener is burnt and needs to be thrown in the trash, it just means they will let it simmer until next year. Cities should continue to build up their legal reserves and highlight the inequality of the bill. We will also take a good look at the author's inability to deliver basic services in HIS OWN district since he seems to have no respect for OTHER PEOPLE'S districts which are much better run than HIS.

Jennifer PFaff

'Seems like the can just got kicked down the road....

Here's a concept: The few figureheads who support SB 50 and/or similar legislation should work within their own cities and counties, if they want to get this type of zoning legislation passed for their own areas. There is absolutely nothing that prohibits them from trying. But the heavy-handed, condescending top-down politics has no place in this State.

Peter Garrison

Big amen!

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