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January 08, 2019



Barracuda Sushi use to have live Jazz music.


Miles Davis and Creamed Salmon Eye Pudding is not my ideal evening out.
I love both.
As long as they are a few weeks apart.


Since Burlingame population growth is primarily Asian and Latino/Hispanic lets find some good Beiguanor Nanguan music my favorites. My Hispanic/Latino freinds are rich in music and might like electropop, reggaeton, urban, banda and contemporary bachata music.


That would great ML.
However, Burlingame does not want Mexicans, Latin Americans, all of the above having Parties anywhere near Burlingame or Broadway Ave.
There used to be Great Latin Club @ Sizzler on Bayshore in the late 1980's and early 1990's.
In my estimate-which is not based on any documentation whatsoever, over 80% of Burlingame Homeowners would not support a Latin, Japanese, Black, Pacific Islander, Gay, "Night Club" on Broadway, Howard, or Burlingame Ave. no matter how much the cost.
Music-"in our fair city" could only bring problems. That is Horrible. However, that is what would happen.
What do you think?


I'm quite relieved that you prefaced your comment with "In my estimate-which is not based on any documentation whatsoever". You are correct--you don't really know what you are talking about.

@MusicLover, if you can assist with a venue that would like to present your preferred styles of music, please pass them along here and we can ensure they get an entertainment permit (which will be no charge for 2019).


Dear ML,
Just sayin'


What about Venue, Insurance, Security, Parking, Advertisement, Custodian Services, Employees, and Incorporation for 24 hours.
The best thing to do is let "Cultural Progressive" Bands/Musicians set up their "Show Case" at all of the Mini-City of Burlingame Parks. There must be at least 10 of these Parks that belong to US.. Plus, setting up a Grand "Show Case" in Mills Canyon may Rival the Saratoga, outdoor Venue.

Dear Joe, can you imagine the "White Riots" if a Reggae/Latin Group played for two hours at Pershing Park?
How about that Park above Burlingame near Trousdale?
What are your thoughts about helping "The City of Burlingame" receive a larger income? Music or Cannabis?
How about the debt "The City of Burlingame" (can only service) pays for Retire Benefits?
Respond if you want, delete all if you want to


I heard this band and they are fantastic. Maybe near Sixto's we can set up a stand.

Mariachi Nueva Generacion

(415) 285-7245

Peter Garrison

So fun.


Calm Down everyone..

I have heard that "La Vida Loca" will be preforming in the Safeway Parking Lot next week.
Just sayin'

Jennifer Pfaff

Cocktail lounge wins approval for downtown Hayward-
Bar on B Street would also host cabaret entertainment

HAYWARD — A cocktail bar with cabaret entertainment and a kitchen that serves pizza and snacks could soon take over a long-vacant downtown spot.

The Hayward City Council on Jan. 8 voted to let The 990 Lounge operate at the former site of a doughnut shop at B and Main streets.

The council rejected the club’s application in September because it didn’t plan to serve food, but gave developer Jay Baltazar and his business partner Vic Gill the option to return with revised plans.

Along with pizza, the menu is to include sliders, garlic cheese bread and a Mediterranean plate with items such as salami and hummus. Gimlets, mojitos and other cocktails also will be served, as well as beer on tap.

The business will be open from noon to 1:30 a.m. each day, with live entertainment — which can include dancing to music from a DJ — offered on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, according to Marcus Martinez, an assistant planner with the city.

“We want to make the city of Hayward the place to be,” Baltazar said. “When you think of going out in the Bay Area, you automatically think of San Jose, San Francisco or Oakland. We are here to change that. We are here to be the renaissance that the downtown needs.”

Baltazar said he and his business partner intend to spend $400,000 renovating the bar’s location, once the home of Gary’s Donuts until it closed in 2011. That will involve building a mezzanine and dance floor and installing a new restroom.

[email protected] - Bay Area News Group
January 11, 2019


Thank you for the information JP.
However, I don't understand your posts purpose on this thread.

Happy New Year Jennifer.

Jennifer Pfaff

Well, I guess if Hayward can manage to do this, we can, too, yes? That's all. Nothing too purposeful besides that...

Walter S

As much as I usually disagree with Holy I have to admit she is correct about this Burlingamer's attitude to bringing latin and reggae and other multi-culti music to my town. I do like some of that type of music - I have some beautiful Ivan Lins music playing in the background right now "A gente merece ser feliz". But why in the world would we went to set up a venue for that?! Not much bang for the buck. Or actually, too much bang for the buck.

What's really under represented these days is classical music.
I'd love to see some small classical ensembles, playing non-amplified cellos, pianos, flugelhorns, etc. Maybe a couple nights a week at a place like that coffee shop that replaced the Plant. That'd be a nice venue for that type of music.


The Duo Entourage on Broadway there's a kid who plays really good classical piano. You'd probably have to call to see when but he's got skills.

Peter Garrison

Ensembles with choir: Classical quiet music as well as quiet contemporary music: men and women composers. Evensong: Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church, Burlingame. Jan 26


Also Valentine’s Day Concert Feb 16.

Fugit All

Both Behan's and (obviously) Broadway Grill are both on Broadway which has the larger share of empty retail space but also venues open to showcasing live music. Fostering local arts and music means being flexible, open to experimentation, and willingness to think outside the high-end retail box. B'Ave passed that threshold long ago. I wish the empty retail space owners on Broadway would be open to considering pop-ups (restaurant, shops, clubs) even while they let the spaces sit idle as they wait for high rev tenants. I would happily wander into any space that seemed welcoming and featured pumping music of any genre (or food, or art, or goods).


Like a few commenters mentioned; Burlingame Ave is primarily Asian and Hispanic & Latino so we should really accommodate these groups first just to be fair.

Sign me up

What is more entertaining than these snowflakes who search for what is "fair". Screw off snowflakes.


Maybe we can get ideas from this article link.https://www.thrillist.com/travel/nation/best-cities-for-live-music-new-york-memphis-asheville-and-austin

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