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April 21, 2019



Thanks, @Mom. I missed that bit of news, but now see it at the SacBee. While we are talking about the schools and BSD in particular, here is another bit of news from the DJ:

Maggie MacIsaac, superintendent of the Burlingame Elementary School District, lauded the collaborative effort leading to her school system moving out of the mandated support, known as differentiated assistance, for addressing chronic absenteeism.

“In Burlingame we believe all students have potential and knowing students’ names, faces and stories help us remove the barriers that get in their way,” she said in an email. “I am proud of the admin team, teachers and students in Burlingame for getting out of [differentiated assistance] in one year because we looked at systems and structures that would help us support students and families to be at their best.”


I did not know we were on "differentiated assistance" this past year.


The public should be shocked by such a law... but the underlying elements of the suspensions and their economic impact are the reasons for the new law.

Most in Burlingame would not realize that these "arbitrary" and damaging policies are in our own backyard.

"Willful Defiance" is arbitrary depending upon the individual in the superior position. "My classroom my rules" is the phrase used by many teachers.

But what if these "rules" were arbitrary, discriminatory, or simply a preference over common sense or logic?

What about favoritism towards a specific group or gender and avarice towards others:

This bias was presented at BHS.
According to Data presented about BHS
"Discipline is a HUGE Issue"
"Predominately Female Staff v. Male Behavioral Issues"

Male Suspension
BHS 5:1

"Females are not discipline issues."

Summary- BHS suspended (past tense) males at a 5:1 ratio to females and at a rate about the rest of the SMUHSD. In addition, the suspensions were linked by the administration to a gender based issue. "Male Behavioral Issue." (see attached)

“Ending willful defiance suspensions will keep kids in school where they belong and where teachers and counselors can help them thrive,”

"Under the legislation, school authorities could still remove disruptive kids from class, but would be encouraged to use alternative disciplinary practices, such as restorative justice or positive behavior support. Students could still be suspended for more serious actions, such as physical violence, theft or use of drugs." LA Times

"In 2017 and 2018, African American student suspensions represented 17% of total suspensions across the state, even though African American students made up less than 6% of total students in the state, according to California Department of Education data."


Louis Brandeis -PA Schools have a Public Record Portal

The Palo Alto Unified School District has a dedicated portal where it publishes ALL Public Record requests as well as the documents requested.

This level of transparency by a public agency allows the public to review the "authentic documents" and monitor the behavior of its leaders and employees as well as have first hand knowledge of how the public's tax dollars are spent.

If the local governments and school district were to adopt a policy of a Public Record Portal, the discussions of finance, policy, and employee behavior could easily be examined by the public.

“Publicity is justly commended as a remedy for social and industrial diseases. Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants; electric light the most efficient policeman.”


Allan Bakke-Crazy Covid - Affirmative Action (Sneak it through)

SMUHSD District want to "eliminate" grades this semester to be "fair."

Students failing courses will get No Credit. Students with A's will INSTEAD get CREDIT, eliminating the hard work they have performed.

Students would be BANNED from choosing a grade option... They can't even keep what they have earned.

San Mateo Union's grading pushback yields further examination
Officials postpone decision on adopting credit-only system in disrupted semester



@Allan Bakke- et al. Sorry your comment did not post right away. It landed in the Spam folder for some reason, but should be visible now. I'm adding this comment to highlight it.


Politics SHOULD be taught in Classrooms.
I believe it would be a great way to address "Uncomfortable Social Issues."
Get School aged children sharing their personal beliefs, their Parents Belief's, and the Social Effects experienced.
Debate and Critical Thinking should be taught from Kindergarten.

Allan Bakke -Credit/NoCredit Doesn'tGetYouintoCollege

See the Post above for the details of the move to Credit/NoCredit for ALL students.

SMUHSD and Sequoia Districts will decide on removing grades this week.

Students will lose the grades they have earned for the Spring 2020 Semester as they will be mandated to receive a mark of "Credit" (This could cover everything from the grade of A to D-)

The 98% grade of A your student held in AP Physics C Mechanics is now just "Credit."

Students will be banned from electing to receive a grade.



This Pandemic is likely to change every aspect of World Wide Society.
"That may not be a bad thing."
Anyway, "the Cream will always rise to the top."

Regardless of Grades, Neighborhood, Money and Connections.

Nevertheless, Parents living "Their Lives" through their Children's accomplishments, HAVE to start preparing "Their Lives" for disappointment.
The US NEEDS Janitors, Welders, Electricians, Law enforcement, Engineers, and yes Mechanics.
I used to think Law Enforcement/Military were the most Dangerous Careers.
Now it is a Nurse, a Custodian, and any Public Works Employee.
Happy Easter.

SMUHSD-1:00 pm Board Meeting?  What is it you don't want the public to see?

The past two SMUHSD meetings (scheduled at the normal 7:00 pm) had well over 500 people Zoom in.

