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February 22, 2019



Wow, that was a long time ago.
New Thread?


My friend seeing Las Vegas for the first time: “ Where does all the poo go? “


Buried in a story about the tiny little parks (the real "parklets" since the others should be call "restaurantlets") is this update on the buildings:

Kylli purchased the site in 2016, broke ground the following year on the project which was leased entirely in 2018 by Facebook to host its virtual reality subsidiary Oculus. The 800,000-square-foot project is comprised of six buildings, with four office buildings, an amenities building and a parking garage.

O’Brien said the construction is completed, interior work is underway and the tenant is expected to finish two buildings at the eastern section of the site next month. The other buildings should be completed in March or April. In all, he anticipated the buildings will be prepared for occupancy by the summer.


Dapepyt Koobecaf

Frankly; this company is packed-full of those supporting Fascism, Communism, and Socialism and all forms of statism.

If you lie down with dogs, you will get up with fleas


Unfortunately the DJ front page photo showed skateboarding on the hollow teakwood benches.

1. Not peaceful at all with the banging and reverberation, the incessant celebratory “woo-hoos” and clatter.
2. The wood structure will be quickly marred and broken.

Good idea for a quiet, contemplative spot for hardworking Facebook folks and nature lovers but the developers forgot about human nature tending to screw things up.


The clarity in the air has been stunning and views down there at the facebook complex have been awesome in the afternoon. Even rainbows. I saw a full complete end to end rainbow while on a bike ride yesterday.

I'm not happy about having that new addition to Burlingame and the changes it will have to bring to our town. But I have come to accept it as inevitable as part of the move the world is making toward the new world order of things. It's got me thinking that I am going to have to accept a lot of stuff that was unthinkably stupid just a few years ago. The goals of Agenda 21 are being met at a stunning rate and now with Trump gone the pace can be picked up.

When google introduced google glass seven or eight years ago I was pretty cynical about it. I thought how many people would want to put on some uncomfortable distracting device on their head so that they could be up to date with stock quotes, weather, voice transcriptions, driving directions?

Now its 2021 and people are practically without exception putting masks over their nose and mouth, breathing back in their own exhaled air and going everywhere at all times with it on. I even see people with one mask over another to signal I guess that they very very on board with the NWO program. Hard to believe they really are doing it for health. Everybody knows that being fat is a bigger contributor to getting sick and diseased than this new corona virus but they just keep getting bigger and bigger during he lockdown. People don't really give a damn about health. But signalling and conformity are really important to us.

This facebook center is going to focus on Oculus, virtual reality and augmented reality. When google glass came on the scene and was rejected I could understand why. Now I'm thinking it will be different. The powers that be have learned important lessons about what the public can be encouraged/forced to do. And they've learned new modes for doing this.

A couple years ago when I saw those Oculus buildings going up and I was drawing on my own experience with playing around with the Oculus headset and other devices I was thinking this VR/AR will be a failure. I'm not so sure about that any more. The headsets will surely get smaller and easier to wear and now with the domination of thought control by big tech I think they will be using all types of techniques to get us to wear more devices. Like you adapted the mask at all times out of the house you will be wearing some form of augmented information (and information flows multiple ways) device.

It's kind of exciting to think Burlngame will be america's virtual center of virtual reality. Pretty cool, huh?


John Horgan is keeping an eye on the Facebook section of the Bayfront. I biked through there last week and can verify some of what he writes about:

That didn’t take long. The massive, new Facebook complex located on the southeast corner of Burlingame Bayfront is already showing some discouraging indications of minor vandalism, even as employees begin to filter in.

A small dose of unsightly graffiti is present on a set of permanent binoculars used by visitors on a Bay overlook. A water fountain now features scratched initials embedded on its surface. Annoying stickers have been pasted onto fencing. There is tagging on several wooden benches and fencing.

This is occurring at the same time signs have been strategically placed to note that, although skateboarding is permitted in the parklike setting, property damage (especially to wooden benches, platforms, fencing and recently planted foliage) is not.


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