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March 17, 2019



Don't forget you can do yoga, strength and wellness, zumba and pilates at the Rec Center for cheap.


Thank you so much for mentioning Burlingame Fitness! We make it a priority to be the best one on service on the Peninsula!


All for the rich. How about giving fitness away free?


One truth about healthy living is that it is expensive.
Whole Foods-Organics
Medical Care
Gym Membership
Health/Exercise equipment
A well paying Job


When will people learn is no such thing as a free lunch. Or workout with a facility and an instructor. How about you do whatever you do for free? How does that sound?

Bruce Dickinson

Not to mention, just buy a pair of running shoes and the price of admission for fitness is pretty damn low. Someone already mentioned the Rec center options, which are very low cost.

These places are popping up precisely because people have busy schedules (work, family) who need short, intense but motivating (group, friends) workouts.

If living in Burlingame makes people so miserable because it's so expensive, might want to really lessen your stress level and move to a lower cost area.


Spoken like a true Brit. A Colonial.
Maybe we can move into one of your $2300.00 one bedroom apartments.
That way we-the proletariat will be unable to financially move forward, and stuck paying one half of our income to "you."
Good for you BD to have succeeded in life.
Shame on you and "Hillsider-esq" wealthy 70 plus year olds believing "I am owed this."
How many Multi Millionaires living in Burlingame receive SS benefits?
Not Moral, at all.

By the way BD, please suggest any lower cost area in the SF Bay Area that will lower stress.
Kind Regards,


This state and all its politicians are for free everything for anyone living here or those who simply decides to legally or illegally enter. I see it on the news all the time.

FREE EVERYTHING: Come on in and bring the entire family.

The California motto is: "We take it from those who make it"


Social Security is a forced savings plan. It is often called a "tax" by mistake but it is not a tax. People put money away with the understanding they would get it back regardless of whether they did well in life or not so well. It's their money hollyroller. Try to get that into your head.

Bruce Dickinson

Unfortunately, there is very little in California that is low cost. This is why many end up moving out of the state, particularly retired people, but even working families as the stress and toll in making ends meet can be over burdensome with ever skyrocketing costs, especially in real estate. Life is too short to be put in that situation.

It's ridiculous to think you can only have a happy existence in CA. Bruce Dickinson came from a blue-collar family that had a tough time making ends meet in a high cost area (Queens, NYC), so I completely get it.

Also, it's unfortunate that the "illusions" of fairness such as rent control and Prop 13 actually exacerbate the problem of high real estate costs. What you think may be helping is actually hurting the true clearing price of the supply/demand balance.


Very thoughtful comments Mr. Dickenson.
I appreciate the wisdom too.
I listened to Howard Stern today.
I listened to an interview with Nikki Stixx-your name came up.
He said only positive things.
"Just sayin."


Mr. Bruce Dickenson is a very interesting person.
Mr. BD has a awesome "back story."
I hope you folks can take the time to "look" him up on Wiki or another information site.


I almost missed this at the end of the Broadway grade separation article in the DJ:

In other business at the meeting, officials approved allowing recreation businesses such as gyms and fitness facilities along Burlingame Avenue. The commercial zoning code was loosened in an effort to crack down on the rise of storefront vacancies which are becoming increasingly common in the city’s central shopping district.



It looks like some gym owners have had enough-- "Nearly 40 lawsuits have been filed against Newsom’s shelter-in-place order, most recently from a group of nearly 300 gyms and health clubs."

Seems like it's time to reopen to me.

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