There were 60 individuals who made public comments (limited to one minute each!) at the last meeting.

The Result? Move the meeting to the middle of the day when no one is available.

The next Board Meeting is July 14, 2020 at 1 p.m.

How are working people (even in a Pandemic)supposed to engage with their elected officials at 1:00 in the afternoon.

What is it you don't want the public to see?

Barking Dog

Looks like parents are taking action



If I'm not mistaken the board members have jobs too, so it's not like having a meeting in the middle of the day is ideal for them either.

Barking Dog

How many SMUHSD Trustee meetings have been on a Monday mid day in the last 5yrs?

SMUHSD-1:00 pm Board Meeting? What is it you don't want the public to see?

This is just another screw up on the part of the failed District Leadership.

It has been a "S*%T Show since Day 1. Same players, different issue.

If Principal Yim came back to dance then it would be complete.

The Administration had control of this Re-opening issues from May 12 to June 11.

It was the Parents who bolted. The failed Administration was then arrogant enough to double down on its failures and still attempt to push through its failed plans.

The Re-Opening Plan was to be presented to the Board on June 11, 2020.

The Superintendent actually pulled the plan created by HIS people on the afternoon of June 11, 2020.(This has never happened) He had nothing. One month of work and nothing.

The Administration's lies have has now pitted the parents against the teachers to deflect responsibility for their own negligence. If the parents and teachers turn of the Administration and Board, it could get ugly. The survey presented above, could do the trick.


Really wish the Who Are We section on that website would list names. Who are they????

Barking Dog

It says exactly who they are....a group of concerned parents who what answers from the SMUHSD.

Is BHS unsafe?-Groundskeeper Willie

What do you think is going to happen when the public finds out that an entire building at BHS has no operational HVAC system?

The metal schools have classrooms without any windows and the buildings are enclosed.

These compounds are petri dishes ready to be filled with teenage hosts passing the virus along.

If the kids can't wear a mask on the Ave, what makes you think they are going to do it when no one is looking at school, or on the way to school, or home from school, or at the home of a "friend" where the virus already exists.

Corona Virus likes this :}


Thanks, Willie. You have earned a new post using your thoughts here: https://www.burlingamevoice.com/2020/07/bgame-school-days-uncertainty-abounds.html#comments

KRN-Who represents the Public? Messages to Board directly forwarded to Administration

A member of the SMUHSD Board has their email account set up to automatically forward communications to the Superintendent.

(How do I know, the individual member (or the IT Department) failed in the set up and did not use the entire email address on the forward and it bounced back.

When sending a communication to the Board, the following should not be the response from the mailer-daemon.

"Your message wasn't delivered to skelly@smuhsd.org because the address couldn't be found, or is unable to receive mail."

Isn't the Board elected to represent the students, parents, and community? The Superintendent is an employee of the Board. So if a citizen sends a communication to the Board, then the item is automatically forwarded to the Superintendent with all of the writer's contact information?

So how does the Board hold the administration responsible for anything, if the complaints to the Board are being automatically forwarded to the administration?

The Board needs to hold the leadership responsible for their actions and represent the students, parents, and community. Its why the Board is elected.

In the era of public meetings being held via Zoom, it only takes the push of a single button to silence a public public speaker and call it a technology "glitch."


Wow. Just Wow KRN. That is disturbing to say the least.


I have received three employment write-ups since I was Involuntarily Transferred from BHS in 2016.

In 2017, the Board received a communication from a @gmail email account (private). A single member of the Board forwarded the email to the Administration and told them to “get Nelson.”
I was issued a written reprimand placing me on a path to termination for

“sending an email during class time.”

The communication was not written during work hours and my family uses an email scheduler to ensure my communications are sent. (we live in the modern era.)

The communication to the SMUHSD Board and the United States Office of Civil Rights was documentation that Deputy Superintendent Black had withheld information and provided false information during investigations by both of these bodies. The evidence of Dr. Black’s statements and those of BHS teachers was included in the communication.

The write up was not about WHEN the communication took place, but the CONTENTS of the email which made specific and evidence-based reports of the wrongdoings and negligence of the SMUHSD District Office and BHS Teachers. The Public Record emails of the individuals who made these false statements, illustrate that the complaint to the United States Office of Civil Rights was warranted.

The Board member who took the action has remained in hiding, despite requests included a legal Public Record Request to identify themselves. The Board also “closed ranks” on the issue, refusing to state who took the action.

There have been consistent and ongoing actions to silence the evidence of wrongdoing at BHS and to protect the costly negligence of individuals.

The SMUHSD has already spend well over $200,000 on legal and investigation expenses regarding the issues at BHS. They are holding the evidence... at least the administration is holding it.

During one of the June SMUHSD Board meeting, I was blocked as a speaker as the Administration feared what would be stated on ZOOM in front of 500 people and then placed on YouTube for all to watch. There were 60 speakers that evening, 59 people were allowed to speak.

I wonder what happened?

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